Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo

I've had many cars over the years too many to list and I can't remember not modifying any of the cars I've had in some way or form.

Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo
Simon - Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo

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Hello I’m Simon

I’m from Staffordshire I'm 48 and a HGV Driver.

Instagram: @hotwheels_btcc_focus

Mk3 Focus ST3 250 2.0 Turbo

I currently drive a 2012 Focus ST. Before this I had a modified BMW 320d so I wanted to get something a bit more fun to drive. I initially looked for the mk2 focus ST but found the mk3 more comfortable with a nicer driving position. I also have a Volvo S60 D5 which I use for general commuting to work.

I have always been interested in modifying cars since my 2nd car, I upgraded  the wheels, spot lights and stereo systems which lead me to modify a mk1 Mondeo estate which had a 140db sound system, RS bodykit boot lid, all the door handles removed and smoothed, custom power bulge bonnet with filled and smoothed body work finished in a custom pearl Auralis Blue this was featured in Redline magazine and was at most of the shows during the Max Power era.

I took a break from the shows for a while after the Mondeo was stolen and not recovered. I then just had fun driving cars which included a S2 RS Turbo mk4 Escort Cabriolet and a heavily modified off road prepared land rover Discovery which were all great fun to own and drive.

I had an Austin Allegro 1.5 super that i was able to learn to drive in but soon changed to a mk2 escort 1.6 then mini clubman with 1275gt engine swap Which really cemented my love for cars. 

I've had many cars over the years too many to list and I can't remember not modifying any of the cars I've had in some way or form. This ST is my 2nd full out build of a car the 1st being the mk1 mondeo estate during the max power era.

When I decided to get a fun car to drive I started looking at Mk2 Focus ST as i've owned many fast fords over the years I couldn't find just what i wanted and then found the mk3 ST i have now it was standard apart from the Mountune exhaust system and the Mountune mp275 performance upgrade and I soon modified it further with Mountune suspension bola B1 wheels. During this time they started running the Mk3 ST in the BTCC and i thought now that would look insane on the road and be very different from the popular mods and rally reps generally found within the ford scene. I tried to find a BTCC kit for over 18 months in the meantime i was still modifying the car and built it up into a BTCC rep albeit without the BTCC kit. It took over 2 years talking to BTCC team owners and team members.

I had been offered new BTCC kit on a few occasions but very much wanted to have some pedigree to the bodykit which i had planned to build up over the course of the 2018 race season between the team parker and maximum motorsport cars but steve jelly changed to BMW for 2018 season so thought that was the end of the search until Team Parker Racing contacted me having found a complete race used kit and other parts clearing out room for the Bentley GT car.

Fortunately I had already laid down a plan and had been speaking to the guys at Flatfender about adapting the BTCC kit too the road car so from getting the bodykit in november 2018 I was able to get the kit too Fat Fender for repair soon after and then with help from friends we stripped the the wrap and other bits and we took the car over too Fat Fender the first week of January 2019. Once I got the car back from Fat Fender I had coilovers, anti roll bars and other bits too fit and the ST now sits 65mm lower than standard and is stanced as close to the BTCC car as possible. There were a few teething problems and modifications that I hadn't thought of along with finishing touches. I removed the front bumper and reinforced the 2 main mounting brackets as the Aero had made the bumper sag slightly. There's always lessons to learn whenever you do something new after all. The car then attended its first show at Ford IOW Takeover and we had a much needed weeks holiday meeting up with Jamie FYD for his video of the new look BTCC rep

My Spec List has the following:

Mountune MR300 package with custom de res exhaust Milltek sport cat with Ram Air induction.

Mountune accessport, MR300 tune

300ps and 470nm (official mountune figures)


  • MR300
  • Large-capacity alloy intercooler
  • Ramair induction kit
  • Velocity Intake snorkel
  • Milltek TUV High-flow 3" down pipe with 200-cell sports catalyst
  • Mountune High-flow 2.5" bore cat-back exhaust
  • Custom de res straight pipe (powerflow)
  • High-flow charge pipe upgrade kit
  • High-flow silicone induction hose kit
  • mTune handset loaded with MR300 calibration.
  • Mountune Symposer Delete
  • Mountune Recirc Valve
  • Mountune Engine Mount
  • Forge actuator
  • Quick shifter 40% Reduction
  • NGK IX Iridium spark plugs
  • Castrol magnatec ford ecoboost oil 5 20w


  • Coilover suspension -65mm drop
  • Whiteline front anti roll bar and drop links
  • Rear Hardrace anti roll bar and drop links
  • Summit strut brace
  • Team Dynamics pro race 1.2 18x9 wheels powdercoated candy red
  • Forged wheel nuts
  • 275 40 tyres
  • 25mm SD black spacers all round


  • Complete race used BTCC bodykit from the 2017 Team Parker Racing Steve Jelly car including
  • BTCC front bumper
  • BTCC 2x wings
  • BTCC 2x side skirts
  • BTCC 6 piece rear arch extensions
  • Mountune Black and Yellow gear knob
  • Mountune gaiter
  • Vital Hydro graphics dipped Engine bay including.
  • Engine cover , Header tank cover , Fuse box cover , Battery cover , Slam panel , Washer bottle top , Cut out , Ram Air heat shield.
  • CEUK engine dress up kit
  • Boomba intake manifold spacer
  • Boomba throttle body spacer
  • Boomba Oil cap
  • Boomba Coolant tank cap
  • Boomba Bonnet release
  • Boomba dipstick handle
  • Boomba Brake res cap
  • WrapstarzPro half wrap custom BTCC livery
  • Hotwheels printed design by Evowrap
  • Wrapstarz 5% tinted front and rear lights
  • Black number plate surrounds
  • gel carbon number plates front plate shortened and tinted
  • Carbon fibre dipped rear bumper grilles
  • Gloss black interior trim
  • white and red ford badge Gel overlays
  • Yellow ST Gel inserts
  • Custom front splitter
  • BYC rear mount Time attack / BTCC style wing
  • RS Mk2 full carbon fibre Vents
  • wind deflectors
  • Streamline Carbon fibre Exhaust trim
  • Under tray/trim delete fully wax oiled underside
  • Bespoked bonnet strut (Mountune yellow)
  • custom Zunsport lower grille
  • Black ice bonnet raiser

I do as much work on the car myself as possible within my skill level and time available i do get some help off friends as as some jobs just require another set of hands, for example the BYC wing canards and splitter were fitted at home which involved drilling through the rear hatch and the underside of the spoiler for the BYC wing.

Even when I take the car into my mechanic for work Daz is happy for me to help where possible or just go over to his workshop and do things myself within my skill level like fitting a snorkel and axle breather kit to the off road Discovery as an example.

I would encourage everyone to have a go at smaller jobs if you're unsure try getting a friend round to help or just offer advice. Youtube is good to have a look at if your not 100% sure also


Repaired then made the BTCC kit fit on the road car which involved making their own version of the kit in order to get the mount points and make the required modifications to the repaired kit getting the best fitment possible, the ST was at Fat Fender the same time as the Goblin Garage Custom Widebody BMW

Both BMW wide kit and the Fatfender BTCC replica kit are available from

Sam at Wrapstarz 

who wraps Stu Lines Maximum Motorsports race cars as i wanted an authentic as possible motorsport race livery. Sam offered advice and a couple of tweaks to my poor microsoft paint designs.

I took inspiration from current and past BTCC cars which you can see within the wrap design for example Nik Hamilton's 2019 focus rear arches as an example.

Vital Hydrographics 

Helped me redesign and theme all the engine bay plastics producing a very unique look.

Team Parker Racings 2017 BTCC focus provided the complete race used kit.

Thanks to Steve Jelly for not smashing the kit up too badly and too Team Parker Racing for their help sourcing the Complete Body Kit.

Jason Brooks

Has always answered any questions I have about detailing the car and his ceramic range is all I use on the car now as the products are easy to use and deliver a great finish.

There will always be detail pieces or slight redesigns I am currently in 2 minds about fitting a bolt in half cage and getting a full leather rear lining by King Customs who have done my current custom leather work,

More power will happen should I have any engine issues as i would need to forge the block ideally to get reliable usable power gain with a Hybrid/Big turbo swap, i'm in no rush to do that as the enhanced Mountune package is very useful and still a lot of fun on real life roads with the handling updates and genuine Aero.

 I am in quite a lot of Groups these are just a few

  • Oval Owners Club
  • Ford BTCC Styling
  • ST-OC
  • Ford Meet:- the home of squires ford meet
  • King Customs uk
  • Customised UK
  • Modified 4 Attention
  • SlammedUK
  • Underground car culture
  • ST/RS Army
  • BOSS cars uk

To list just a few I would think I am in over 40 different car forums so there's always something interesting to see on the fb feed.

I have had a go on 5 or 6 cars from dream car giveaways as I know someone who won a Porsche from them. I don't expect to win as I'm really not that lucky, but as they say you never know.

I enjoy going to local meets. Oval Owners have a regular monthly meet and often go there and the last few years I've also gone to shows with the Oval Owners Club.

This Year i was fortunate enough to display the car at Autosport International with ST-OC (ST Owners Club) and was due to be indoors at BHP Fuel Fest, Gravity, British Motor Show and in the paddock at Players but all that is on hold for now of course.

There are many cars that I really love. The AMG 6x6 G Wagon and saw a couple at Autosport with bigger body kit and suspension lift which really suited it would certainly qualify as a dream car as I just don't see having a standard car as a dream car I guess.



Jamie FYD first vid of the car

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