Female Mechanic Educates Women On How To Own The Auto Industry

It's only recently that Banks has begun to see the fruits of her labor: In the fall of 2016, she is set to open the first Girls Auto Clinic Repair Shop, which will be run by — and will cater to — women.

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With her red heels and bubbly personality, Patrice Banks is on a mission to turn the auto industry on its head. Banks is the founder of Girls Auto Clinic, whose goal is to empower women to understand their cars and feel confident when talking to an auto technician.

Breaking into an industry dominated by men comes with a truck full of challenges and obstacles. Yet Banks has relentlessly pursued her dream, even in the face of such adversity.

“...women are the number one customer in the automotive industry...and I couldn't believe that so many women felt taken advantage of and felt misunderstood and felt mistreated by this industry when so many of us spend so much money in it.”

Since launching Girls Auto Clinic in early 2013, Banks has created the kinds of resources for women that she was never able to find for herself. The project has evolved from its humble beginnings, when Banks held once-monthly Girls Auto Clinic workshops and worked around-the-clock to create her Glove Box Guide.

It's only recently that Banks has begun to see the fruits of her labor: In the fall of 2016, she is set to open the first Girls Auto Clinic Repair Shop, which will be run by — and will cater to — women.

“We're here to make our contribution to society, and to be the best person we can be, so we can impact as many people as we can. And so I'm proud to be an entrepreneur because of that. You'll hear people say it's the hardest thing I've ever done but I wouldn't change it for the world.”

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Featuring Patrice Banks

Founder of Girls Auto Clinic


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