Marks - Nissan skyline R34 gtt

Such an iconic car, who among us doesn't like a Skyline, Nissan can certainly turn out some nice cars, this being my personal favourite

Marks - Nissan skyline R34 gtt
Marks - Nissan skyline R34 gtt
Marks - Nissan skyline R34 gtt
Marks - Nissan skyline R34 gtt
Marks - Nissan skyline R34 gtt
Marks - Nissan skyline R34 gtt
Marks - Nissan skyline R34 gtt

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Mark Wilkins 

1998 Nissan Skyline R34 gtt

Instagram: @mad_modsuk 

The R34 was  always the dream since the early Gran Turismo days then 2fast 2furious blew it up. Naturally the dream was the gtr v-spec 2 but with the prices going through the roof it was out of reach.... so gtt was a no brainer when it cropped up at a good price. As it stands it was last dyno'd at a fairly conservative 346bhp then a bit of help from a nitrous Express intercooler spray bar, makes it a bit quicker, just when you need it.

When I bought the car just over a year ago it already had the impulse body kit and wheels, I've since changed out the suspension, exhaust, bucket seats, 4 point harnesses, underglow kit, nitrous, intercooler, air filter, bov, tuning parts and some styling bits. I do the work myself in the car park outside my house, the only time it goes off for work is for tyres/alignment and tuning. future plans have got to include power for sure and maybe some new wheels and more styling tweaks.

Full spec-

  • Impul body kit
  • HKS coilovers
  • Bride Lomax bucket seats
  • Luke 4 point harnesses 
  • Roza 17" wheels
  • Carbon vented bonnet
  • hks high power 3" exhaust including decat, up the pipe, elbow
  • hks intercooler 
  • hks mushroom air filter with carbon fibre bumper intake
  • Splitter
  • Underglow 
  • hks engine management 
  • hks electronic boost control
  • Footwell glow 
  • Nitrous Express 11lb bottle with intercooler spray bar and dual purge kit
  • D1 boost gauge
  • Dash screen 
  • Walbro fuel pump
  • Hella Twin horns
  • Purple anodized wheel nuts

I'm sure there's more lol

Before the skyline, I had a real mixture of vehicles from a nitrous Clio 172 track-prepped weapon, Van's, a few land rovers and a modified Subaru Impreza that I did a whole heap of work too. 

I was away from the modified car scene for a few years up until i bought the skyline but then got brought along to one of my local car club meets, I'd not really been involved with meets before. the club is fueled collective in Bedford, ran by a great guy nick and from there things kinda just blew up! I got introduced to so many people that has lead to so many photoshoots, help from detailers, club stands at show and some real good mates... I owe nick and the @fuelledcollective club a lot really.

This year for shows I think is a bit of a write off but last year was mad having shows most weekends and it was great travelling about meeting new people with the same passion for modified cars.

I think owning such an iconic car as the r34 helps somewhat to getting you noticed at car meets lol to the point where I got contacted by Paul Walker's brother's company fuelfest which is a travelling car show that tours America and did one date over here in the UK, they wanted to use pictures of my car that they had seen me post on Instagram to head the home page of there website which was pretty awesome having the whole world see. 

It's also led to me now becoming a club rep for @fuelledcollective which was great.

Also being approached by the guys over at @7eleven_detailing a local detailing company, I'd kinda avoided getting involved with companies until these guys came to me but they were so kool and the products they make are just awesome and they've definitely helped me out so please go check them out! 

Another company that's helped me out is vagabond wear ltd, they are a clothing company aimed at the car world, the owners are just the nicest people and have really helped me out over the last year... they own a skyline as well which is awesome, so please check them out for some really cool clothing! 

special thanks to- 

  • @fuelledcollective 
  • @vagabondwearukltd 
  • @7eleven_detailing

And all the photographers that I've worked with and helped me to name a few... 

  • @rowancullen
  • @ukcarmotives 
  • @Spritephotography
  • @jazz_creative
  • @shutterwerx 

There are loads more they know who they are.

I love being in the UK car scene. It's great, yeah you get the usual numpties who don't care for the club or the scene who rock up doing donuts and burnouts ruining things but it's pretty minimal these days. you get to meet such awesome people and easily make new friends... I'd even go as far as to say the car scene has changed my life! 

Thanks for reading

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