Martin Bennett  - Citroen DS3

The car is mainly just for my enjoyment but I like to show it and meet new people along the way. 

Martin Bennett  - Citroen DS3
Martin Bennett  - Citroen DS3
Martin Bennett  - Citroen DS3
Martin Bennett  - Citroen DS3
Martin Bennett  - Citroen DS3
Martin Bennett  - Citroen DS3
Martin Bennett  - Citroen DS3

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My name is Martin Bennett 

I have worked at a local car parts supplier for over 5 years now and it has its perks when all you know is cars, I worked there as a parts salesman until late 2019 then I took over the sealey tool van selling every tool needed for the job. 

I have two Instagram pages atm.

One for this car but also features my £200 c2 that was staying standard but you know how it goes with cars. 

And my other page is for my current work in progress on a 1994 wide body Clio with a 1.7 Volvo engine inside. 



Don’t be afraid to say hello.  

I got into the car scene about 12 years ago when pimp my ride, Wheeler dealers, west coast customs were on the tv I spent a lot of time watching them. 

I always enjoyed making things so when I got older the toys just got bigger. I did a mechanics course through school that led to a college qualification in level 3 automotive technology. 

I have always been surrounded by cars so it was natural that I picked it up., As a teenager my dad used to mess around with minis and old cortinas when you could get them for pence. I worked my way up to how the DS3 looks over the last 5 years. 

It was always a car I wanted to own since Jeremy Clarkson drove it around on top gear.It’s hard to find parts so some items I have had custom made. My car addiction started with a 1.1L 5 door Saxo desire in silver and it had a short life passed my test and two months later I rear ended at a red light and the saxo was written off. 

After the Saxo I owned a MK5 fiesta black edition 1.25L which I had for 2 years 

The fiesta was what started me off modifying cars but I got my new job so sold it to get a more sensible car in the ds3. 

In between buying the ds3 and up to present day I have also owned 

  • - 1992 Mazda MX-5 import 
  • - 2005 Mini Cooper 
  • - 2004 Citroen C2 (still own)
  • - 1992 mk1 Clio (restoring) 

I currently drive the Citroen DS3 a lot but soon will only be used as a weekend/show car as it keeps getting damaged in place parks or at work. 

So I’ll be using my c2 as a daily driver from A-B. 

The DS3 is a 1.6 E-HDI running about 105bhp, Gets me 0-60 eventually but an awesome, 85MPG going to a car show.

My current spec list on the car is - 

  • - Custom made air ride suspension
  • - JR21 japan racing wheels in a flat grey
  • - Retro fitted C3 bumper with modifications 
  • - Custom made side skirts 
  • - Imported rear diffuser from musketeer
  • - Rdx splitter with custom made plate for looks and support 
  • - Sparco r333 seats and luke harnesses 
  • - Custom made harness bar 
  • - Pioneer car play radio 
  • - Hydro dipped dashboard 
  • - Kenwood subwoofer and amplifier
  • - And many more small details 
  • - Hand made Boot build

I had plans of a new body kit, wheel spoiler and show cage but two days before my trip Boris locked down the country because of COVID-19 so once there lifted my plans will carry on. 

I started off doing the ds3 myself but as my ideas got more complex I had to learn or get assistance from a few people. 

If you are local to Telford I used the below places for everything I needed help with 

  • - Paint work - S.P auto repairs 
  • - Air ride fitting and customisation Auto-Barn 
  • - Wheels refurb - City powder coaters
  • - Cleaning products - Defined Detail 
  • - Window tint and wrapping - Tint Master 
  • - Stickers - Defined Detail 

I have become members of many groups over the years  here are a few below

  • - Defined ridez 
  • - DS3Club
  • - Citroen fantique 
  • - C2UK
  • - Blessed co 
  • - Strictly French 
  • - Clubs unite 

Shows I attend in the normal car show year. 

  • Ultimate stance 
  • Trax 
  • Players classic 
  • Modified nationals 
  • Lowdown uk 
  • Castle Combe events 
  • Ds3 club meets 

Many charity events and local fundraisers 

Most shows I enter I just go for show and shine but haven’t won anything as yet. 

The car is mainly just for my enjoyment but I like to show it and meet new people along the way. 

After this car is completed I want to save up and get a R35 GTR. That's my ideal dream car to own at some point in my life.

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