Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91

"Use your imagination and do what makes you happy, because in the end, the car you’re building is for you and nobody else."

Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
2021 A91 Toyota Supra
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91
Edwin Suba - 2021 Toyota Supra A91

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Edwin Suba

2021 A91 Toyota Supra

Instagram: @pinoy73160

Photographer: Dan Blakeman - Blakeman Media

Originally from the Philippines, Edwin found his love for cars while living in Oklahoma before settling in California. Currently driving a 2021 A91 Toyota Supra, he first got into the local Honda scene where he had previously lived. A growing interest in looking at different cars and builds eventually led Edwin to start attending some local car meets and shows with friends. This only accelerated his new passion, and it wasn’t long before he found himself interested in motorcycles as well.  

The Supra has always been a dream car of Edwin’s. Ever since the introduction of the MKIV Supra in 1993, he has been in love with both how it looks and the way it drives. At first, he wasn’t even considering the new MKV Supra, even after browsing through some photos and video reviews online. Though his opinion quickly changed once he finally saw it in person and got to sit in the driver seat. Edwin immediately knew this was the vehicle for him.

When it comes to building and modifying vehicles, in his own words Edwin states that he “builds to be different from everyone else. I’m always trying to do something unique.” While drawing inspiration from online sources and talking with others, he makes sure to never copy what they have done, but rather use it for inspiration towards creating something unique and original. Standing out from the rest is something he really works hard towards. While still making sure everything looks clean. Edwin wants to upgrade the performance of his Supra as well, with a goal of reaching 1000hp. The end result? A car that can be shown off while remaining functional and track-ready.

All the work has been done by Edwin himself. He’s always had an interest in learning how to do each project with his own hands to make the car truly his. A lot of Edwin’s knowledge comes through his own research from books, various articles, and videos. His previous Civic build had taught him a lot of things as well, many of which he is excited to apply towards his Supra. Besides looking different, the comfort and power of the MKV Supra were other major points that helped Edwin decide to acquire one. With its looks and speed from the factory, not a lot had to be done right away. This meant more time and effort could be spent on planning what he really wanted his car to look like, and dial in those ideas held in his mind. A few things he has planned for the near future include; custom seats made by Braum, custom seatbelts, coilovers or bags, big turbo, and various other mods to make the car truly his. 

Besides meeting a lot of new friends, being a part of the car scene is an escape for Edwin. Seeing all the cars and meeting the owners behind them is a way to calm down and get away from the stresses of life for a few hours. Being in the scene also, as Edwin says, “helps to keep me out of trouble.” Talking to those who are new to cars or building for the first time is a part of attending car meets he has really come to enjoy. “It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, always build your car for yourself and nobody else” he states. “Reviewing plans twice, even three times and doing your research” are other important points Edwin makes sure to stress. He sums it up by saying “Use your imagination and do what makes you happy because, in the end, the car you’re building is for you and nobody else.” 

Spec List:


  • Stock 2021 Supra GR A91
  • Engine mode to come soon!


  • Carbon Fiber Wing
  • Tire Lettering
  • RGB Underglow
  • Carbon Fiber Mirrors 
  • Custom Badges
  • Stickers ;)


  • Custom Red Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
  • Red Seat Plastics
  • Red Subwoofer Cover
  • Custom Seats by Braum Coming Soon

Now that Edwin has acquired one of his dream cars, the next one he would love in his garage would be a C8 Corvette. Like the Supra, he has always loved the body style and the performance of the vehicle while remaining at a reasonable price point. Had Edwin decided against the MKV Supra, there is no doubt that he would be sitting in that Corvette. Keep an eye out for this one, with what he has planned this will be a Supra like no other. 

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