Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225

On test driving a Focus, we were hooked on the sound of the 5-pot engine and looked for a decent example in black, finally settling on the one we have now.

Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225
Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225
Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225
Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225
Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225
Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225
Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225
Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225
Mike - 2009 Ford Focus ST225

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My name is Mike

Instagram: @bonb_st

2009 Ford Focus ST225

I have only been active in the car scene for just under 5 years, but I have been a big motorsport fan for a very long time, especially motorbikes and touring cars.

My background was in mechanical engineering, but for the last 18 years I have been looking after buildings and property, but engineering is always in my blood. That showed itself when we bought our 2009 Ford Focus ST225 and I met some of the local car guys around Portsmouth in Hampshire.

Having had Mondeos estates for years, Mrs and I decided it was time for something different, and we ended up looking at hatchbacks and narrowed it down to the Focus ST or the Mitsubishi Lancer. On test driving a Focus, we were hooked on the sound of the 5-pot engine and looked for a decent example in black, finally settling on the one we have now.

Looking at what we wanted from the car, more noise and more power, we went to a couple of shows, talked to people, listened to their cars and stories and decided what exhaust we wanted and that’s how it all started and the car has eventually become the car it is now after 4 ½ years of modifying. I have made some amazing friends along the way, and really enjoy all the shows as well as local meets. I love my ST, but I also like lots of other cars, so I’m not just a Ford guy! That’s what makes the car scene for me, being able to talk to anyone about their cars and their journeys.

Currently the car is running 340 bhp using REVO stage 2 software thanks to JKM Performance, but with the extra power, I also wanted the look. I took a lot of negativity at first as people stated it’s a 5 door, why do that to a 5 door, get a proper ST, but now, most people don’t even recognise that it's a 5-door model and just see it for what it is. I’m not one for following the crowd; I tend to make my own decisions of which way to go after talking to people that have different solutions or ideas. The only things that I have not fitted myself were the clutch and obviously the REVO map.

The engine bay was always something that had to look right, and it has taken a fair bit of effort to get the look, with some parts being painted 4 times before I was happy with the finish. That’s also where my engineering hands started to get itchy! When I couldn’t find something I liked, I would look to see if I could find my own solution or make something myself. I have a Facebook group called Panther Mods, which stems from people asking if they could have a part like I had made or had bought for mine, and that’s where the group helps people find solutions, not just in parts, but in advice as well.

Finally, I wanted a wrap on the car, and hit a real roadblock, as no one was interested in designing something for me along the lines of what I wanted, and if they did agree to look at it, they were talking silly money before it was designed, as I wasn’t after a printed wrap. So, I bought a vinyl plotter, watched YouTube videos, taught myself and created my own “wrap”, giving me that one off individual look. Now she is known as blackonblack and easily recognised wherever I go.

Engine Modifications:

  • Full Auto Specialists CAIS and crossover to turbo, 
  • Stage 3 Intercooler, 
  • Airtec Plenum, 
  • Big bore hoses all round, 
  • RS plugs, 
  • RS injectors, 
  • RS clutch and flywheel, 
  • Turbosmart recirc valve, 
  • Auto Specialists ECU holder, 
  • REVO mapping with SPS switch and full turbo back 3” KMS Thunderstorm

Engine Bay Modifications

  • Engine bay plastics, 
  • Summit cross brace and Plenum all colour coded Panther Black, 
  • Autospecialists hood lifter kit (modified to fit how I wanted), 
  • Symposia delete cover plate, 
  • Engine and fuel rail cover plate, 
  • Battery base cover plate, 
  • Carbon custom bonnet show brace and 3D printed the mk4 Mondeo latch conversion handle extension.
  • Slam panel smoothed and colour coded. 
  • After melting some eBay slam panel end plates, I then made myself aluminium slam panel end plates,  

One of the smaller details people notice is the replacements for the stupid OEM plastic trim fittings by using special M4 screws and fixings and regular M6 dress up washers, amazing how something so small can make such an impact

External Modifications:

  • Full TRC lowline kit with CM Composites Fiesta race splitter bolted to the
  • TRC splitter to create a one off race style splitter, 
  • TRC diffuser, 
  • TRC eyebrows, 
  • Zunsport grills, 
  • Xclusive Customz RS style wing, 
  • Rear wiper delete, 
  • Lowered on Eibach springs with Fox wheels in gloss black (of course) with 20/15mm spacers, 
  • Self-made “devil eye” headlights and RGB LED light strips installed on custom brackets for the grills, 
  • Switchback halos,
  • Audi style wing mirror indicators. 
  • Then RSParts bonnet and WRC style vents, rear lights wrapped in fly eye and finally the blackonblack custom wrap.

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