Dan's 2001 lexus is200

lexus is 200 sport modified

Dan's 2001 lexus is200

I have seen some fantastic models this is a shinning example, truely beautiful and quick, like Dan says you can buy these cheap I always recommend buying as late age as possible just because it'll be low milage, you can do so much with them,I for one love the supercharged versions, the instant power, no where near as quick as Dans but such a lovely sound.

My name is dan I have been into modifying cars since I can remember but it all started 13 years ago when I passed my test I have owned 16 cars but this is my favourite love the looks and how it drives hence why I spent a small fortune getting it to were it is today.

The car is a 2001 lexus is200 sport

I bought this car for £1000 nearly 2 years ago The car was supercharged when I got it and had some very cheap coilovers it sounded incredible with the charger and the power was alot better than the shocking 150bhp they come with standard but still it needed parts to make it what I wanted.

First things I did to it was the wide arch kit got this from tarmac sportz can highly recommend also i bough a set of bc racing coilovers at the same time also from tarmac sportz the car was starting to come together at that, next on the list was a set of new wheels I settled for some zedd wheels from the other end of the country but luckily managed to pick up a evo 8 wing on the way down happy days the wheels are 10j rears 9j fronts took some work to get them to fit.


All this work was done by myself with help from friends @hibbs2jz and @peer_pressure_supra 

At this point I was getting rather board with the power the supercharger was offering and the engine wasnt happy having it bolted on with it having 160k on the clock so I decided to look into a 1uz conversion Found the early non vvti engine up in Scotland with only 45k on the engine so traveled up there to pick it up to begin the swap its has a @lexibreak adaptor kit on and I sent the loom off to @phoenixengine so it would just be a case of plug and play both top companies would highly recommend them.

While the old engine was out I had the bay painted in Porsche mint green I fitted the engine and gearbox and loom with the help of friends on my driveway then it went off to @slidemotorsport for the turbo and exhaust system making and other little bits to get it running.

We hit some problems with it running very lumpy we put this down to it still running on the stock ECU so I went all out and bought a link standalone ECU k20 coil pack conversion and 550cc bosch injectors all is good and I am waiting for it re mapping after all this covid19 had blown over I'm looking at around 400bhp and 500nm at the wheels so we will see.

The car is not finished as their is always more power to find in the future this is the only car I have gone this mad on but that just shows the love I have for it If anyone plans to do this get yourself a budget then double it and you still will be wrong but it's all part of building a car it's only money.


I do alot of shows modifiednationals and japfest been the biggest I do hopefully see you guys at some shows this year

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