Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200

This is the best looking wrapped car I've ever seen, with some serious grunt under the bonnet

Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200
Wrapped Lexus IS200
Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200
Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200
Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200
Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200
Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200
Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200
Nicks - Wrapped Lexus IS200

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Nick Davis

Lexus IS200 Wrapped

Instagram: @boosted_200

30 From Bristol I’m a night shift cleaning operative,

My love of cars came at a young age growing up with the likes of max power and fast car magazine then the fast and the furious came along and that’s when modifying cars came into my life

I started off with a beat-up Renault Megane which didn’t last long moving onto a few fords as a daily and slight modifying here and there and then onto my German (Vag) scene with a Leon FR and an Audi A3 then eventually brought the IS200 (LEXI) in 2018 as a completely standard low mileage (28,000) example I brought it because it is a rear-wheel-drive and what my insurance would allow me,


Started off with the usual modifications with the alloys and exhaust and lowering springs then the first wrap came along which was the camo wrap had that for around 7-8 months then decided to go all out and wrap it completely with the 2 tone drift style wrap

The need for more power came along so a turbo build was done by hellbent classic and custom in Bristol I ended up blowing up 2 turbo’s before setting on my current T25 which is running great now and better since taking it to marc soars for a helping hand the car hasn’t been dyno’d yet but hoping for around 220-250 BHP

My lex was never meant to be what it is now I actually bought it as a temp so I could get some experience driving an RWD car for insurance purposes but one thing led to another and here it is now as to why even I don’t know, I guess when I started to get more involved with it the number of modifications that were available to buy was a big factor into keeping it plus with little modding you can throw a 1jz, 2jz or a 3uz under the bonnet and you’re good to go but I’ve actually gone the route of turbocharging mine with massive help from hellbent classic and custom since last time and it’s just made the car even more fun to drive currently I’ve got a couple more bits to add before a big colour change early next year but I doubt it’ll stop there

The car isn’t finished yet and got some rocket bunny arches on the way then moving onto a full paint job and then some work alloys.



The spec list is

  • Fully wrapped
  • Custom fitted 1jz manifold with custom downpipe, midsection and infinity jap style back box
  • Tein street advance coilovers
  • Rota torque alloys 8.5j et35
  • Wind deflectors
  • Custom halo headlights
  • Skyline mod tail lights
  • LSD
  • Sports interior with bride seat
  • Tinted windows
  • Wink mirror
  • Rolled rear arches
  • Vertex front bumper
  • Front and rear strut braces
  • T25 turbo
  • Ramair induction
  • 1zz injectors
  • Fpr
  • Dragons gauge boost and volts meter
  • AEM air fuel gauge
  • Alpine stereo with upgraded speakers

I run a car group with my partner (South West Revolution) and we plan on getting stands to as many car shows and festivals as possible once this lockdown is over

 My dream car is a white Toyota chaser it’s always been a goal of mine to own one day

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