Krasimir Ngo - AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 

Discover the remarkable transformation of the Audi A4 Ultra SE Technik in this Stance Auto Magazine article. Explore the thrilling modifications, performance upgrades, and the passionate car owner's story behind this remarkable journey

Krasimir Ngo  - AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 
Krasimir Ngo  - AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 
Krasimir Ngo  - AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 
Krasimir Ngo  - AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 
Krasimir Ngo  - AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 
Krasimir Ngo  - AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 

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Krasimir Ngo

AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 

Instagram: @junkstaa

I work for Tesco as a warehouseman, trainer recently. I come from Bulgaria but had to seek my dreams somewhere else and move to live in the United Kingdom since 2016. I got into cars in 2017 when I visited my first JapFest 2017. I remember the smell of rubber, the tuned cars, the loud music and the people's passion for cars, the love for that steel machine that brings everyone attention. Since then I am at every JapFest and TRAX.

My first car was a 2006 AUDI A6 S-Line AVANT, you know the wide body, the big rims. The comfort of being huge and can go everywhere with it. Sadly that one I left it stock but was super fun to drive around just fooling around, doing some drags with friends. Now since 2020 I am driving another AVANT: Let me tell you more about her since I got her last year I didn’t do much but the plans are huge and I am getting there slowly, so: 

That is my AUDI A4 Ultra SE Technik 5d 2014 with 163 Bhp, her top speed is 134mph, 0-60mph is 8.3secs, Torque 400NM 295ft-lb, tons of specs: Folding + heating mirrors, Auto start-stop system, nice basic BOSE sound system, auto-dimming mirrors and the other standard safety features that we all know. When I was looking for the car I wanted it to be a manual one.. and I got it, boys… I fell in love at first sight.

I did some small changes to her beautiful body. I replaced the standard AUDI emblems front and back with black ones. Got her 2 colours (red and black) 4D Plates… we all hope they will not make us change them in September, I really like how they stay on cars. Played for 2 weeks with OBDeleven to see how to get my indicators to be on all the time and blink only when I turn. She is dechromed and I can’t stop enjoying the black trims 

Now all I need to do is. Wheels have to go the bigger the better diffidently black that car will become 2 colours Black and Red, at least stage 1 it's hard to pull with those 2,1 tons under that 4 cylinder engine, AIR - Suspension is a must. Might tint the lights but still don’t know if I will have problems seeing that I have to ask a couple of friends. It is hard for a youngster to do everything by himself and I am putting money aside to get my dream home as well. That’s why it takes a little bit more time than usual to do everything.

After that, I will start appearing in events. But before that, It's just a standard Audi in my mind. She is still a head-turner and kids enjoy the masks I put on the passenger seat. Because mostly. I enjoy driving alone with no destination. 

My Dream car RS6 we all know why. But a huge fan of GTR’s, Supra’s and hell put a Miata there as well JDM’s are amazing. SUBIES and Hondas with laptops hihi. I am a person that will smile if I see a nice, clean and loud car. 

Thanks, Stance Auto Magazine and SAVS Owner Club for letting me tell a little about my passion and myself. Drive safe.

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