Rob Tomo Thompson - 2005 Subaru blob-eye

Starting with the little things  as I had a look in my head silver and pink, don't ask me how or where I decided but once I get a look in my head that's it

Rob Tomo Thompson - 2005 Subaru blob-eye
Rob Tomo Thompson - 2005 Subaru blob-eye
Rob Tomo Thompson - 2005 Subaru blob-eye
Rob Tomo Thompson - 2005 Subaru blob-eye
Rob Tomo Thompson - 2005 Subaru blob-eye

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Hi all

I’m Rob Tomo Thompson

From Whitby

2005 Subaru Impreza blob eye


I bought the car in 2012 with bc racing coilovers, pink injectors td04 turbo and it was producing 302bhp my dream car that I had always wanted, I didn't realise that's where it would seriously start being a massive learning curve and a financial investment lol. 

Starting with the little things as I had a look in my head silver and pink, don't ask me how or where I decided but once I get a look in my head that's it. So I got my alloys refurbed lowered a little and started with the engine mods, front mounted intercooler, bigger fuel pump and supporting mods as I wanted to get around 350bhp as it was only a wrx 5 speed and they don't like getting pushed much more than that. 


Had this look for a couple of years and then I found an arch supplier over in America Karlton flares who started doing Subaru kits but are now world known and most scoobies have them now. So I got a kit and started cutting up my car and that's why a lot of people bottle it as once you've done it there's no going back.

Got some wider X XR alloys with some nice sticky tyres as I had been running stretches (i no on a scooby what was I thinking after chasing a mate and blowing a tyre off that was it) I had seen a boot I had wanted, a ducktail and id always wanted a big carbon spoiler, and typically the one I saw and set my heart on was discontinued.

 After 18 months of searching, I found one on a BMW drift car and I travelled a 450-mile round trip that day to get it, lucky it was a rare day off I had. The look I was after was starting to be very happy with its aggressive look and power, but the problem with power is you always want more and that's where my biggest project started. 


I was doing a road rally with Jackrabbit Rally based around the northeast a great group and a lot of friends made, we were in wales and my engine had been poorly for a while with a very familiar sound of drum roll bottom end knock only a little so thought sod it, still working I'll get my money's worth out of it. 5mins before finishing the first day and I could see the hotel in the distance with a massive bang and guess what drum roll please, 3rd gear destroyed itself. 

A long recovery home and that's where it sat for a year feeling sorry for itself had very little money as it just had a little girl and moved into our house that we needed to renovate to make it livable so that took a lot of time and money and it was on the back burner, but every so often I saved some money and kept doing little bits and finding bargains that people were selling, 

carbon bonnet from matt baker at MB developments, carbon do-luck boot same design as before but it was fibreglass, but the big pieces of the puzzle were the uprated 6speed box out of a sti all working in a little garage u struggle getting down either side of the car and off axles stands part of the fun really. 


I got an old engine from a friend to get it back up and running and I was going to run it like this and then I did the fatal thing of going, ow while it's out I'll just tidy up the engine bay, ow well while I'm here I might as well move the battery and fuse board while im here lol but I thought I'll upgrade the fueling system, swirl pot was the battery wasand inline external pump, then upgraded to link ECU and custom harness as id got rid of anything I didn't need and added a lot more sensors and going from single cam sensor off an ej20 engine to the dual sensor on an ej25 later engine, 

so I had to go deeper into the electrical side I had ever gone I like to learn new stuff for me and to help anyone who needs the help. I rotated the turbo as it was too big for stock position so had to custom make all the exhaust system from the up pipe to the backbox, all new rcm fuel rails and lines to the swirl pot, all new intercooler pipes as I had rotated the inlet Purley coz I liked the look and I had this image of how I wanted the bay to turn out. 


A friend of mine messaged one day saying he was selling his engine that had just been run in and dyno dad I wanna buy it from the crank to the valves its identical to what I was planning to build myself and with time I didn't have I jumped at it, finally got it running this February after of hours looking thru the link software just can't get the cam signal to work but I had missed one setting and bang fired straight up lol 2 and a half years since it went off the road it fires for the first time, then my little cousin who then dropped the bomb shell I want to go to prom in the scooby in July, my arse dropped out had the whole outside to overhaul and still finish a lot of the engine works. 

Then covid hit out the blue and from working away all the time panicking how the hell was I going to get this done for July when I only have a day or two every couple of weeks trying to balance the car and family time to have all the time in the world and I'm one of them that has to be busy and can't just sit down every day and I wanted to make it worth having this time id never have again. 

Luckily i had ordered a complete kit just after xmas and it got delivered 2 weeks before lock down so i collected all the paint anything i could think i'd need and away i went and i'm not a painter and never will tell anyone that but i can't afford a full respray and i had done little bit for myself over the years, so i started bonding the new panels on adapting them and forming them to fit just right, then i started stripping it right down ready for paint and by the way still in the garage u can barely walk down the side of lol panels and bumpers were the easy bits as car could be rolled out and had the space but i left the shell to the last bit and just did a side at a time with pushin it as close to eCh side as i could, then after just refitting everything took off and fitting it and polishing it back to shiney, it was never going to be a show winning paint job but i wanted a car isn't afraid of driving, i like to drive cars and show them,its going for mapping next week up at evotune with jamie and hopefully will be a weapon

Engine spec 

  • 2.5 cdb
  • 14mm head stud
  • Mahle pistons
  • Williams rods
  • Acl race bearings
  • 12mm rcm oil pump
  • Cosworth time belt kit
  • 2.5 single avcs heads
  • Supertech inlet and exhaust double valve springs
  • Rcm High lift cams
  • Turbo GTX3076R
  • 1000cc id injectors
  • Link G4+ ECU
  • Whiteline anti-roll bar 24mm kit front and rear
  • Bc racing coil overs
  • 8pot ksport callipers front


Groups Im apart of
Northeast Subaru scene
Jackrabbit rally
Modified scoobies

Further plans for the car are depending how mapping day goes lol

Alan tait at chassistech For all my suspension componants

Darren at ABW motorsport for my bodykit @abwmotorsport

Jamie at Evotune at Durham for the help thru out and the mapping @evotune

ICP imports car parts for all you Japanese car parts

RCM roger Clarke motorsport for all the performance part

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