Brian - 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

In terms of car stats, I Dyno’d the car almost 3 years ago and was able to put down 343bhp and 268lb ft. of torque. To be honest, I have never ran it in the quarter mile but, have done a handful of track days and autocross.

Brian - 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Brian - 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Brian - 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Brian - 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Brian - 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Brian - 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

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Hi guys,

My name is Brian and I am a Material Handler for one of the many Magna plants.

Instagram: @ azn_renegade

I currently drive a 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, which has most definitely been one of the many cars I have grown up to admire and idolise from a very young age. Who doesn’t love a Skyline?

What got me into the car scene? Honestly, I have been in love with cars in general since a very young boy. Going back to the days where my dad would let me get ‘Hot Wheels’ and scale model cars! Played with them pretty much everywhere from outside in the grass, to the sweet mat every car kid had and even in the bathtub!

In terms of car stats, I Dyno’d the car almost 3 years ago and was able to put down 343bhp and 268lb ft. of torque. To be honest, I have never run it in the quarter-mile but, have done a handful of track days and autocross.

Full Spec List:-

  • HKS Pod Filters;
  • HKS Downpipe;
  • HKS Cat-Back with No Muffler (resonator is still in);
  • HKS Turbo Timer;
  • Cubespeed Short Throw Shifter;
  • Cusco Front and Rear Strut Bars;
  • HSD Coilovers;
  • ARC Intercooler;
  • Audi R8 Ignition Coils;
  • Mines VX Rom ECU;
  • Nismo Shift Knob;
  • Nismo 320km/h Gauge Cluster;
  • Nismo LMGT4;
  • Bee R Rev Limiter;
  • Grassroots Performance Rear Upper Control Arm;
  • Grassroots Performance Front Upper Camber Arm;
  • Grassroots Performance Steering Wheel;
  • Grassroots Performance Oil Cooler and Oil Filter Relocation;
  • Grassroots Performance Front Toe Arm;
  • Whiteline Rear Sub Frame Bushings;
  • Whiteline Diff Bushings;
  • Whiteline Rear Shock Bushings;
  • Zestino Acrova Daily Tyres;
  • Zestino Gredge Track Tyres;
  • Fujimura Auto Rocket Dancer Carbon Flap;
  • Gleaseman Test Pipe;
  • Gleaseman Rear Muffler Delete; and
  • Do-Luck G-Sensor.

The majority of the modifications done on the car have mainly been done by me. From taking the whole rear subframe out of the car, taking the turbos out, changing fluids and basic maintenance was all done by me!

‘Razor Automotive’ were the one who undertook the alignment.  They were very knowledgeable when it came down to doing the alignment on my car, due to their application for set up for racing and setting race cars up for future events. I would definitely recommend them!  

‘Motive Performance’ did the beautiful throwback wrap in the Bathurst winning livery!

One of the main tips for owning a Skyline is, in North America, you can pay a bit of JDM tax/Skyline tax for parts and wait a little while for them to arrive from Japan!

On another note, the Skyline was not my first car, in fact, it is the second car I have owned. My very first car was a 1999 Volvo V70XC, which I ruined! I learnt a lot of knowledge on how to fix things and modify cars from that! I put lowering springs, short ram intake, headlights, aftermarket mufflers, 3” downpipe, manual boost controller, subwoofer and door speaker upgrades, double din navigation screen.

My project has not yet been finished! The future plans for my Skyline would be to add bigger twin turbos, bigger injectors, upgraded fuel pump, aftermarket Haltech ECU and more suspension upgrades for better results at open lapping days and autocross. My end goal would be to have 650bhp to the motor which roughly translates to 500bhp to all 4 wheels.

Sadly, I have not yet found a club that I can call my second family. I have a close group of friends who always do car things but, we don’t really have a name for the club.

I have entered my car into various car competitions and shows. I have won twice in the 2-Step competitions, best JDM etc. I don’t enter these shows to win, I enter them mainly to meet new people and network.

One of the shows I have had a lot of fun in is the one called Autorama in Detroit, Michigan and the USA. It’s actually a huge classic car show that travels through the United States with cars that look so pristine and well over 6 figures on them! I have had the best interaction with the show-goers there and made a lot of memories from it! I would highly recommend…

I don’t actually have one dream car! I would love to have all the JDM classics in my stable. Going from the NSX, MK4 Supra and the FD RX-7. All these cars have specific features that I look for such as, the NSX with the incredible handling, the Supra for the 2JZ and the RX-7 would have to be for the rotary! Learning new things from each car is something that intrigues me!

A story that I think is somewhat worthwhile is I actually received a different car than what I had actually bought from Japan! I was told it would take 4-8 weeks for me to receive the car and have it in my driveway. In total it took 9.5 months to get my car home. So during this whole process, I was freaking out thinking they ran away with the money! The first hint was off was the kilometres on the car. The original car was stated to having approx 125,000 kms and during shipment, I received the bill of sale and it said around 97,000 kms. I was reassured by the import company it was a typo. Once I was able to pick my car up I didn’t think anything of it because I finally received one of my dream cars! It was up until a couple of days later a friend at the time started noticing a few things off. Like the radiator was different, the suspension was different and the rear spats on the car. I brought it up to the import company where they gave me fair market value for the pieces that were not on the car and was able to give me in house credit where I ended up getting brand new coil overs for 1/4 of the price! In the end, I believe I received a car that is better overall and has been very reliable for a 27-year-old car!

Well, that’s all from me!

Thank you for reading my story, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.


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