1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone

When I built my first car it was completely the other direction, I just wanted to go fast so I went through a few Chevy Camaros 96,98,2000, and a 2002; which I still currently have along with the BMW.

1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone
1997 BMW 318is - Adam Noone

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1997 BMW 318is

Adam Noone

Instagram: @Ls1_Adam

Photographer/Author:  Donnie Rochin

Instagram:  @r0cean11

Facebook:  r0cean11 Photography


“Never give up on what makes you happy.” ~ Adam Noone

My name is Adam from Richmond, California. I'm 36 years old and I drive a garbage truck for a living and have been doing that for the past 13 years. I absolutely love my job!

My whole car obsession started when I was about 15, my uncle and cousin had a couple of lowriders ‘63-’64 Chevy Impalas, and from there I was hooked from working on them, learning, and going to shows. I absolutely loved it. When I built my first car it was completely the other direction, I just wanted to go fast so I went through a few Chevy Camaros 96,98,2000, and a 2002; which I still currently have along with the BMW.

I chose the BMW because it was the first car I learned how to drive and stick in. My buddy had a ‘97 328; we'd go to meets and drives when we could. It was crazy how well these cars performed. I always told myself I had to have one and I dunno 3 years ago I decided it was time to build one but my way

I haven’t really gone through cars other than the Camaros and modifying this last one kinda got me where I am today knowledge-wise when it came to doing the BMW the Camaro has a fully forged 6-litre with a 76mm turbo built by LS Garage in Sacramento CA build to hold 1400hp. Has full suspension Moser 9in rear tr6060 transmission 6 point cage and a lot of other goodies it's been 10.2 @ 140mph in the quarter mile and has a lot more in it to go mid-9s.

Then the BMW went to LA to purchase it cause prices out here in the Bay Area were crazy but as soon as I brought it home it sat for a while till I could figure out exactly what I wanted to do with it. I knew one thing though it would be different from anything around and will definitely turn your head, make you stop and have to check it out. I finally saw the vision in my head and started slowly getting to it and now we have a masterpiece as I like to see it,

Every time I take the car out it turns heads whether it be on the freeway or parked people's phones come out for pictures/videos. Every time I park somewhere gotta look back and take it all in like dam I built that, At every show I attend people always have questions and I have no problem answering them and makes me feel accomplished I build these cars cause it's almost like my escape from everything going on work-life everything and from driving it to just sitting there looking at it and thinking to myself as you did good on this one

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If I had to give any tips or advice on building any car or an e36 just know it's definitely not cheap but regardless if it's your passion go for it no matter how long it takes you cause in the end it's truly worth it. When doing it make sure to do all your research and ask questions to people who have done it already, some people will help some won't which I came to notice when doing the BMW. I’m really glad to have a group of friends who are into the same passion and are always to lend a hand and help troubleshoot things that I can’t figure out truly blessed to have them in my corner

What makes my car unique is the sound, that’s the first thing you hear before even seeing the car. That loud, extremely choppy cam along with the whistle sound coming from the pro charger. Then once you see it you immediately see the fully polished intake polished blower and piping along with the massive intercooler in the front bumper. Then the bright red colour will catch your eyes as well along with the massive 6-piston front brakes and 4-piston rear brakes off of a 2007 c6 Z06 Corvette. Then finally park and slam it to the ground with the airlift system

The spec list of the car well everything pretty much has been swapped or ripped out of the car from its original time of purchase from the interior to all the stock wiring in the car absolutely everything in the engine bay started from scratch which made things a little bit easier


Ls1 with a Texas speed BFD cam, 

243 ls6 heads, 

Holley Performance 102mm low ram intake, 

WARR 102mm throttle body, 

CX Racing e36 swap kit headers motor mounts and transmission mounts, 

ICT Billet brackets and valley cover, 

D1sc pro charger with a pro charger big red blow-off valve

Suspension- Airlift performance 3P system

Brakes / Wheels- Brakes are from a 2007 Z06 Corvette 6 piston from 4 on the rear

Wheels are MPARS off a 7 series BMW but do have plans for some nice 3-piece wheels very soon

Interior -

DND performance bucket seats

Carbon fibre steering wheel

MKAH Motorsports door panel

Rear seat delete all wrapped in suede. 

4-point roll cage, I don't know the manufacturer as I bought it used and had powder coated. 

Full suede fibreglass dash which holds the Holley performance 7” digital touch screen and the arc switch panel

Audio- JL audio Bluetooth receiver which I use to connect to my phone since there is no stereo deck and goes out to Focal 6.5” speakers all the way around which sound amazing

Exterior- the car has been wrapped by Alex @AutoDesignPro in Pittsburg Ca.

Carbon fibre front lip trunk side skirts rear canards and eventually a hood carbon LTW low rise wing

The Work

When it came to building the car I did a lot of it myself in the garage but when I needed help friends were always willing to help one I can’t leave out is Rob owner of @RobsPerformanceGarage in Brentwood Ca always willing to lend a hand and let me have access to his shop tools lifts truly grateful

Future Plans

I don’t really have much-left plan-wise for the car other than a hood and some custom wheels and then I think it’ll finally be done. I don’t think ill ever sell this car to upgrade but definitely will be buying something else to build, I can never just not be building something again it's my peace away from everything

Shout Outs

Groups/People that have been there for me and I would definitely say are loyal to this car scene

Rob @Robsperfpormancegarage always helping me with my car no matter what it is

Jeff/Jesse @_PurposeBuilt_ always supplying me with the best car clothing I feel is out there and always helping me source parts huge thank you to them go check them out you won't be disappointed

Russell @oneupacrylix for helping me with all the crazy ideas I have and had for the trunk setup and lights somehow he’d always make my vision a reality

Alex @Autodesignpro for wrapping the car and making sure it's always perfect

The Scene

What’s the car scene bring me? Definitely had a lot of amazing times from meeting people, some of that I now consider family but it’s also brought some rough times no build is ever smooth, from the late-night breakdowns to the times when you wanna give up but push through it. In the end, there is no better feeling than when you get to take that first drive in the car that feeling of accomplishment is an amazing smile from ear to ear

Dream Car

My dream car would be an r34 or s15.

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