1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley

Hunter Ensley has the worlds first MKV Supra with an all carbon fiber Pandem wide body kit,

1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 2021 MKV Supra - Hunter Ensley

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2021 MKV Supra

Hunter Ensley

Instagram: @d__h__e

Photographer: Merrick Harding

Instagram: @merrick_media

I am Hunter Ensley, from the great state of Texas. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas working at my family’s bar Lucy Coopers Ice House as a Manager. Previous to this I was in the U.S. Army living up In Clarksville, Tennessee where I was introduced to the car scene. Not having a lot to do as an 18-year-old when you are done playing G.I. Joe you tend to pick up a hobby. Up in Tennessee there is a club called Slammedenuff and saw so many cool slammed cars, cambered out, with their huge banner across the windshield. I was instantly hooked. 

My first “Tuner car” was the Genesis Coupe, I remember driving it home the day I got it slamming gears and hearing that v6 scream. The platform was still relatively new to the market and not a lot of people modding them. The facebook groups were just starting to grow so most of the time you got a lot of knowledge just by going to your local car meets to see the best way to modify your car. I went to my first big show at Import Alliance where I was blown away from there. Carbon fibre is everywhere, everyone is on bags, wide-body cars, and three-piece wheels. I knew I had to step my game up from here on out, I wanted to be a showcase car, and I wanted to show my style in my car but I just didn’t have a good direction of where I wanted to go.

On location at Circuit of the Americas - COTA

I needed some guidance on my builds for building show cars, so I became good friends with John Cody Bowman as he had been building show-quality cars at a young age. John was in the Honda world at the time building top-of-line Preludes, nothing was left untouched on his builds. So a lot of my taste comes from his influence as well for the details and style, but my carbon fibre addiction comes from my other mentor and dear friend Mike Blackman.

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Mike had the one and only wide-body carbon fibre Nissan 370 Z’s at the time and was killing the game. There was not a cleaner Z car on the east side of America at the time, he was a natural building show quality builds. During this time I ended up picking up a couple of different platforms to tinker with as the Rocket Bunny 350z, a 1994 Mazda RX7, and a 1969 Mustang. All learning something from different platforms what I do and do not like, a different story for a different time. But My time in Tennessee was coming to an end as my military was coming to an end with my contract ending. So I began job shopping and decided to go back to school, and was miserable with the daily grind. Mike had just got back from overseas and started talking about all the adventures that he had been on, as I sit there listening and talking about the cars he sees in Dubai and from the rest of the world. Mike realized I was hooked so he helped me with getting my overseas job with him, and so begins my travels.

Fast forward a year into the contract world he is still building his car even halfway around the world, I had just sold the RX7 so I had no platform to really build. So Mike and I are hanging out and guess what just released, the brand new 2020 Toyota MKV Supra, he and I watched the release video a couple of times back to back. I was in love, I knew this was the one, as I had always been a Supra fanboy, but now I have an opportunity to own my own, with my big boy job and paycheck I knew this was gonna happen no matter what. I was looking at a GTR for a while, but since that video, all I heard was “get the Supra” every time in passing with Mike.

2021 comes around the platform has been out for a little bit, I’m coming back to the United States to pick up my Nocturnal Black Supra. I had watched so many YouTube videos on it the entire flight over I was meeting my hero, and I was not disappointed. I signed the papers and threw my bag in the back hatch, then go on my 3000-mile road trip. Driving it stock for just a little while was important I wanted to learn this platform and its pros and cons. Out of driving from down to Florida, from Tennessee then on my way to Texas, I only saw one other Supra on the road. I was breaking neck just driving this car as it sat. But let's be honest we are car enthusiasts, who keep it stock, my search bar had nothing but aftermarket parts being ready to order for this.

The significance for me to build this Supra the right way was of the utmost importance to me and you begin to see my style come to light, but I wanted to make a statement that I’m here to play with the big boys. Pandem was dropping its kits for this car and from owning all wide-body cars at this point, I wanted to continue with my style of build, but take it to the next level. So let's do a full Carbon Build and that’s what I did with the help of some fellow Supra Owners and my Sponsor Gotti Custom Composites.

My car was built for me and my taste, but I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help and guidance of the people who have been around to support me along my journey. You see it from my wheel style, the small details in the car, the carbon fibre and the track look. I daily this car, this is not a garage queen what so ever it picks up groceries and you will see it outside of my work, then at a car show the next day.

I debuted the Supra at Super Lap Battle and Justvibes car show in March, and as soon I aired out, the photographers, guests, and fellow enthusiasts, jaws dropped. Which is the usual reaction I get when I’m driving this down the highway or getting gas. I had received so much positive feedback from the Justvibes car show, people loved my car just as much as I did, was a great wholesome feeling. The Supra as well took its first trophy home that day, a very humbling moment to say as I once was that young enthusiast and now I’m wearing the shoes my mentors had.

Mishimoto Air Intake
Boostlogic catless downpipe
Boostlogic Valved Titanium Exhaust
Aftermarket strut bars 

1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem v1.5 kit
1 of 1 Carbon Fiber Pandem GT Wing
Work Meister M1 3P Wheels
Low Glow Neon Kit
Maxton Racing Lip kit

Carbon dash
Carbon paddle shifters
Carbon seat accents

Airlift 3P

Michelin Pilot 4

Going forward as I continue to build this platform, My sponsors and I plan on doing a carbon fibre front bumper, a lot more of the engine bits and pieces and interiors to elevate it to the next level. Currently looking for a wheel brand to partner with and be their booth car as I would love to see this car at SEMA later this year. Im looking to go to a top mount turbo as well down the road to get it around the 600HP -800HP range so it will still stay a daily fun car. I am looking to do a different livery as well for the end of this season so that Is in design at the moment. Interior I do want to get some tasteful racing seats, and a half cage, and redo my trunk set-up. This platform is growing every day with new parts coming out so we will see what happens! 

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