2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray

My C30 was previously my Grandads. He was struggling with the Mk2 Scirocco due to his health, so he and my Nan got a Volvo V40. But after my Nan passed in 2014, my Grandad then switched to the C30.

2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray
2009 Volvo C30
2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray
2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray
2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray
2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray
2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray
2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray
2009 Volvo C30 - Caitlin Bray

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2009 Volvo C30

Caitlin Bray

Instagram: @caitlinjadebray

Photographer: Rebecca Morrant

Instagram:  @morrantcreative

My name is Caitlin Bray. I am 22 years old. I live in a small village called New Inn, based in South Wales. I recently secured a job as an Ambulance Care Assistant for Welsh Ambulance Service Trust. In my spare time, usually, I am spending time with friends and family, work on my car with my dad, attend car shows, or draw and be creative. 

I pretty much grew up around cars, thanks to my Dad and my Grandad. I can always remember any time I was off school when I was a kid, whether that was for holidays or half term, and when my Mam would be at work, I and Dad would be in the living room binge-watching Top Gear, Gas Monkey Garage, Misfits Garage, Wheeler Dealers, Fifth Gear, Car SOS, which we still watch to this day and now with The Grand Tour to add to the list. My Dad used to own a Mk1 Golf which he spent a lot of time modifying, and my Grandad owned a Mk2 Scirocco Scala, which I and my Dad now got.

We are working towards restoring it, getting it back on the road, and maybe even looking at making it a show car. Anytime Dad is fixing a car in our garage, I always found myself up there as well helping. I always had an interest in cars and was always up for helping and learning, and it was a great opportunity for me to spend quality time with my dad. We’ve made so many amazing memories from this. 

My C30 was previously my Grandads. He was struggling with the Mk2 Scirocco due to his health, so he and my Nan got a Volvo V40. But after my Nan passed in 2014, my Grandad then switched to the C30. He absolutely loved that car and made quite a few trips with it. Unfortunately, in 2017 my Grandad passed away. I was approaching my 17th Birthday that year, so I was at a point where I was looking around for a first car. My Dad was going to sell the C30, and then use the money from that to go towards my first car. I thought about it all, and I said “You know what? I’ll just have the C30 for my first car”.

Funny thing was, I never used to be a massive fan of Volvo’s. I was always more drawn to Japanese cars or Supercars. I used the C30 to get me back and forth between sixth form and to go out and see my friends. I don’t think I initially intended on keeping it long-term, but I can remember people making comments to me during the sixth form and saying “You’ve got the best car out of everyone here”, and just generally being so complimentary of it. To say it made my day and always put a smile on my face was an understatement. I ended up looking around online for Modified C30’s, and I was totally shocked by how good they could potentially look and it motivated me to want to modify mine. So I knew at that moment, I wanted to keep it in memory of my Grandad, whilst making it my own. I really like to think he would be happy that I kept it. 

Considering it’s only a 1.6 Petrol, and not the 2.5 T5, it’s still such an incredible car to own and drive. With how it’s currently looking, yes it’s far from quick, but it’s such a head-turner. I always used to be that kid that would get excited over a modified car, and to drive around and see kids getting excited over mine is still such an amazing yet surreal feeling to me, as I was once that kid. I get lots of messages and comments from people saying they want to buy a C30 because of how mine looks, and it makes them want to own one.

Also, I have people asking for advice on what they can do to their C30. It really makes my whole day as I never thought people would look up to my car and feel inspired to buy or modify one. I wanted to modify my car and attend car shows, but in all honestly, I didn’t think my car would be show worthy. I see the cars that make it to shows and the work that’s gone into them is incredible, and I always thought “It’s just a Volvo, it’ll never make it, and I can’t possibly compete with the high-quality cars that get into some of these shows”. Nonetheless, I still continued to modify the C30. After a good year since the modifications started, I chanced attending shows with it. My first show was Castle Combe. I was blown away by the love and attention my car received. I started then going to car shows where I would need to submit an application to get in.

The first one was Tucked at the Base 2021, to which I received an email to say my car got accepted. Since then, the C30 got accepted into Tucked at the Museum, Tucked at the Manor, Gravity and Ultimate Stance Outdoor Show and Shine. Only some of the biggest shows in the Uk! I know 17/18-year-old me would be beyond happy, it’s still a “pinch me” moment to this day. 

I’ve attended a few shows now, and it’s very rare to see a modified C30 or a Volvo in general. You always see GTR’s, Mustangs, Supra’s, Lamborghini’s, Golf’s and much more, just not a Volvo. I attended Ultimate Stance 2022 and all I saw was 1 other C30, and I couldn’t recall seeing any other Volvo there. It seems to be such a rare car to see modified and at shows these days! I know there are a few people across the country with modified C30’s which they’ve done an incredible job with, but you just don’t see that many attend shows, which I think is what makes us extremely unique! People seem to be inspired by my C30 and a few others as it’s simply just different to what you usually see! I hope more people get inspired, as it would be amazing to see more Volvo’s at shows! 

What do you think?

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Build List:

  • Wrapped Metallic Black 
  • Romac 18” Gloss Black Wheels 
  • Stance+ Coilovers 
  • MGC Wing 
  • Maxton Front Splitter
  • ALG Custom Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel
  • Custom Black and Red Seat Covers 

Most of the work has been completed by my Dad and me. My dad used to be a Mechanic and used to modify cars, so we’ve spent many hours modifying the C30. I went to Essential Wraps (based in Coleford, England), who did an outstanding job wrapping and tinting the C30. I can’t thank them enough for the work they’ve done, and for making the C30 look amazing. 

Future Plans

I really want to buy Air Ride for the C30. Ive edited a few images to get a rough idea on how it would look before making commitments and it’s fair to say I was completely in love with the look! I want to buy a new set of wheels, purely for Shows and in the future, I would also like to do an Engine Build. I would love to engine swap with a T5 and do a build for Shows also. I have also thought about a WideBody kit but we shall see in the future!


Do your car for YOU. Unfortunately, as well as all the love and positive comments I have received, it’s also come with negativity too. People have made some horrible comments about my car, and a couple of years ago I was debating selling up. I had my Dad say to me, “Do you love your car? Are you happy with how it’s looking? If yes, then ignore what anyone says”. And since then I’ve been so much stronger and stopped taking notice of the negativity, and look where my car has got me.

It’s attending some of the biggest shows out there! So if you own a car that isn’t common to modify or take to shows, and you’re worried about people’s thoughts and opinions, don’t! If you’re happy then keep doing what makes you happy! Anything is possible if you dream big and have a positive mindset. 

Shout Outs

Since joining the car scene, I have made so many friends and so many incredible memories, and attending shows has had me travelling to some amazing places across the Uk. I’ve met some amazing lifelong friends around my area that are like another family to me. They have been my biggest supporters alongside my parents.

We all love to support each other with our shared passion and we love to see everyone succeed and do well in life. I’ve also got other friends from all over Wales, England and Scotland! Especially Hereford area, I attend monthly meets thereby Mobo Group, and they’ve shown nothing but love and support from the second I arrived and have made many friends from there! It’s always an amazing time at their events, between catching up with my friends and meeting new people.

Rob and Jack put so much work into these events, and it’s ideal for everyone to attend, no matter what car you drive! I hope these events continue to grow and succeed, they deserve recognition as well as Tucked, Gravity, Ultimate Stance and all the other amazing shows that take place throughout the year.

They are simply the days I will look back on and cherish forever. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store! 

Dream Car

The absolute dream would be the R34 GTR. But I also love the Evo 8’s, Rx7’s, S14’s, GT86’s, and Dodge Demon’s, honestly the list could go on. I’m hoping to be owning an Evo 8 next alongside the C30 and Scirocco.

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