Kyanna Blackstock - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta

My main group called Hi-Tech Characters, we do all different kind of events for charities and kids events to help raise money.

Kyanna Blackstock  - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta
Kyanna Blackstock  - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta
Kyanna Blackstock  - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta
Kyanna Blackstock  - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta
Kyanna Blackstock  - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta
Kyanna Blackstock  - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta
Kyanna Blackstock  - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta
Kyanna Blackstock  - MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta

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Kyanna Blackstock

MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta

Instagram: @Marshall_mk6fiesta 

I have always been into cars since a very young age because my family are petrol heads especially my dad I've always been out there with him getting my hands dirty. I'm no average female I'd much prefer to go car shopping or a car event than to go out drinking or shopping, to me cars are my happiness even though I got bullied throughout school. 

After I first started driving not long after I passed I started to lose confidence after my first 2 mods I started to lose love for the car because I didn't know where to go or what to do next, but then I met my boyfriend who has helped me achieve my goals and dreams. Within a year he has helped me transform my car from a very basic fiesta to the unique car it is now and I am now very confident with my car and enjoy all the attention I get from it. 

My dad was the main person to get me into the car scene, especially when he brought his first Orange Focus ST we worked together on the car was like our own father and daughter project we went to shows and many meets together. We even won Show and Shine one year at Brands Hatch which to us was amazing. But aside from that my mum and dad used to play racing games on the PlayStation a lot which I then started to play too. 

I really enjoy the car scene because of all the friends I have gained from it, as well as having loads of people with the same passion as me. My main group called Hi-Tech Characters, we do all different kind of events for charities and kids events to help raise money. I like how much attention my car gets where ever I go from simply popping to the shop, to shows and the charity events we do, especially seeing kids faces light up with happiness makes me see what I'm doing is good, makes kids day when they see my car along with the rest of my group hi-tech characters. Also, the car scene is a place for me to feel confident and comfortable because I know everyone there has the same passion as me where I won't feel left out or out of place. 

from a very young age I can always remember the many different cars my dad used to buy and nearly every weekend he would get me out there with him fixing or cleaning his cars. Which is where it all started for me, throughout my childhood, my mum and dad brought so many cars, from 4x4s to Focus STs

I drive a MK6 1.4 TDCI Ford Fiesta Tango Red, this car has been in my family for a few years now because it was my mum's cars which got passed down to me when I started to drive, but overall I love my car because the amount of work has been done to it and so much more to do puts a smile on my face every time I see it and remember what it started as to what it is now. 

I think my car is very unique because it's not just an average car it helps out for so many charities and to see kids faces light up when they see my car and it making them happy. As well as not many 5 door diesel fiestas are modified in the way mine is which gets it so much attention. The car pretty Much speaks for itself having its own personality always gets seen out and about. 

The first thing I did to the car was the wheels which are MK7 Fiesta Wheels in purple and blue colour with disco flake and Toyo Proxes TR1 tyres. The next modification was my DRL Devil Eye Headlights which was my birthday present from my mum and dad. But since then I have upgraded the headlights bulbs with an HID kit, as well upgraded Night Eye spotlights, brighter LED Reverse bulbs and LED number plate lights. To add to the LEDs I have RGB Bluetooth underglow. All my graphics are designed by Mark at Mark One Graphics and fitted by Sharp Signs. I have also painted by brake callipers and drums in a fiery red to match the colour of the car. I have swapped the rear bumper from a standard Zetec to an ST bumper which has custom made fins, and TRC rear spats to go with the TRC front and side Splitters. 

The most difficult modification is probably the ST rear spoiler because it wasn't a straight swap me and my boyfriend had to drill new holes for it to fit because the 5 door fiesta is different to the 3 door fiestas at the back. I have also done the rear wiper delete to give the back window a cleaner look as well as having the window tinted. Then I have the Heko wind deflectors and dynamic sequential side indicators in smoke Black. My car also has a stage 1 Hyper-Tune map taking it from 68bhp to 91bhp and 209nm torque which is the same as an ST150. Under the bonnet

Under the bonnet I have ST150 bonnet mirrors and mirrored battery cover giving the engine bay a cleaner look, to help show off my engine bay in the style I have my personalised Marshall bonnet prop made by DNA Bonnet Props. To finish the outside of the car is my favourite modification which is the Redline Prosport Coilovers which gives it a more sporty look and handles so much better on the roads. 

Now moving on to the inside of the car I have RGB Bluetooth FootWell lights, Custom LED door sills, custom red and white dashboard lighting and personalised Marshall speedo design all done by SAS Conversions. Also, have a personalised Paw Patrol M-Tech gear knob. I have upgraded the seats to Full ST Part leather, with red and black gear stick and Handbrake gaiters. I have an upgraded Android stereo and DVR dash cam mirror. Lastly is the custom red and black heater dials made by Rookie Mods. 

Some plans I have for the future for my car is a custom centre console with 2 cup holders and a relocated cigarette lighter port also made by Rookie Mods. Will also be getting boost gauges to go in the vents, debadged front grill, DRL Indicators and RGB Halos then will be getting a new stainless steel exhaust which will only be for looks not sound. 

My main group is called @Hi-TechCharacters and we are a bunch of different cars with all different characters. As a group me help raise money for a charity called Club AuSome which is for kids with Autism or disabilities. There are many different characters such as my partner's car Chase, then there's Brain, Eeyore, Minnie Mouse, Taz and many others all doing wonderful things for charities and kids birthdays. 

My dream car is the MK7 Fiesta ST in Spirit Blue. However, if I had the money I would definitely buy a Nissan GTR, they have been mine and my dads dream cars for a long time.

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