Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition

I have a sense of pride I have developed from working on my own cars and I can proudly say that, with the support and encouragement of my loving wife and daughter, I have done all modification to my GTI myself.

Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition
Geoffrey Eason - 2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition

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Geoffrey Eason

2013 Volkswagen GTI Drivers Edition

Instagram: @lowerclass_royalty

Photographers: @bojengaa @lowerclass_media

I'm a 34-year-old automotive fabricator/builder currently living in northern Virginia. 

Some of my best memories from childhood are going to car shows with my father and hanging out in the shop with him, helping when I could. I would hold the light or turn the key, while he messed with the carburettor and adjusted timing, as a young child and would later do those things myself with his help. Because of that, my father played a huge role in me becoming the enthusiast I am today and a bigger part of the reason my profession is building custom cars.

While I watched and later helped him turn rusty rundown parts into running and driving cars and trucks I knew I wanted to build cars when I grew up. When I finally got my drivers license there was no way a plain stock car was gonna do. My first car was a 1974 Chevy Nova with a small block and racing stripes. It took some work to get it roadworthy but after that, I was hooked for life. The taste of owning a custom car and competing against fellow enthusiasts left me wanting to do my best and win the top prize at everything I competed in. A couple more hot rods, a couple of mini trucks, and a few euros have brought me to this point, of course, none stayed stock and they got better with every build.

As an automotive fabricator/builder I have to challenge myself to do the best I can for my client and I have made it a practice to do that with every car I touch, including my own. In my industry, you learn not to cut corners or you will end up doing it twice and the second time comes out of your pocket.

In 2014 my wife and I learned that we were going to have a child. One of the first things that came to my mind was being the father I had growing up with and making those memories with my own child, not only for them but for me as well. In late August we went to our 17-week ultrasound and found out that our baby girl was going to have some complications with a birth defect called gastroschisis, my heart hit the floor. I promised myself that no matter what happened I would give my daughter the chance to build the same memories with her father that I have with mine.

With my amazing wife being in the United States Marine Corps we were stationed in Okinawa Japan and they did not have the facilities to handle the surgeries to come with our baby girl. We were immediately cut orders to Quantico, Virginia so she could be seen at Walter Reed hospital. Thanks to the amazing doctors and God's grace her surgery went well and she only spent 21 days in the NICU before we were able to take her home, but the surgeries were not over yet. She spent her one year birthday in the hospital and we almost lost her due to complications from gastroschisis.

She would go on to have 15 more surgeries in the first 4 years of her life, more than most people have in their entire life. When I bought my GTI in 2016 I promised myself that any modifications I did to the car would be done with her in mind. In no way would I make the car unsafe or modify it in such a way that she could no longer ride with daddy to shows and events. She turned 6 this past January and one of her favourite things to do is come help daddy work on his car in the garage. I hope that by allowing her to help me do things in the garage she can learn that with enough hard work and the right mindset she can build the confidence to do anything she wants, no matter how she was born or what she goes through.

I have a sense of pride I have developed from working on my own cars and I can proudly say that, with the support and encouragement of my loving wife and daughter, I have done all modification to my GTI myself. From fabricating my own metal wide-body and painting it to any suspension/drivetrain modification that has been done including all maintenance and software upgrades. All of the interior work was done by me including the door panels and trunk setup. I'm currently working on building a 4 door friendly roll cage and other interior upgrades that I hope to have finished for the 2021 show season. I think what sets my car out from others is the attention to detail I put into everything on the car.

Even though the area isn't seen by anyone but me I can't just throw something together. For example, all the hidden air lines and wiring for the air ride and compressor is not only done in a professional manner but designed so that it is easily accessible. I still have a full-size spare tire in there and all tools to change it if needed most would probably remove all of that to make it easier to install the air ride components. When my Braum harnesses didn't have pull straps, instead of leaving a hole there, I made custom "LV'' pull straps to match the other "LV" interior and trunk modifications.

When I didn't like the way the OEM roof rack sat with the roof box on it I made custom lowered racks to give the box a lower more aggressive look while retaining sunroof functions. When I didn't like the looks of any of the widebody kits available I designed and built my own. Instead of painting things gloss black, I added a gold flake to tie them all together including the BBS faces and air tank. Little details like that and the panels in the trunk, that make it look more custom and cover the hideous trunk carpet, is what I believe sets my car apart from the rest of the pack. 

The car has a lot of modifications over the years but here are the ones I can remember:


  • Airlift 3p with airlift performance struts and rear bags, 
  • ORT billet upper rear control arms, 
  • Custom adjustable rear toe links, 
  • Custom rear lower control arms (current winter project), 
  • Autotech front and rear sway bars, 
  • Frame notch, 
  • Tyrol Deadset subframe kit.


  • 2.0 tsi with custom high boost tune and DSG tune, 
  • Carbon Forge Twintake, 
  • Front mount intercooler, 
  • Go Fast Bits Diverter valve, 
  • Performance engine and transmission mounts, 
  • Audi r8 coils, 
  • Alum turbo charge pipe, 
  • Alum throttle body pipe, 
  • 3” catless downpipe with custom 3" stainless steel exhaust and forged carbon 4" tips,
  • Custom painted engine cover, 
  • Battery cover and fuse box covers, 
  • Billet aluminium fluid caps,
  • Forge aluminium washer filler neck, 
  • Custom intake cover painted to match engine cover. 


  • One of a kind custom steel widebody, everything on the car is painted not wrapped. 
  • Carbon fibre hood, 
  • Carbon fibre spoiler, 
  • Carbon fibre mirrors with the sequential led signal, 
  • Maxton design front lip, 
  • Custom 3pc front splitter, 
  • Custom designed fog light aero, 
  • Maxton design inspired custom rear diffuser, 
  • Custom painted golf r style grill, 
  • Custom painted front lower grills, 
  • Vortex side skirts with Maxton design extensions, 
  • Custom painted rear valance, 
  • Led sequential euro R style tail lights, 
  • Custom painted roof box with custom lowered OEM roof rack, 
  • "kill all wipers" rear wiper delete, 
  • Engine dress up bolts, 
  • Blacked out reflectors and corner markers, 
  • 23% tinted windows all around, 
  • Louis Vuitton accents.


  • Custom Louis Vuitton air tank setup with custom paint and alum hard lines, 
  • False floor with hidden air zenith air compressor, 
  • 3p air management, 
  • Hardwood floor trunk with leather tier, 
  • custom leather side and seat back panels, 
  • 9” touch screen Android radio, 
  • Raceseng custom painted shifter, 
  • Custom 3p controller mount with matching gold aluminium faceplate, 
  • Louis Vuitton door cards, 
  • Custom Louis Vuitton shift boot, 
  • Braum alpha-x seats, 
  • Braum harnesses with custom Louis Vuitton pull straps, 
  • Harness bar (currently building 4dr friendly roll cage), 
  • Forged carbon OEM style steering wheel(currently being made), 
  • Custom painted interior parts piano black and gold.


  • BBS RS 18"x10" et -13 18"x11.5" et -32, 
  • 17" faces stepped to 18" with 3" and 4.5" traditional step lips, 
  • Custom painted gold flake faces and flat centres and gold hardware. 
  • 225/35r18 & 255/35r18 tires. 

Building a different set of wheels currently for 2021 show season with similar specs, but you will have to wait for the reveal.

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