Shaun - Fast & Furious - FOCUS 2010 RS

I have a passion for fords but have a love for all cars & the creativity /passion/ time people put into them

Shaun - Fast & Furious -  FOCUS 2010 RS
Fast & Furious - FOCUS 2010 RS
Shaun - Fast & Furious -  FOCUS 2010 RS
Shaun - Fast & Furious -  FOCUS 2010 RS
Shaun - Fast & Furious -  FOCUS 2010 RS
Shaun - Fast & Furious -  FOCUS 2010 RS
Shaun - Fast & Furious -  FOCUS 2010 RS
Shaun - Fast & Furious -  FOCUS 2010 RS

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Hi Guys, I am Shaun 

My Instagram is @shamus_rs

Photographer: @Loz.Pics  - FaceBook,  - Instagram,

A depot manager for Orange plant for the last 12 years from Staffordshire

I grew up with the mk1/2 escort when I was 17/18 & had a few of each & wrecked every one of them because back in the late eighties you could get another the next day, if only I knew what they would be worth now  I’ve owned quite a few different performance cars over the years but always loved a ford from escorts / Opel manta gte irmscher/ Renault 19 16v /MG turbos / 3 Subaru Impreza/ sapphire Cosworth / Escort Rs turbo / mk6 fiesta st / focus FL st & now a MK2 Focus RS 

I’m not a big fan of the car scene today, for me it was a lot better & less drama when I was younger Saying that I have made some good friends -lifelong friends over the years & met some very interesting people including my Crush Vicki Butler Henderson. Cody Walker & Tyrese Gibson I have a passion for Ford but have a love for all cars & the creativity /passion/ time people put into them. Everyone should be allowed to express themselves without the fear of being ridiculed. We all have different ideas of what cars are best & how they should be modified & that is the way it should be because if every car looked the same where would the car scene be, very dull!

FOCUS 2010 RS, LUX 1 & 2, REVO STAGE 4 

Engine Bay

  • PRO am Group A filter 
  • AS Plenum- Custom design 
  • Radtec High-Performance intercooler
  • 650 Injectors
  • 3 “exhaust turbo back
  • KMS Thunderstorm rear section with 5.5” tips
  • Turbosmart recirc valve and actuator
  • Wisbech crossover pipe
  • Wisbech ECU holder
  • Revo Stage 4 map – 403 BHP -425lbs of torque 
  • Fast & Furious engine plates – Levid Design 
  • Airtec big boost kit 
  • Mishimoto cooling hose kit blue 


  • KMS WRC roof scoop
  • WRC rear wing
  • Triple R low line kit & Maxton splitter
  • Fast & Furious wrap created by Blueprint, Nottingham
  • Quartz stage 3 ceramic coating
  • Monkey Wrench bespoke headlights 
  • One-off custom front bumper 
  • Airtec wide arch kit (only 6 cars in the country have this fitted)
  • JR3 White alloys


  • Front seats reupholstered to incorporate RIP Paul Walker
  • NRG short hub, quick-release steering wheel
  • Custom armrest & gear gator
  • Little devil Evo gauges
  • Diamond car mats black & blue
  • Custom dial faces 

Brakes /suspension

  • Ebc grooved & drilled discs
  • Yellow stuff pads 
  • Uprated torque link
  • White line ball link kit
  • Poly bushed front end 
  • Front suspension shot blasted & painted 
  • H & R lowering springs

Proudly Sponsored by

  • Polish Perfection Detailing 
  • Mishimoto 
  • DNA Bonnet props 
  • Radtec Racing Radiators 

I do like to work on the car myself but do not get a lot of time because of work, I am loyal to the people I use & have built a relationship with them over the years because of the standard of their work & most have been doing it a long-time & are top of their game.

All the mechanical work gets done @Matt Lewis Motorsport, and custom work is done by Levid Design or Rukus Customs. All my wraps have been done by Blueprint 

My first car was a mk2 escort which I paid next to nothing for off one of my neighbours but didn’t start modifying until I got my MK1 ESCORT then it was in bits every weekend 

Now my pride & joy is my Paul Walker tribute Focus MK2 RS with its 2nd wrap. It has a lot of cosmetic mods & is currently running Revo stage 4 software but we are going to get it forged next year with a hybrid turbo so we can run syvecs but there’s always something else you see, I love it when people say to me that’s it I’m done now cars finished! yeah whatever

I don’t really stick to one group, I feel I get on this most people & are welcome at any club which allows me to do different meets with different groups from a little get together or one of the big shows. I don't really do a lot of the ford only shows I like to see all different make/ models of cars so like the shows modified nationals / Trax / fitted / stance where there is something of everything 

My car is part of me & there for me & for those that what to enjoy it, I love to attend shows but always for fun & to plan the next mods, I have always had a soft spot for an Aston martin the noise & presence of this car always makes me smile 

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