Eric Fairless - Nissan 350z

Anyone looking at getting a fun car should absolutely look at getting a 350z.

Eric Fairless - Nissan 350z
Eric Fairless - Nissan 350z
Eric Fairless - Nissan 350z
Eric Fairless - Nissan 350z
Eric Fairless - Nissan 350z

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My name is Eric Fairless and this is my 350z!

Instagram: @e.fairless

I am from a small town of Paris, Ontario, Canada and I work as a lab technician at a plastics factory, really nothing special.

I started out in the car scene like most people do, the Fast and Furious movies (Tokyo Drift is my favourite), Need for Speed games, Midnight Club, etc. The 350z has always been my favourite car. I remember having a Le Mans Sunset Orange 350z poster in my bedroom. My first car was an Acura RSX that I put a giant obnoxious spoiler on just to live out the 8-year-old still stuck in the Need for Speed games, but knew I still had to have a 350z.

In 2016, just before my 21st birthday, I was in a calculus class in university, bored out of my mind, going through auto trader looking at z’s. I found a black 2005 350z that was brought into Canada from the USA  about 2 hours away from me listed for $9600 and knew I had to see it. After a drive up and a quick test drive I bought it for $8700. I got my first (and only) speeding ticket not long afterwards! I loved the car, it had some minor body imperfections, a couple scratches, some door dings but I didn’t mind, I had my dream car at 21 years old.

I started going to some of the local cars and coffee events, met a couple of friends, started looking online at what other people were doing with their z’s and started seeing the wide body z’s and didn’t realize how much more I could like the look of the car. I bought the wide body kit and a couple buddies helped me slap it on in the parking lot of my apartment building at 10pm at night with a flood light, an angle grinder, and some self-tapping screws, and it actually held together fairly well. Everything fit as well as you could realistically expect it to. Quickly started to run out of funds to finish the car though and ended up driving it around for almost 2 years with mismatched wide body fenders and stock wheels. Lots of people laughed but I couldn’t care less because when I looked at my mismatched car all I saw was the finished product.

I finished university, got my degree and started working my regular factory job and building up the funds to finish the car. I was just a regular kid working his regular job so I was trying to do everything on a budget, eBay was my best friend, and got to say I am pretty happy with how things turned out. Performance wise not a whole lot has been done to the car, it probably has around 270hp. The standards, cold air intake, cat back exhaust, coil overs, all of which totalling the whopping price of $800 (on a serious budget). It has almost 130k miles on it and I am sure it was thrashed long before I started to, so really just upgrading things as they break. When the engine does decide to die one day still not sure what I want to end up doing to replace it. Aesthetically we have the replica rocket bunny kit, headlights, XXR 526 rims, ducktail spoiler from drift dialects, custom paint job and body kit moulding done by friend Steve Mogado at Extreme Auto Refinishing in Kitchener Ontario, and a custom weighted shift knob to go with the paint job made by @grechwoodworks. Anything that I was able to do myself I did but if I couldn’t get it done I would bring the car down to Paris Factory Rides in Paris, Ontario and have the guys there do it.

I was planning on going to more events this year but the pandemic came in and plans were ruined, looking forward to next year though. I am a pretty quiet person so I just started to post more regularly onto social media instead, made a couple new friends, joined a local car club, went on a couple of cruises and has started to get me much more comfortable meeting and talking to new people. I would say that's probably the best thing about owning my purple wide body 350z, it is super easy to meet new people.

Anyone looking at getting a fun car should absolutely look at getting a 350z. They are quick enough in the stock form, and pretty easy on the eyes, but the aftermarket for them is so large you can basically turn it into whatever you want without completely destroying the bank either. I would recommend not doing the wide body conversion unless you are positive about it because I almost threw up cutting the fenders off my baby, and also trying to have everything ready to go before you start so you don’t drive around a half finished car for 2 years.


  • Moulded Replica Rocket Bunny Kit
  • Custom Purple Paint Job - Extreme Auto Refinishing
  • Ducktail Spoiler - Drift Dialects
  • Custom Purple Weighted Shift Knob - @grechwoodworks
  • XXR 526 Rims
  • Maxpeeding Rods Coil overs
  • Spec-D Cat back Exhaust
  • Spec-D Headlights
  • Cold Air Intake

Instagram: @e.fairless

Team: @team_legacycc

Special Thanks to:

Steve Morgado at Extreme Auto Refinishing for Paint and Moulding the body kit!

@grechwoodworks for the quality shift knob!

Paris Factory Rides for all the work they do to keep my baby running!

Thank you for reading my article.


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