Steve - Ford Sierra

I have been around the modifying scene since I was 16 visiting my local well known "boy racer" meet hotspot,

Steve - Ford Sierra
Steve - Ford Sierra
Steve - Ford Sierra
Steve - Ford Sierra
Steve - Ford Sierra

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Hi there my names steve 

I live in Stoke on trent, I'm 35 years old and work as a health care worker to pay for my passion.

This 1992 ford Sierra Sapphire GLS is my daily classic, I have 2 other projects one is a MK1 Ford Sierra 3 door the other is a MK3 Ford Capri, as you guys and girls will probably guess I'm a ford fan, the love for cars was with me from an early age and my dad is to blame, from when I could hold a spanner my dad was teaching me about cars, mechanicals and modifying, being a 90s child I grew up working with him on escorts, cortinas, granadas, capris and later sierras with the odd Hillman avenger etc thrown in for good measure, the ford seed was firmly planted in me from an early age.

I have been around the modifying scene since I was 16 visiting my local well known "boy racer" meet hotspot, I have had lots of cars over the years including quite a few Sierra's, my story with this one began in 2012 when my best mate asked me to go with him to chelmsford to look at a car, in the advert it stated that if he didn't like the potential buyer they would go home empty handed.

We got there and we were met with a good useable sierra sapphire, with scrapes on the bumpers and a little corrosion to the sill rears and arches, buying the car was like a job interview, the seller was the original trimoco ford salesman who sold the car to his son new in 1992 as a repmobile, when trade in time came around he bought the car from his son and drove it until his daughter told him that he was too old to drive the sierra. You can't choose family hey, a promise was made to him that the car would be looked after 

I do all my own work except the bodywork, that's entrusted to my long standing friend, george at Bradbury's auto body shop

I have been sympathetic with this sierra trying not to over modify it, I have replaced the sill backs, inner and outer arches, localised repairs to the wings and rear panel anywhere I saw corrosion I cut out and welded new sections in, the engine is pretty standard with a panel filter and exhaust to help it breathe a bit better and make a little noise so I'd say hopefully it still has the 125 hp it left the factory with, i have focused more on future proofing it, fitting a reconditioned cylinder head with a multi layer steel ford head gasket, replacing the timing chain and tensioners. 



  • 1998cc 8v dohc i4
  • MT75 gearbox
  • 4 branch manifold
  • Custom stainless steel exhaust system 2 boxes so it's not too loud with a 3" outwardly rolled tail
  • Pipercross panel filter


  • 2wd sierra sapphire cosworth recaros as they match the standard gls fabric
  • 4wd sierra sapphire steering wheel
  • New old stock gear knob
  • Kenwood head unit
  • Jvc speakers
  • Everything else as ford intended 


  • New old stock headlights and tail lights
  • Reconditioned fog lights
  • Body resprayed in 2k single stage gloss
  • Et28 15" RS 7 spoke wheels sold through ford for the sierra
  • 195 50 15 toyo TR1 tyres


  • Gaz gha coilovers
  • Poly Bushes front and rear 

It's not finished yet, well what car ever is really, next up I want to retrim my headlining and refurbish the wheels  

I love these old girls, they have great looks and are nice to drive, i think ford said it better than i ever could "its man and machine in perfect harmony" you can't go a day without someone approaching you reminiscing telling a story about how their relative having one and how they loved going on journeys in it or how they loved the one they had. It gets a warm reception wherever it goes, I do attend shows in it just for fun mainly and so people get to see a forgotten run of the mill sierra sapphire model rather than the trailer queen sapphire cosworths that you mainly see at shows. 

My dream car without hesitation or thought it's my MK1 3 door Sierra, I've built it from the ground up to the spec I want and it has large sentimental value as my dad bought it for me and we initially built it together in the early 2000s dads went to the big garage in the sky and it's a massive connection I have to him.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the ramblings about me and my car, I am very chuffed to be asked to write about it.

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