Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 

The fact he as built this is a testiment to all, that you should always follow your dreams and idea's this is what modifying is about, your vision, i say bravo it looks fantastic.

Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 
Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 
Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 
Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 
Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 
Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 
Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 
Jordan clowes - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 

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Name - Jordan clowes

Job - cnc programer/setter/operator

Car - mk3 Ford capri aka FRANKENSTEIN 

I moved into the Scottish Borders 6 years ago from Stoke on Trent, I live and breathe cars (especially classic cars) I'm admin of 2 cars groups, which are Mixed motoring enthusiast and also Outkast rollerz. I'm 23 years old and love messing with cars in my spare time 

My first car I bought when I was 17 was a 1977 Austin mini Leyland the car was brilliant, reason for having a mini was my brother (who was still living in Stoke at the time) was a wiz kid at them and always pressured me into having one, the car just kept going no matter what, the thing was bulletproof. This gives me the insensitivity to have classics and have as much fun as I possibly can with them. 

So my dream car is a Ford capri mk3 which I bought 3 years ago for my 20th birthday, so when I bought the car it was a full on frankenstein car, as not as in looks but as in parts, not one part was original. To make the car original would have cost thousands, but that's no fun is it now, let's make something a bit more crazy and mental. All these ideas of how I wanted it to look, I loved mad max and death race so I wanted to link the 2 together with an apocalypse car fit for war. I told people what my plans was and they all said I was stupid and to grow up, but this gave me more of a incentive to make my ideas come together. 

So I had a plan and had a place to build it, as my parents have a barn conversion with a lot of outbuildings. I say outbuildings, it was an old run down barn, literally. 

I couldn't have done this task alone for the past 3 years. I've had a lot of help from my brother and my 2 best mates from welding to wiring they all chipped in where they could. The car is bare metal with 2k laquer over the top for a bit of protection in the not so great UK weather. I spent over 1 month alone with very long nights taking the paint of this car, I'm lucky to have a Mrs which is so understanding of my hobbie. So the spec list of what it is 


  • . It has a Essex v6 3litre engine with 5 speed Manual type 9 converted box 
  • . Custom built box blower intake 
  • . Custom seats (personalised) 
  • . Custom chain steering wheel 
  • . Dj system converted into the back 
  • . Custom fabricated body kit 
  • . Front wheels - jbw banded steels 13s
  • . Rear wheels - custom made 15s banded steals fitted with chunky copper cobras
  • . Reinforced sunroof (plated) 
  • . Custom made machine gun for the roof from chain and tube 
  • . Custom side guns 
  • . Bull bar (recently fitted) 

I may have forgotten some mods because the car is that modified, my insurance is kit car insurance if that gives you an understanding on how far this car has been pushed. It's a pure show car but one day I would like to think I could stick a big lump in it and head for the strip! 

The car is mostly common in the Scottish car scene as it has been in the the top 50 cars of Scotland twice at the Scottish car show, first time I showed it there I walked away with the best modified car out of over a thousand very expensive well looked after cars, my little old ratted capri was up there with the best. 

The second year of going to the show, I had no motivation to even wash the car, turning up with my brother in the passenger seat, we were based on the blue carpet indoors for the top 50, we get out the car and see everyone staring whilst polishing there beautiful cars. My brother looks over to me and starts to laugh, and shouts over to say "you could've at least got the bird crap of it" 

Yet to my disbelief the car was awarded for Angel waxs show and shine award which still makes us laugh to this day. 

One of my proud moments was the car being featured at Scotland's comic con.  

I love this car, its my little escape from the world, love it or hate it, I'm no amazing car builder or perfectionist, I just keep trying with this car and will never stop with it, I hope by reading this all you car fanatics understand that even if people say its a stupid idea or not to do it, you all have your own opinion on cars and we are not sheep, so don't be a sheep!

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