Clive Curran - Nissan GTP

Discover the thrilling world of automotive customization as we dive into the modified Nissan GTP, a true marvel on wheels. Join Stance Auto Magazine for an in-depth exploration of this high-performance masterpiece, complete with stunning visuals and expert insights

Clive Curran - Nissan GTP
Clive Curran - Nissan GTP
Clive Curran - Nissan GTP
Clive Curran - Nissan GTP
Clive Curran - Nissan GTP
Clive Curran - Nissan GTP

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My name is Clive Curran, 

Nissan GTP

A plant operator from Oxfordshire I’m certainly getting old but still a boy racer at heart. 

I found my interest in cars through my Brother, who used to build hotrods when I was fifteen. I’ve had a lot of cars through my life, building on to and up to my current cars. My first car was an old white worsley, when I was eighteen, which cost me £50. I drive a Toyota hilux for day to day use. However, the GTP is my hobby and toy. The Bhp of which is just over 300 and the 0-60 is a bit lively with no weight in the back. It’s a fully custom built car. Wide arch, whole kit is custom built from my imagination, 

K sport air ride system, 

Maserati front brakes, 

work emotion wheels, 

custom interior

custom roll cage, to mention a few. 

They are never finished, but I have started on another project so it will stay as is for the time being. Unless, I sell to buy another project. 

I have done all the work myself and if I’m ever seen at shows I’m happy to tell people my tips for their own projects.

Leon at ep racing, top man for supplying some of the kit for customisations.

Elliot cambell, life saver for the paint work. 

Sarah for the graphics and my nieces for the sparkly nail varnish for under the bonnet. 

I follow a fair few groups on Facebook relating to cars and shows, mainly the jap ones. I go to most jap shows and some local club meets for socialising and meeting friends. 

I have entered competitions and have won a few trophies but I also enter just for the fun. 

My dream car would be an R35 in order to convert it into a pickup.


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