Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000

I remember my mom picking me from school in her eye-catching yellow 6 speed TT mk4 Supra.

Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000
Alexander Crespo - 2001 Honda S2000

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Alexander Crespo.  

2001 Honda S2000

Instagram: @alex01s2k

Photographer: @shutter.studios.david

I’m 23 years old, from San Antonio, TX and this is my 2001 Honda S2000. 

Growing up, I was always around cars. I remember my mom picking me from school in her eye-catching yellow 6 speed TT mk4 Supra. With my parents and older sister being car enthusiasts and growing up in the shop watching their project cars flourish, it was in my blood to be an enthusiast as well. 

As a child, I took an interest in “junk cars'' telling my parents that I wanted a car from the junkyard to fix up and build. When my parents opened a business buying, rebuilding, and selling salvage/rebuilt titled vehicles from the insurance auctions, I knew that's how’d I’d find my first car. After months of searching through many different makes and models, I finally figured out what I wanted when I found the s2000 I still own today. At the time I just thought the car was cool since it is one of the very few RWD cars Honda makes. The price was right and we won the bid. It didn’t seem like much considering it was a no start and was hit in all 4 corners. Deep down something told me they just didn't know how to start the car and my dad was willing to take the risk with me. I was so excited I finally had my first car. I made sure to take a jumper box when we went to pick it up. After hooking up the jumper box I turned the key and pressed the start button and it fired right up. Since that day, it has been a project resurrected from the “dead”. 

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My dad and I worked on it at the shop then took it to the body shop to get the bodywork done and have it repainted. After months of owning it, I was finally able to drive my s2k as a daily driver to and from school at 16. When I was 17, I started auto crossing the car, won novice of the year, and decided to move on to other things after that with a different car. In celebration of 2018, I “rang” in the new year doing burnouts, doughnuts, and just having fun for WAY too long. It resulted in me spinning a rod bearing. I couldn’t believe my first car would have to be put to rest as I initially thought I should part out the car and move on. I just couldn’t give up on something I loved! That thought quickly got thrown out of my head because well, if I could bring her back once then surely I could do it again. 

I contemplated doing an engine swap. Maybe the common LS, or a 2jz or even a K-swap. I looked into all three and even after doing research none seemed right for me. I finally decided it would be best for me to rebuild the factory F20c. As I started my rebuild I thought of all the issues I wanted to avoid like not having a baffle in the oil pan which caused the motor to blow. I made sure it was ordered for the new set up, along with all gaskets and piston rings straight from the dealer, ARP head studs, ACL main and rod race bearings, and Brian crowed retainer caps. While waiting on parts I couldn’t just sit around. That's when I decided I wanted to clean up the engine bay. As I started tucking the harness, I couldn’t help but think a shaved bay would look sick. Slowly, the start of one project led to the idea of the next quickly. I started making cardboard templates, bought sheet metal, and got to work welding to make my vision come to life. I then realized I'd need to paint the bay now which also meant I might as well paint the car too. It quickly became a “When you give a mouse a cookie” situation and the next thing I know I was reaching out to my friend, Nate, to search for the perfect colours.

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We pulled a lot of long nights at the shop making my vision come alive. Some days we even watched the sunrise while we're working or on the long drive home. After the car was painted, the engine itself was too ugly to simply install it and be done so I started powder coating everything; the block, head, valve/spark plug cover, intake tube and manifold. I polished the brake master, clutch master, fuel rail, and strut bar all by hand. Slowly, I started assembling the parts and eventually installed the engine into the vehicle. After nearly 2 years of hiding and building the car inside our family shop, Controlled Khaos Garage just in that first drive, every second put in, every dollar spent, every drop of blood, sweat, and tears finally paid off. It was completely worth it. Although many think the car is done, the truth is it will never be "done"; it has been and will forever be an ongoing project since the moment we won the bid years ago. I constantly think of what to change and what's the next move on the car. This car holds a special place in my heart not only as my first car but an endless list of so many first experiences. And although it is my first, it definitely is also not my last project either. 


  • Injen cold air intake
  • Invidia N1 exhaust
  • Acl race bearing main and rod
  • Arp head studs
  • Bc Retainer caps
  • Full OEM gaskets refresh
  • Polished crank 
  • Hps Silicone Hoses
  • Mishimoto/hoonigan oil cap
  • Feels Radiator Cap
  • Powder-coated spark plug over
  • Powder-coated valve cover
  • Powder-coated head
  • Powder-coated block
  • Powder-coated oil pan
  • Powder-coated intake manifold
  • Powder-coated brackets
  • Powder-coated subframe
  • Polished brake master
  • Polished clutch master
  • Polished abs module
  • Polished brake/clutch lines
  • Polished ac lines
  • Polished ac drier
  • Custom wiring harness
  • 1 off aluminium laser engraved radiator
  • Custom laser cut fan shroud
  • 2 12in Spal Fans
  • Downstar and Zspec Dress up hardware
  • The majority of the bay is shaved and tucked 


  • Custom Fuchsia Candy Paint with heavy Rainbow flake
  • KBD front bumper
  • Spec D headlights 
  • Clear side marker lights
  • AP2 soft top


  • Airlift struts
  • Spc adjustable ball joints 
  • Weds Cerberus I 
  • Achilles ATR Sport


  • Sparco Pro2000 bucket seats
  • Buddy Club seat rails
  • Cusco 4pt Cage
  • Gforce 5pt Harnesses
  • Vertex steering wheel
  • Nrg short hub
  • Nrg quick release
  • Ricks2k countersunk and weight knob
  • Broadway mirror
  • S2000 full-length floor mats

Future Plans Short Term: 

  • Install my diffuser 
  • Change the colour on the intake tube and valve cover
  • Install the underglow, interior lights, trunk lights 
  • Do the trunk setup 
  • Upgrade head units 
  • Upgrade door speakers 

Future Plans Long Term:

  • Tuck Abs Module 
  • Shave abs corner of the bay
  • Turbo setup 
  • Upgrade Fuel System 
  • Stand-alone ECU
  • New front bumper 
  • Repaint Car and Engine Bay

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