Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si

"The car isn’t the fastest, but it’s very enjoyable for spirited driving especially when VTEC kicks in and it has the gas mileage to do it for weeks."

Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si
Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si
Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si
Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si
Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si
Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si
Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si
Armani Perez - 2015 Honda Civic Si

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Armani Perez

2015 Honda Civic Si

Instagram: @rhdmani

Photographer: Pablo Colon / @fireblazinmedia

My name is Armani Perez and I am from Miami Florida, but I’m currently living in Columbia, SC. I’m fully immersed in the automotive industry in just about every aspect of my life, from my small detail business to my personal everyday life. I originally got interested in cars due to my uncle, he always was, an automotive enthusiast. He had everything from a Twin Turbo Dodge Stealth to a beautiful Evo X. We would sit up late at night when I was younger and play all the Need For Speed games and build the fasted and best-looking cars and the times we weren’t playing the games I would watch him build and work on his owns cars. The older I got I knew I wanted to get into the same hobbies as him.

I was the child who was always intrigued by cars and would try to memorize and name all the make and models that I would see on the road. I grew up in the early 2000s in Miami which arguably had one of the best car scenes in the world. So as a kid I was heavily influenced by the cars I would see throughout the city of Miami. My friends like Trevor North, Dalton Hale, and all the other great people I’ve met through social media have all had a huge impact on my wanting to keep building the car, as it makes for great conversations and memories along the way.

At the time of deciding what car I wanted to buy I really wasn’t too sure of what platform I wanted to work on, but I definitely knew I wanted something modern but still very fun to drive. In the past, I owned a 1993 Nissan Skyline GTST 10th Anniversary Edition and two NB Miatas. I knew the car had to be white and it had to have a 6-speed manual transmission. I’ve always been intrigued by Honda’s and wondered why so many people hated these naturally aspirated 4 cylinders. I bought this used 2015 Honda Civic Si in June of 2020 and immediately started ordering parts. It got out of hand fast lol, but I’ve always wanted to build a car that I could drive every day and still look good and always be show-ready.

Out the gate, I knew I wanted to stance the car. I went ahead and ordered Air Lift 3p because in the past I was always static and for this build, I wanted the luxury of being able to drive low whenever I wanted and so I went straight to work on the car. I ended up going with a set of white GMR-04 Flow forged wheels for the simple fact that not a lot of people are running GMR wheels at the moment. The car isn’t the fastest, but it’s very enjoyable for spirited driving especially when VTEC kicks in and it has the gas mileage to do it for weeks. I’m glad I went with a 9th Gen Si because to me it’s the perfect daily driver while still maintaining all the aspects that make a car enjoyable to drive.

My plans for the car is to build a fun street car that I can enjoy and drive every day while keeping it reliable. I’m currently in the process to go full bolt-on and maybe turbo I’m the future. I want to keep the car at a healthy 350-400hp which is more than enough for these lightweight cars. I plan on building the transmission to help with the torque and the power load that the car will put out. The car is currently being tuned by @yosh_tuned on insta which I highly recommend if you have any Honda platform. All the suspension work was done by my friends at HNKS Performance who installed my Air Lift 3p and really helped me to see the vision for my car. 


  • Mugen Style Rain Visor
  • 20% tint
  • CaruseDesign Aero Flap
  • Yellow tinted fog lights


  • Tsudo Catback  exhaust 
  • CMT Racing Catless Down Pipe
  • Hasport Motor Mounts


  • GMR-04 Flow Forged


  • Air Lift 3P
  • Front camber plates
  • Godspeed rear camber arms

Future Plans

  • Widebody 
  • A wrap
  • Turbo
  • 3p Wheels

For the future of the car, I really want to wide-body the car with the “KevMannz Wide Body Kit” that he makes. I wanna follow that aggressive style of the wide body kit with the PRL Turbo kit which is the best and most popular kit in the market for these 9th gens Civics. I would love the wrap the car in a Sky Blue which I haven’t seen before. This will help distinguish my car from the rest. To finally top off the build, I would want an aggressive set of Work Meister M1 3p to complement and finish the whole car.

At the end of the day when it comes down to it Im really building this car to keep my mind in a positive place. Working on this car is my route to get away from all the negative things going on around the world and it really keeps me at peace doing so. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishments to see this build through and to share the car with old friends as well as new friends

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