The Cos to Play - Carmic.Con Exhibition At The WAM Car Show

Both cosplay and Itasha allow people in the shadows and others with creative minds to show off their interests, but that is sometimes proven to be more than others in the communities are comfortable with allowing. 

The Cos to Play -  Carmic.Con Exhibition At The WAM Car Show

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'The future is bright as long as we can still Smell the Fumes'

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The Cos to Play - Carmic.Con Exhibition At The WAM Car Show

People of color pioneer a hard-driven lane through American Itasha

Written By: Whitney T Living, Journalist 

Koriey Dixon, Owner

Instagram @carmic.con


Melanin magic is often at times met with shades and hues of other nationalities for the purpose of self-expression. Linking cars into the mix provides an even grander experience for those that enjoy cosplay. Both cosplay and Itasha allow people in the shadows and others with creative minds to show off their interests, but that is sometimes proven to be more than others in the communities are comfortable with allowing. 

Lucy Quin-Keup

Instagram: @392_evilbee

Car Theme: Venom

American Itasha: Fan artwork was created specifically for this car by Curvaceous Wraps (@curvaeous_wraps) with input from Ryan Stegman (@Ryanstegman) the Marvel comic book artist who draws Venom.  

Location: Carmic.Con Exhibition At The WAM Car Show (@wamsho_official) Dallas Texas.

Photographer: @924photography

Viral content creators such as Todd Armstrong, Lucy Keup, Ray Medrano, and Koriey Dixon use social media and opportunities for appearances of their characters or their vehicles to open lanes gingerly travelled by African-American, Hispanic and less typical ethnicities. 

The journey for normalcy and comfort in the areas of minority Itasha and cosplayers has not been paved on a smooth surface. According to Todd and Melisa Wayy, the opportunity for appearances may be less in occurrence due to the fact that the cosplayer is of a darker or differentiated skin tone. Todd stated that it is sometimes questioned whether the cosplayer’s appearance will be “palatable for others”. 

This can cause individuals that are using Cosplay as a release to question themselves and scare away from this avenue of pure creativity. Between their shared experience and the one acquired by Car-Builder and enthusiast Lucy, it is more complicated than people that are of other nationalities and gender(s). From her perspective, it is seemingly “harder and you have to always prove yourself” due to being constantly questioned on if you possess abilities or are legitimately who/what you claim to be.  

Cosplayer: Todd Armstrong 

Instagram: @todd_wayy 

Anime: Demon Slayer

Character: Gyomei Himejima

Description: “A hulking figure among the Demon Slayers. He is one of the tallest characters in the series, easily towering over his fellow Hashira. He is powerfully built and extremely muscular. He has spiky black hair and a prominent scar running horizontally across his forehead. Having been blind since childhood, he has white eyes with no visible irises or pupils. His eyes frequently tear up when he gets emotional.” -

Photographer: @jorgeandjordan 

The battle for “self” is a consistent journey for those that seek notoriety in this niche. When asked, Content-creator Ray Medrano stressed the importance of cosplayers remaining unapologetic in the face of all adversity as any other way would be “living a facade” and “being who others destined for you to be”. American Itasha creator, Koriey Dixon, credits his refusal of rejection and the knowledge of how lives could be positively changed with the success of the concept. 

Although he was “blocked” from opportunities early on in the journey, there is now an immense spotlight on the American Itasha community through various social media outlets like Carmic.Con and the thousands that flock to conventions where they may interact with the themed cars and Cosplayers. Aside from the bond, the push for respect and alignment within the Itasha community is one of continuous perseverance and progress.

 Cosplayer: Ray Medrano

Instagram: @Creativera1n

Character: E. Honda (Street Fighter)

Description: “A sumo wrestler looking to bring the sport worldwide, E. Honda has the skills of a yokozuna, but his constant globetrotting has prevented his promotion. Also an expert chef renowned for mouthwatering chanko stew.” -

Photographer: @Jtprocosplay

With their location being centralized in Houston, Texas, there is a hole that American Itasha and minority cosplayers continue to fill by giving car enthusiasts and beloved characters the grandest platform for full display. 

Dixon’s creation of Carmic.Con and the mascot alien “Carmic'', provide a visible focus for followers of the movement. “In all regards'', he stated, “it is more than just bridging the gap between ethnicities inclusive to this genre of enjoyment, but it is about creating a safe lane for everyone to travel no matter race, orientation or character choice.”

Koriey Dixon with Maile Flanagan.

Instagram: @Carmic.Con

Description:  While displaying his car at Anime Corpus Christi (@AnimeCorpusChristi), the largest anime convention in Corpus Christi Texas. Award-winning actor Maisie Flanagan, the iconic English voice actor for Naruto Uzumaki signed his Naruto Themed Car. 

Location: Carmic.Con Exhibition At Anime Corpus Christi (@AnimeCorpusChristi)

Photographer: @carmic.con

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