John Hoholik - 2015 Subaru STI

Don’t build your ride based on what everyone else wants. Build your build for you and how you want it. 

John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI
John Hoholik  - 2015 Subaru STI

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John Hoholik

2015 Subaru STI

Instagram: @Buckys_photography

Cars @thinblueline_sti 

Team: @team Nvus 


My nickname is Bucky, I’ve had it all my life since I was a kid, I am 32 years old I work at a citrus juice plant. We make orange/lemon/grapefruit juice. Been working for this company (Ventura Coastal LLC) for 8 years now. I am located in Visalia California. Been here for 10 years now. I have two kids, my son Dalton (9 years old) my daughter Olivia (3 years old).

These two wonderful kids are the reason I keep chasing my passion. I want them to see that no matter what life throws at them, they shouldn’t give up. I didn’t get heavily into the car scene until I got into photography. I got into photography because I have always loved looking at car magazines as a kid. Going to the grocery store and sitting in the magazine aisle. Super Street, American muscle, car and driver, tuner magazines. I knew one day I want to have a build of my own and take awesome pictures like these. 

I got into photography 5 years ago when I got my first DSLR. It was a Canon Rebel T5 with a kit lens 18-55. I used my iPhone to edit all my images. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about photography and going to car events. That’s where I met the owner(CEO) of Team Nvus. I fell more in love with the import world as I met members from all over. I started going to a lot of local cars and coffee meets. Meeting new people and offering to shoot their rides. Trying to build up my work while learning how to get the right angles. While shooting at some of the local meets I started seeing a lot of Subarus. Loved them from the second I saw them. Plus nothing beats a good Subie rumble. That’s when I said I will own one! 

In 2019 I traded in my 2015 Kia Optima for a 2015 Subaru STI. It was stock from the used car lot. It had 35k miles on it. I fell in love with this car. The first mod I did was wheels.  I mean I think that’s what everyone starts with. 

My grandpa got me into cars as a kid. Always working on something. Then my uncle and cousin when they got into dirt track racing. I didn’t get into the import scene until I was 18-19 years old. My first car was a 1987 Toyota Supra. I used to go with some buddies to the street meetups in Reno Nevada. Loved all the different builds. I love the different cars. Everyone’s got a style they love and build (stance, track, show) I think for some teams/ crews I enjoy the family concept. Everyone’s willing to help and be there for one another. Builds aren’t complete, that they can just sit and talk about their builds. 

I have a 2015 Subaru STI, I got this car because I’ve always loved Subarus. The way they sound, look and drive. Having friends who own them with each one built to their likings, Don’t listen to the negativity from people on Subarus. A lot of people will hate them. They are amazing vehicles and fun to drive. You won’t regret buying one. It’s fun. I get people all the time telling me they like my car. It turns heads in my small town, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed driving a car more than I do driving this one. I think it’s just simple and clean, nothing crazy. I do have a thin blue line theme to it so I do get cops who enjoy seeing it. 


  • Perrin wing stabilizers
  • Aero Invictus splitter, rear diffuser
  • Aero wolf winglets 
  • Vland smoked tail lights
  • Carbon fibre door handles
  • Custom badges (thin blue line) 


  • Raceland coilovers 


  • Aodhan Ds08 18x9.5 +30 
  • Tires are 215/40/18 
  • 15mm Perrin spacers 


  • Custom shift/E Brake boot.
  • Carbon fibre trim pieces. 
  • Bam shift knob. 


  • Stock currently. 
  • Invidia Q300 catback exhaust. 
  • PasswordJDM carbon engine cover. 
  • Perrin Strut bar

I’ve also got a huge thin blue line flag on the roof of my car. 

The work on my car was done by my buddies over at Sosas Send it  shop. Ran by Juan Sosa, Marcos Sosa. Also my friends Andy Kim, Dave Cena. I had my wheels and tires done at American tire discount. 

Future plans.

  • Interior: Braum racing seats. 
  • Carbon steering wheel, 
  • All carbon panel pieces for the interior. 
  • Starlight headliner
  • Engine: 
  • Front mount intercooler, Intake, billet Pulleys. Carbon dress up 
  • Exterior: Carbon hood, fenders, the trunk from Seibon Carbon. 
  • Wheels: BBS RS001
  • Suspension: airlift performance.

It’s all a process and takes time. I’m in no hurry to get the car where I want it. I am along for the ride and memories on the way. For anyone out there who’s getting into cars. Don’t rush the process. Don’t build your ride based on what everyone else wants. Build your build for you and how you want it. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my ride as much as I do.

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