Jody - 03 Blob WRX

The reason I got into cars was originally from reading old school magazines growing up, like max power and fast car, and watching top gear

Jody - 03 Blob WRX
03 Blob wrx
Jody - 03 Blob WRX
Jody - 03 Blob WRX
Jody - 03 Blob WRX
Jody - 03 Blob WRX
Jody - 03 Blob WRX
Jody - 03 Blob WRX

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My name is Jody,

And this is my 03 blob wrx

I'm a chef by trade but always done all my own work on my cars so kinda led to me having my own sideline called 'The Boneyard' doing spraying, retrims, and fibreglass repair, among other things, so everything on this car has been done by myself over the last couple of months.

When I got this, it was unloved and left in someone's driveway, with flat paint, and rust along with a load of other issues and this time it's where it is now. The engine is fairly standard at the minute but stockpiling parts ready for an upgrade and remap which should see it upwards of 340bhp safely.

The reason I got into cars was originally from reading old school magazines growing up, like max power and fast car, and watching top gear, always wanted to be at the shows on stands with other like-minded people, seeing how people from all different backgrounds came together over cars and tuning, no matter what you had or what you did to it predominantly you were accepted and made friends, some of my best friends I have now I wouldn't have ever met if it wasn't through cars, either from selling or buying parts and just chatting or meeting at shows and having similar cars. Pretty sure not a single day goes by when I am not doing something to my car, or someone else's, or talking about cars, or reading about them... It's just life...


  • Debadged grill;
  • Sti winglets;
  • Sti splitter;
  • C-West Side skirts;
  • C-West rear spats;
  • Grams rear diffuser;
  • Sti spoiler and stiffies;
  • Smoked rear lights;
  • Tinted windows;
  • Tinted plates; and
  • Full cut and polish to bring back the paint. 


  • Damper and camber adjustable coilovers
  • Drilled and grooved discs and uprated pads
  • Rebuilt callipers
  • White line front and rear drop links
  • Uprated arbs with super pro bushes
  • Adjustable front and rear complete camber arms
  • Front and rear strut braces
  • All damage or rust cut out, repaired and underseal
  • 17x8 forged monoblock alloys, custom candy red,
  • black wheel nut spikes.


  • All colours matched to wheels and interior;
  • Decat up-pipe;
  • Decat downpipe;
  • Full decat, non-res system to afterburner extreme back box;
  • Headers to downpipe heat wrapped;
  • Front mount intercooler, all painted hard pipes;
  • Full red silicone hoses;
  • Greddy profec fitted ready for map;
  • sweeper Gauges for boost, oil pressure and temp; and
  • Pivot turbo timer.


  • Colour matched trim;
  • Short shift;
  • Custom sti knob and gaiter surround;
  • Bride gaiter; and
  • Bride trimmed door cards.

Still have loads planned, mainly for the engine, but a few interior bits too, always had jap cars and this is my tenth Impreza but had over 100 cars in total and modified all of them, the reason I do it is as simple, its what I love and being a member of great clubs keeps made me want to do it, West Coast jdm is my main club but I help run Newage and classic Impreza parts, I run skyline parts page, also keep my own page going, just want to shout out to g.r.a.m.s for their help with body parts, reaper detailing, for their awesome cleaning range and my promo code for my business.

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