Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report

We attended this event and this is our report on the event with some awesome photos and videos of the day's events.

Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report
Japfest  2021 at Silverstone  - Editors Report

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Japfest event 2021 at Silverstone - A report from the Editor

This week I had the pleasure of attending 2 big events Japfest and Max Power Reunion, though the latter  had more cars on show from our magazine than they had original magazines cars, both events were very well attended and lasted the full day


This was held at Silverstone race track, yes the very one the F1 is held at, this is a massive venue and needed to be as the turn out was enormous, not only show cars but customers wanting to enjoy the sites, and there was certainly sites to be seen, from Liberty Walk styled cars, Slammed cars to Boosted rides. 

I travelled to Northampton the night before and stayed in a lovely hotel, which was quite cheap really seeing as I booked late, be warned if you're planning on going to these big events book as early as you can as the price start to double ours doubled in a week lucky I had already paid my fee.

On the day of the event we had to be there before 9, the organisers wanted us on the stand for 7 am, I guess this was to cut traffic down and to give them a head start on getting everyone in, we met up on a Tesco car park where some other groups had met up so for 30 minutes it ended up being a mini-meet with some really awesome cars.

On entering the event the very well organised and pleasant Martiols guided each car to their groups or stands, there was no racing to the stands from the car owners everything just seemed to be in an orderly manner.

Once on your stand, the polish comes out and giving the cars an extra bit of shine on a cloudy day seemed to be the order of the day, I was invited by west coast JDM and Rogue Static to display my car on their stands but seeing as I'm always on rogues stand I went for a change and parked up on west coast jdm, the owner Andz Stinton happens to be one of our reporters and group admins, so how could I turn her down, her group of friends were very welcoming and had some lovely cars on display, my favourite being the black scooby and the Evo.

Once we had parked up, shook hands and had a meet and greet, I couldn't resist but to go for a wander this turned into a 3-hour wander, there was a lot to see and take photos of, plus as I am a chatty person I kept stopping and talking to the owners, especially the lads on the lex nation stand these were very friendly and we discussed our cars, me having a lex I had some questions about mods.

This is what is so good about the community we are all a part of, everybody, well the majority are willing to chat about their cars and help out with ideas and advice on mods, I must say this jap community is really growing on me.

there was a drift event which was only the real disappointment as it was very short and only 2 cars, the better action came from the track time for the tuners and those wanting to experience the very track lewis hamilton races on, my favourite 2 cars were the GTR35’S these were a lot faster than most on the track, though there was some quick Civics and Evo’s

The venue was very well organised with plenty of merch stalls and food trucks so no one really went wanting for anything, I treated myself to a new sticker for the back of my car I shan't tell you what it says, ha, it's a bit rude, you could buy wheels to exhausts to just general tuner parts, stickers and T-shirts so there was really something for everyone, plus Silverstone as its own stores on hand for merch so you could treat yourself to some of that, what was a nice touch was the stall dedicated to giving a free merch gift to all those who qualified for it, which was nice of the event organisers.

There was also my favourite display which I think was part of the fast car franchise they had some of the best cars I have ever seen on display from 2 GTR35’S slammed and blinged up, to a restored modded Datsun 240z which was awesome.

I walked around the entire event at least twice and each time I found a new car to take shots off, I was also very pleased to find quite a few cars from our very own magazine on the show and had a nice chat6 with some of the owners, it's always nice to see the car and the person in real life, I got a little bit greedy and took far to many shots of Skylines my all-time favourite cars and there was a lot of them on show, please check my video below for the entire Photo album I shot.

I’ve made it into a slideshow on Youtube for easier viewing, I also have some videos up of some of the cars leaving check it out, yes it as pops and bangs, thankfully there was very little of this during the day, I think most people saw it as a family day and respected the fact not everyone enjoys the extra noise

Clubs had turned out with some of their members so they were very well represented and behaved, there was plenty of them around to answers people's questions about their cars or just for a general chat, the biggest one being the Nissan z group with over 80 cars, these won an award for having the biggest turnout, I'm not mentioning group names as it will be unfair on the smaller groups that were also there, a close second was the Subaru groups, at one point on entering the venue it seemed there was only Subarus turning up, gladly, though I love scoobies there was a very good mix of cars, it was nice to see unmodded and old cars turning up as well proving that no matter what you drive you are always welcome in this community.

With this said my overall experience of the event was very satisfying and no complaints, this will be a yearly regular for me, though next year I to will have a stand and merch stall, and everyone is welcome to join us, details will always be found on our Facebook page so mark your diaries, I would love to have a stance auto magazine featured cars stand.

So in closing, these big events really are worth the time and money, remember those organising these events deserve a good well behaved turn out which this was. See you at the next one, for more Photographs of the cars you can find them on our Facebook page feel free to share and tag them.

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