Lauren Talbot - mk1 Eunos

The car was resprayed yet again, and again I decided on something a little different, still remained with the pink theme, however this time I decided to go with full Spectra flare on the car

Lauren Talbot - mk1 Eunos
Lauren Talbot - mk1 Eunos
Lauren Talbot - mk1 Eunos
Lauren Talbot - mk1 Eunos
Lauren Talbot - mk1 Eunos

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I'm Lauren Talbot,

Mk1 Eunos

I live in a small village in the Norfolk countryside. I own a Dog Grooming salon, which funds my cars and my drifting hobby.

Since I can remember I have always been into cars. Growing up I was always one for racing games on the Playstation1. My oldest brother and his friends when I was growing up were always messing around with their cars, mostly Fords, which is where my love for classic Fords comes from. When I was 15 one of our friends tragically lost his life in his Fiesta mk3 RS Turbo, and I think that when I really got into cars, seeing the modified car community all coming together to celebrate his life, so I set out to build a car I knew would make him proud.

I have had a fair few cars in my 11 years of driving, my very first car was a Ford KA which was bought for me after I passed my driving test, and that was when my true love to modify cars started. from that, I moved on to my Ford Escort XR3i which I bought back in 2012, which I still have and is currently undergoing a full restoration. A few other cars I have owned are a Nissan 200sx s13, Toyota Paseo, BMW e46 328ci Mazda RX8 and of course my mk1 Eunos Roadster.

Most of my cars are modified one way or another, but my most highly modified car is my mk1 Eunos.

I bought my Eunos back in April 2015, it was an accidental purchase off eBay, never thinking the seller would accept my low offer on the car. Then a 400-mile round trip to collect the car. When I purchased the car she was in a pretty sorry state, the red paint was faded and lacquer peeling everywhere, and it started but didn't drive. After a new slave cylinder and about 3 hours of bleeding the clutch, I was finally able to get the car into gear and for the first time drive her! I remember that day like it was yesterday, driving it around the private industrial park absolutely overjoyed, with the biggest smile on my face, I didn't want to stop driving her. My next task was to sort the paint out on the car. I had previously purchased some magenta pink car paint for a previous car which I never used, so I decided that rather than trying to revive the red paint, I would just paint my Eunos pink, thus Martha Pink Miata was born!

I had purchased my show tickets for Modified Nationals that year with my old car club 'Car Chick Society' which then set the deadline to get the car ready, which only gave us 2 weeks to get everything done. We called a friend who was a sprayer to come in and help get the car show ready, we did it all in one day, working all day and partway through the night to get the bodywork finished on Friday and ready for the show on Sunday, we pulled it off and Martha went to her very first show in 2015.

When I bought the car it was never intended for her to turn into a show car, she was meant to be a drift car, which for a short time she was, I took her on a track drift day at my local track 'Norfolk Arena' which is now the Adrian Flux Arena. But then one thing led to another and before I knew it she was a show-worthy car which I no longer wanted to risk on the track, so I bought myself a purpose-built BMW e36 as a new drift car.

Shortly after buying the car, I found a hardtop roof for sale in black locally, which I snapped up, as the soft top wasn't in the best of conditions. And from there I did a few small modifications like wheels and interior bits, such as a rear 5race 4-point roll bar, driver's bucket seat and harness, NRG steering wheel set up the snap-off boss and Nardi steering wheel. Then in 2016 for my birthday I received my body kit for the car, an Arios rear bumper, Bomex side skirts and a Zenda front bumper, all imported from Japan, so it was decided that the whole car was going to get another full respray so the kit matched, but this time I decided to add a little bit (a lot) of glitter into it as well. I then did some suspension upgrades to coilovers and a new exhaust system with removable Bozo pipes, which got me into a little bit of trouble with the police, so I sadly had to remove them. Then in July 2016 my engine sadly died after the woodruff key was damaged when the cambelt was changed. Luckily I had purchased a second Eunos a couple of months earlier with the same engine with very low miles, so I and a couple of friends spent the weekend changing the engine over, in the process, I removed the aircon system and changed the power steering rack, for a depowered steering rack, as I love the feeling of driving a car without PAS. After the engine swap and a couple of niggly problems along the way with injectors and fuel rail, Martha lived again!

I decided that I wanted to go wider with my Eunos, so I purchased some new alloys, Rota Grid V, the front wheels are 15x8 et0 and the rears are 15x9 et0. I took my car to a friend of mine Rich who owns a body shop called DV8 and he rolled my arches out for me so I could fit my new wheels. In April 2017 I then decided to purchase some new coilovers from Driftworks, HSD. While at a show that year I spoke to SuperPro about a full poly bush set up for the car, I was given a card and asked to contact them about a potential sponsorship. But sadly before I emailed them, the worst thing imaginable happened. While parked up at a meet, a driver lost control of his car and a solid straight into the passenger side of my car causing over 3000 pounds worth of damage. My heart just sunk, I was in shock and total disbelief about what had just happened, a car that I have spent the last 2 and a half years building, was a potential write-off in a split second. When Brentacre, my car insurance heard what had happened, they made it their mission to get Martha sorted and make sure the car wasn't a write-off. This is where we have respray number 3. 

Once everything with the insurance was settled, I booked the car in to be repaired and resprayed, however this time I was going to be adding some big changes to the car's appearance while it was in the spray shop. I had a vision in my head to make my Eunos stand out even more and become even more unique. I decided that I wanted it to be even wider, so I had the rear arches flared out even more and I had the original front wings made wider, and decided that I wanted to go with a smooth finish on the car, so I had all lines in the car and rear bumper smoothed. Now the car was on the mend again, I contacted SuperPro and they agreed to sponsor the car. I got the car back in front of the body shop in November. Start of 2018 I borrowed my friend's workshop with a set of ramps, and I and a couple of friends totally stripped the underside of the car, we moved the subframes and all the arms, and I sent everything away to be sandblasted, when I got everything back I painted it all gold and fitted my new poly bush kit and adjustable ARBs, as well as upgrading my clutch and brakes.

The car was resprayed yet again, and again I decided on something a little different, still remained with the pink theme, however this time I decided to go with full Spectraflare on the car, the only car in the country to be fully Spectraflare.

The mod list for the Euros so far

  • Arios rear bumper
  • Bomex side skirts
  • Zender front bumper
  • Customer-wide front wings
  • Flared wide arches front and rear
  • Smoothed bodywork
  • Custom paint
  • Rota Grid-V alloys 15x8 et0 front 15x9 et0 rear
  • full SuperPro poly bush kit
  • SuperPro front and rear adjustable ARBs
  • Jasma imported manifold/downpipe
  • Powerflow Stainless exhaust and backbox
  • HSD coilovers
  • Tinted TSIs
  • Chameleon halo headlights
  • Ducktail spoiler
  • Hardtop roof
  • 5Race 4-point roll bar
  • Corbeau driver seat
  • Pink Luke harness
  • Nardi half dish steering wheel
  • NRG slim boss
  • NRG slim quick release
  • Jimmy Up gear shifter
  • Custom door cards

The car has been to many many shows, securing indoor slots at gravity 2 years in a row. Most of the shows I go to, I attend with my club Fuelled Collective and shows not with my club I always enter it into show and shine. The car is still far from finished 5 years on, with another complete custom respray in the pipeline to fix a couple of issues I have been having with the current paint on the car. The interior is going to have a complete makeover, with custom door cars already fitted. I have another sponsorship waiting with Corbeau which has already been agreed upon. 

I am proud to say that most of the work on the car has been carried out by myself with help from friends along the way. When I decided I was going to build a show car, I wanted to do it myself, rather than someone else doing it all for me. It's taken a long time so far, but it has been worth the time spent, the countless days, untold amounts of money, stress and bloodied knuckles, it has all been worth it.

To get into my car and drive it, the feeling I get, smiling from ear to ear, and seeing the reaction I get from other people, nothing can quite compare to that.  I didn't build the car to be the best-modified car, I don't really enter the competitions at shows, I built it for the love of the car and the modified car scene. 

My dream car, aside from my Eunos, would have to be a full Rocket Bunny Nissan s13. One of my biggest regrets was selling my first s13.

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