Bruce Bruce - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS

I’ve come a long way from the kid playing need for speed and customizing cars in a game to do my very own in real life.

Bruce Bruce  - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS
Bruce Bruce  - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS
Bruce Bruce  - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS
Bruce Bruce  - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS
Bruce Bruce  - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS
Bruce Bruce  - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS
Bruce Bruce  - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS
Bruce Bruce  - 2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS

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Bruce Bruce

2016 Bagged Chevy Sonic RS

Instagram: @bruce_brucers

29 years old from Jamestown New York

Growing up playing the need for speed games, I’ve always dreamed of having a fast good looking car to customize as my own. Whether it be a nice base system, underglow and body kit or on airbag suspension. However, as years passed the car scene was evolving from lowered cars, Lambo doors, base systems, and camber. It wasn’t till my senior year of high school I started going to real car shows with my cousin Chris. 

Chris had a green cobalt with a snakeskin design in the paint and the Lambo doors. Seeing that brought back the memories of playing video games as a kid and it became a reality that I could do that too. My first project was a rally styled 97 Subaru Impreza, as I’ve always dreamed of owning an STi however, at my age, it was unattainable for my price range. 

While working at the local dealership I drove a customers green 2015 Chevy sonic 6 speed 1.4L turbo and I knew this car would be my next vehicle. A few weeks later I had found my car a 2016 kinetic blue with the 6 spd transmission 1.4L turbocharged hatchback. After purchasing my car didn’t take long to do first modification with the gold wheels. I had given it a Sonic the hedgehog theme look with gold wheels to symbolize coins. 

 Wheels were the first step and then I lowered it with Megan racing coils and that’s when started getting noticed by other local car enthusiasts whether be a car meet at the local garage or a car show. My sonic was something you didn’t see every day being customized and that’s what I wanted; to stick out from the other car builds and be original with mine. I became apart of the local car scene @Lowriginal here in New York, along with my cousin Chris @baggednblujee who got me into the scene. Lowriginal is a local club of guys mainly with euro cars, from Audi’s, BMW and Volkswagens in addition to many other ranges of cars, yet seemed heavily euro-based. They allowed me to become apart of their group doing cookouts and car meets. These guys pushed me to go further than I’ve ever gone before with a car. 

What had started out as a car with some wheels lowered on coil overs, turned into wanting to make it go faster and lower, after all the hedgehog is a fast one and I have recently upgraded few engine modifications from the ZZP intercooler, bnr cold air intake and an aspirated wastegate to here the air each time the turbo would spool up as I shifted gears. Although, going fast was only part of the fun I wanted to go lower with my car like my friends, who had bagged suspension and it was then I realized one day I too will be sitting on bagged suspension.

However, it wasn’t an easy task as kits are not made for these cars, thankfully with many Facebook Sonic page searching I came across Micheal Ma with @M2Motoring who was able to help me out with a custom bag over coil suspension set up custom fabrication parts with a 3p management set up. Thankfully for the group of friends I had, they knew a guy @97z28 Josh who was able to dial my suspension and rear camber for my car to get its amazing look and stance. After, installing the suspension I wanted to switch up colour, although I love the stock kinetic blue I wanted a change, and I fell in love with a candy purple teckwrap. However, that colour was out of stock and got the next best thing to have me stick out on the road and got me a passionate purple wrap from teckwrap and it pops so well on the right light.

I’ve come a long way from the kid playing need for speed and customizing cars in a game to do my very own in real life. I have my cousin and friends to thank for that if weren’t for them pushing me to go bigger with my cars potential it’d still be on gold wheels. This is only the beginning of something big, I plan to upgrade my turbo, do an ls7 coil pack with 60lb injectors for my engine modifications. Over the next few months I’m finishing up my harness bar with Takata harnesses, in addition to getting a subwoofer put in the back and a Tesla touch screen to replace my stock head unit.


  • Passionate Purple TeckWrap
  • Custom Heritage Fuji 3pc wheels


  • Braum Seats
  • Braum universal Harness Bar

Engine Mods

  • BNR cold air intake 
  • BNR aspirated wastegate
  • BNR Tune


  • Custom Bags over Megan Racing coils 
  • 3p management 

I’d like to thank my Cousin Chris and all the following:

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