Welcome to Lexus Fanclub UK

A Lexus dedicated fan group full of great people great cars and friendly banter

Welcome to Lexus Fanclub UK

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Lexus Fanclub UK

This is a page for all Lexus / Altezza owners and fans. Please feel free to share photos and have open discussions. Lexus related advertisement is welcome within reason. 

If you have multiple items to advertise, please put them all in one post stating as much info in the advert as possible. 

Any other advertisement must be approved by the admin before posting. If any adverts are non-car related or approved by a member of the admin team prior to the post, then the post will be removed. 

Abuse towards any other members will not be tolerated and may end up in you being removed from the group. Please enjoy the group and share your experiences and knowledge with others to help other fans or owners. Feel free to share the group and invite friends and family. All new requests will have a basic profile check before being accepted.


MarcZak and 2 other members are admins.

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