Dan - 2018 Focus RS

What got me into cars? That's easy it was my dad, he was a full on petrol head through and through

Dan - 2018 Focus RS
Dan - 2018 Focus RS
Dan - 2018 Focus RS
Dan - 2018 Focus RS
Dan - 2018 Focus RS
Dan - 2018 Focus RS

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Hi all,

My name is Dan.

At the minute I'm working as a lorry driver, no rest for me in these crazy times! My insta is @rs05war give me a follow! Cars mean everything to me and I'm never happier than when I'm driving, no matter what it is!

What got me into cars? That's easy, it was my dad! he was a full on petrol head through and through. He was injured in the RAF but that never stopped him and he always had interesting cars like a fully built Alfa 156 and even a 350bhp Volvo V40 estate. 

My journey started when he helped me find a 2005 MK6 Fiesta ST and my love of fast Fords was born. This was the last thing he was able to help me with before he passed away and it's a car I will never sell - even if it is a permanent project! Everything I've done since has I guess been done to make him proud.

My current car is a 2018 Focus RS Edition with a few erm subtle modifications! It may not be the most powerful car in the world running around 380bjp but it makes me smile like nothing else! The full spec is

  • Mountune FPM375 map;
  • Mountune induction kit;
  • Mountune pcv plate;
  • Mountune roll restrictor;
  • Mountune power take off unit;
  • Mountune big boost pipe;
  • Mountune hard pipe;
  • Mountune dipstick;
  • Mountune oil cap;
  • Mountune V2 air filter;
  • Mountune recirculation valve;
  • CEUK door sills;
  • CEUK footwell lights;
  • Royals steering wheel;
  • Steeda clutch assist spring;
  • Ford performance carbon gear knob;
  • Pro alloy intercooler;
  • Scorpion non res non valved exhaust;
  • Ice designs bonnet struts;
  • Zunsport front grill;
  • Paintmodz covers;
  • Paintmodz washer jets;
  • Kill all wipers delete;
  • Spinal studios dials;
  • Forge braided brake lines;
  • Hub V.5 alloys;
  • Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres; and
  • Various stickers by DMB graphics.

I've been lucky with the car in that I've a number of great people who helped me get it to where it is:

Sean at hydrographics

Pete at demon performance centre

Mitch at inspired automotive

Dale at detailed by dale