Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady

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Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady
Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady

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Exclusive Interview with Nick Brady by Living the Drift Life

  1. Tell us about you

Nick Brady 39 from Kent

Give me a Follow on instagram:  @nickbradydrift

Managing Director of Jason Metals

  1. How did you get involved in drifting?

I started drifting as a cheaper alternative to racing after racing single seaters.

  1. Why is it exciting for you?

Its the feeling of being on the edge of control all the time. Especially in competition. One mistake & its all over. It really is the most ruthless sport on the planet. It doesn't matter how well your driving over a weekend, one mistake is enough to send you home.

  1. Memorable drifting experiences ?

For me, my battle with Danny Grundy in 2017, my first time (and everytime) drifting Silverstone & my first podium. There are so many though I could go on forever!

  1. Have you ever sneezed while drifting?

Lol no

  1. What is the car you have had the most fun while driving?

Probably the Skyline, although that said driving a single seater with an aero package is pretty damn awesome!

  1. Worst car you ever drove?

My first ever car, a mk1 Ford Fiesta! It was a sack! Still, it's what I learnt to heel & toe in & it gave me the driving bug, before that I was motorbikes all the way!

  1. Dream drift car?

Easy James Deane's Euro Fighter! 

  1. What mod would you do first to your drift car?

Weld the diff

  1. Who is your favourite drifter?

Wow, just one? Difficult as there are so many different aspects I like in so many different drivers. But really if you had to nail it down to one, I suppose there is only one isn't there? The Goat James Deane

  1. Are you in it to win it – or do you drift just for fun?

Both! Drifting by its very nature is just about the most fun you can have in a car! But when the visor goes down we're all in it to win it, otherwise why compete? 

  1. Where do you usually drift?

If you'd asked me that a few years back I'd have said Lydden Hill & Rockingham. But as practice venues are few & far between I now only usually drive at BDC Events 

  1. When running at a new track how many laps does it take before you master it?

Good question, some track layouts you naturally gel with. Teesside backwards I had it dialled in about 3 or 4 runs same as the NEC when we first went there. Then take Driftland (my least favourite track, I hate it lol!) the first time I went there it took maybe 5-7 runs before I got it.

  1. If you were going to start this over again, what three things would you do differently

Not much to be honest, probably would've used a s body with a 2j. The main thing would be to have a car that worked full time to give maximum seat time to build confidence. Drifting is all about confidence.

  1. What was your worst crash?

Probably a crash I had in practice at Lydden Hill. Put it in the tyres on entry at about 80mph! Ouchy!

  1. Your best day in drifting?

Teesside reverse last year, that was epic!

  1. And your worse?

First time at Driftland, heard it & was first time I didn't qualify!

  1. What would you say to other people who want to become drift drivers?

Don't! Lol 

do it it's a mega sport. If you just want to have fun then stick to practice days in a cheap easy to run & maintain car. If you want to compete, you need to be prepared to spend! The bigger drifting gets the bigger the costs, competitive drifting is now equal in cost to many race series. £60 - 70k drift cars are commonplace now days.

  1. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don't really look that far down the line, wherever I am & whatever I'm doing I just hope I'm happy

  1. Do you have a routine or ritual that sets your mind before drifting?

No, I just try to get the butterflies to fly in formation!

IG @nickbradydrift

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