Custom Culture Media - Jurgen TAXI

Stance Auto Magazine is a leading publication in the custom car culture, featuring the latest trends and builds from around the world. In this article, we interview Jurgen TAXI, a talented photographer and custom car enthusiast who is passionate about capturing the beauty of modified vehicles.

Custom Culture Media - Jurgen TAXI
Custom Culture Media - Jurgen TAXI
Custom Culture Media - Jurgen TAXI
Custom Culture Media - Jurgen TAXI
Custom Culture Media - Jurgen TAXI

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Jurgen TAXI

I would like to introduce to you car in typical RAT LOOK style named “OldSchool“

Some people name it “Mer-Da RapeIt“ which actually arises from a combination of decals which are genuine Mercedes-Benz and original maker Skoda Auto plus a type of car which is Rapid.

BTW was added to AMG too because “under bonnet“ were done with few upgrades of engine, body and chassis.

So the base is Skoda Rapid 1.2Tsi  with few basic modifications. 

Let’s begin with the engine.

One engine was completed “Stage 1“  which now produces 150bhp.

Rebuilded was exhaust as well by Fabia R2 WRC.

Suspensions are now from SkodaMotorsport (including coilovers), so the whole body is now lower by 2 inches. Each axel is wider for 3cm and some changes were done in the interior too. Rear seats with sideboards were removed and replaced for proper roll cage (yes looks like from scaffold pipes but that’s just design).

And because “What you can’t stop – can’t excuse“, the brakes are now upgraded to grooved discs and better brake pads. All from the factory of Mintex. So the final result is 0-60 in 6.8seconds. Actually not bad on 1.2.....Iny?

And why “Jurgen TAXI“?

Basically because owner is born in Eastern Europe in ages where in there was deep communism and in 90‘s Jurgen was in Eastern Europe something like a nickname for people from ex-Eastern Berlin. 

And because for Ratters “nothing isn’t saint“ the owner took a Skoda (proper Eastern car maker) , decaled it to Mercedes and turned that to TAXI design (in the 90's one of richest people). 

So nothing in offence but just proper fun and a bit of a reminder of the 90's.

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