Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth

We finally get to grips with Adam Smiths stunning Sierra Cosworth. Adam is quite famous on the car scene for being the proud owner of one of the greatest examples of retro performance Ford cars

Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth
Adam Smiths - Sierra Cosworth

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Ive been looking to work with Adam Smith for some time now. Whether thats in the form of a photo shoot, an interview or both. Finally we were able to get together, but rather frustratingly it had to be done remotely due to the Covid situation.... However, I hope to meet him in person one day and see his legendary Sierra Cosworth.

I say legendary because Adam has created his own YouTube channel and has documented many aspects of his passion for the car in his videos with quite an impressive following. Hes also a really nice guy who, with his Northeast charm is a pleasure to watch online. Check his YouTube channel here:

Hi Adam,

Hi Andy

How are you?

I'm good thanks

How are you coping with the Covid Pandemic at the moment?

I understand we all need to stay home but I'm really missing going to my local for a beer and having burger. Also, days out with my family to the zoo/farm and seeing my Parents. Hopefully, it’ll all be over soon. Work-wise, I'm still working. Although in a year's time I think engineering will be super quiet when the economy is flattened, I hope I don't lose my job.

Yeh its tough buddy. Lets hope it all lands right for everyone when its all over. Anyway, How long have you been into the car scene, and what was your very first car?

I've never really been into the “car scene” I think I've probably only been to 4-5 car shows. I much prefer to have a nice car to tinker with and enjoy with family.

My first car was a 1997 Saxo VTR that I crashed 3 times, and was paying £90 per week for insurance and finance whilst working as an apprentice earning £100 per week. #skint

So, down to business... your stunningly beautiful Cosworth…. How long have you owned the car?

Too long...haha.  I've had it 14-15 years. I've almost sold it 5 times whilst I've owned it.  Mainly for either a motorbike or Porshe 997

What kind of condition was it in when you first got it?

Not bad condition, just needed some new wheels and exhaust

What attracted you to the car and, did you always want a Sierra Cossie?

I never really paid much attention to Cosworths. I always lusted after a Cavalier Turbo or a Lotus Carlton. How I ended up with my Cosworth was after a rare trip to a car show/track day at Croft and seeing one HAMMERING down the straights on track. That kinda sealed the deal and my mind was made up.

What work have you done to the car? Mods etc?

The main stand out mods I've done are the wheels, and fitting an RS500 body kit (before prices went nuts)

I've also fitted coil-overs and a bigger exhaust so people can hear me coming ha. The car is running around 260bhp and I've managed a 0-60 time of just under 5 seconds (with a phone app so it could be a couple of seconds out)

Have you done all the work yourself?

I do all the work myself, I'm scared to leave the car with anyone whilst I'm not there.  A couple of close friends have done some work whilst I was with the car.

I guess the original parts for the Car are quite hard to come by these days. Do you have a particular supplier you always use? Or is just a case of trawling the net?

Finding parts isn't too bad for the car, it's the prices they charge that puts me off buying them. For instance I need a parcel shelf for the back and there was one on eBay that looked like Mike Tyson had been using it for a boxing bag and they were asking £600!!

Do you have any future plans for the car? Or is it complete now and you just want to cherish it in its current state?

Future plans are to have the fueling checked, I don't want more power, and also tidy the interior up, and carry on enjoying it.

Have you ever taken the car to shows? Or won any awards for it?

Nah, I'm not a car show type person. Although I might start so I can meet some people who watch my YouTube channel. People seem cool on there

Do you have any advice for anyone whos thinking of investing in such a classic car?

Speak to someone who knows the cars well and what to look for.

If you were to have any other car as either a project or an investment, what would it be and why?

I love old stuff but I also want something more useable, so either a Porshe 996 or 997. Although I do keep looking at old Vauxhall Cavaliers, Astra GTE’s and BMW e30’s

Adam, it's been an absolute please speaking with you. Thankyou so much for your time and for sharing your Car with us here at the magazine and with our readers. Stay safe brother..

Thanks, fellas. Take care and stay warm

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