Chris and Jenni - His &Hers Supra Duo

In 2016, a piston blew through the engine whilst on the dyno when upgrading some parts, forcing my hand to go single turbo.

Chris and Jenni - His &Hers Supra Duo
Chris and Jenni - His &Hers Supra Duo
Chris and Jenni - His &Hers Supra Duo
Chris and Jenni - His &Hers Supra Duo
Chris and Jenni - His &Hers Supra Duo
Chris and Jenni - His &Hers Supra Duo
Chris and Jenni - His &Hers Supra Duo

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Our names are Chris & Jenni from Surrey, UK

Instagram: @dreamscape_supras

Our Story:

Chris - The Supra became my dream car after borrowing one from a friend. When the time came, it was between a Supra or a Nissan Skyline – the Supra won. I didn’t know much about them, so once I bought mine, I became part of the MKIV Supra Owners Club which has a wealth of knowledge, and a fantastic community. I have now owned my black Toyota supra for 10 years, starting its life with me as a stock Twin Turbo Japanese Import with the standard power of 328bph.

In 2016, a piston blew through the engine whilst on the dyno when upgrading some parts, forcing my hand to go single turbo. It was a long process with some failed attempts at my build. It was then that I handed the car over to SRD Tuning. It is of great thanks to them that I finally had my car back after 2 years of being off the road. After running the car in, it produced an impressive power figure of 662bhp – enough for me due to it being my daily driver.

Its extensive mod list includes:


  • 2JZ-GTE SRD Built block with Mahle Pistons;
  • Polished Cam Covers, Intake Manifold & Throttle Body;
  • SRD 264 Race Cams;
  • Polished Precision 6266 Turbo;
  • SRD Custom Made Manifold;
  • Blitz Nur Spec R straight through exhaust system;
  • Syvecs ECU; and
  • Boost logic Built Box.


  • Black & Blue Theme;
  • Recaro electric heated and cooled front seats;
  • Moman Custom Dials; and
  • Blue LED converted heater controls.


  • Ridox Front Bumper;
  • Rare Abflung Rear Bumper;
  • Rear Diffuser;
  • Rare Greddy Spoiler;
  • Rare overfenders;
  • Wolfrace Shark 18” wheels; and
  • Colour: Toyota Black Sand Pearl.

Jenni - My first up-close view of Supra’s was when I was invited to a Supra meet by a friend. I rocked up in my modified Toyota Celica VVTLI-190 and felt welcome by the Supra community. Coincidently, this meet is also where I met Chris.

It was always on the cards to get a Supra after building a relationship with Chris, but never did I think I would be able to afford one! When we purchased my Supra, it was as a stock NA, and broke down on the way home – welcome to supra ownership! The car was far from what I wanted it to look like, so the modification began. New wheels, body kit, suspension, and exclusive wrap made it the Supra I always dreamed of however, the need for more power was becoming evident, and by this time, Chris had the black supra back on the road, leaving me behind in his dust!

An opportunity came up last year that was too good to miss, in the terms of a single turbo engine that was perfect to put in the car. Yet again, SRD came up trumps and did the engine transplant, with the car making a healthy 500bhp – enough for me due to also being a daily driver.

Its mod list includes:


  • 2JZ-GTE Engine;
  • HKS TZ04 Turbo;
  • Blitz Nur Spec R Exhaust System;
  • Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit;
  • Syvecs ECU; and
  • Front mount intercooler.


  • Black & White theme;
  • Black & White supra logo leather seat covers;
  • Blue LED converted heater controls; and
  • Custom Made Supra Matts.


  • BC Racing Coil-overs;
  • Ridox Front Bumper & Side Skirts;
  • Trial Rear Bumper;
  • TRD Rear Spoiler;
  • Gunmetal Grey Rota Force 18” Wheels; and
  • Exclusive PWF Matt Diamond Pearl White Full Wrap by ‘Boss Dog’.

The cars are always a head turner wherever we go. We try and go to as many car shows as possible across the UK.  We have had a few achievements with the black supra with the car having placed runner up twice at Mini’s on the Rec ‘Show n Shine & winning ‘Best Engine Bay’ in a club competition at the Japanese Performance show, however, the proudest moment would be appearing on Top Gear at the filming for the new Supra in Wales with Paddy McGuiness.

We are currently getting the Supra’s ready for our wedding to use as our wedding cars and to be a big part of our special day – the Supra is how we met, so is only right that they are included.

Thank you for reading our story,

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