Ricky Gornall - Focus ST 

Now driving the car with all the new mods it's like  wow 380 Bhp and pulls like a train,

Ricky Gornall  - Focus ST 
Ricky Gornall  - Focus ST 
Ricky Gornall  - Focus ST 
Ricky Gornall  - Focus ST 
Ricky Gornall  - Focus ST 
Ricky Gornall  - Focus ST 
Ricky Gornall  - Focus ST 

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Ricky Gornall

Focus ST 

I got into cars from my dad I was always out there with him cleaning tinkering, My dad was always into his Fords xr2 xr4x4 Ford Granada also had an Astra GTE fully modded with NOS, it was a fun car. Out of me and 3 brothers, only one is into his car like me and my dad, sadly my dad passed away in 2013 he would be proud of what we can do with cars now and how they look I carry on doing cars as my little 18-month boy loves cars and is in love with my Focus ST I can't keep him out of it 

Before I brought the Focus I was driving a Vauxhall Astra GSi mk4 I know a Vauxhall lol I got that running with good power but I always fancied a Focus ST, I really wanted red but the orange came up and I fell in love with it, I went down had a good look at it and a test drive I  was like wow!! drove good, had nice power for a standard car it wasn't till a few months later it had the block mod done and the block was crap, the owner bodged it to sell on, so she as had a new bottom end rebuild, new block and RS piston plus rods, a new block mod this was all done by automodz. 

Now driving the car with all the new mods it's like  wow 380 Bhp and pulls like a train, every time I drive it I get the biggest smile ever and to know I built my own car with all the hard work and cut knuckles it was all worth it

List off mods


  • Rs vents
  • Zunsport top and bottom grills
  • Rsparts low line kit with rs look defuser
  • Spray black headlights rs led rear lights 
  • Fiffteen52 tarmac 19s alloys 
  • Spax rsx fully adjustable coilovers 
  • 8 pot ksports front brakes 


  • Custom flat-bottom steering wheel
  • Custom gauges 
  • Android head unit
  • Mondeo mk4 bonnet catch


  • X37 @pumaspeed hybrid

  • Forge actuator turbo smart
  • Rs internals 
  • Block mod 
  • Rs rad 
  • Rs stage 3 Airtech intercooler 
  • Rs ECU holder 
  • Ambrosio plenum 
  • 550cc injectors 
  • Kms crossover with k&n group a Cosworth filter 
  • Auto specialist breather kit 
  • Summit strut bar 
  • Uprated red hoses water and boost
  • Kms Section 18 turbo back
  • Gas bonnet struts 
  • Mirrors under bonnet
  • Led under bonnet lights 

I love modding cars it keeps my head on straight and out of trouble and the look of the cars when their finished (we all know there never finished) it always puts a smile on your face to know you did the work and it was your idea’s no one else’s.

When I got the car; it was standard and I've done 90% of the work on the car outside my home had an engine rebuild by automodz and graphically done by Mark1graphics 

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