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Along with an impressive member list, LAME AF is also associated in the racing industry with a strong and upcoming presence in the grassroots drifting scene down in New Orleans.

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Was founded back in July of 2020 as a movement, pretty strong words to start with off the bat but one that doesn't hold back the truth. You see, LAME is located in two parts of the country (US). One half being the Northern Border of Canada and the other the Mississippi coastline along the Gulf of Mexico; their story begins on the latter: The Gulf of Mexico. 

You see the 200-mile strip of the coastal highway from New Orleans, LA to Pensacola, Fl is a very close-knit car community ranging from classic hot rods to lifted trucks. The Gulf Coast is particularly the quote on quote ' KING ' of the notorious show style; Crusin' The Coast with over 8,000 cars of all sorts showing up. Now you're probably wondering exactly how does LAME AF fit into any of this? That's exactly the same question the founders of LAME AF said as well, you see while the coast is infamous for these large style car gatherings, it precisely alienates one particular group of vehicle owners. I imagine you might have guessed it, but yes it completely ignores the Modern Stance community.

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After years of watching the Gulf Coast alienate the stance community four friends decided it was time to make the biggest move the coast has seen in years regarding stance and they founded LAME AF on a whim that it could, and just maybe make one successful show that would be strictly for the stance community on the Gulf Coast. And, they did. Welcome Slammed Bayou; the first large and organized Stance show the coast has seen. 

Slammed Bayou was slated to hit on October 24th, or 2020. LAME faced a lot of challenges setting the show up in such a short amount of time, they essentially had 3 months to plan one of the biggest shows of the year on the Gulf Coast. Advertising, merchandise, venue locations, permits, and getting local approval; it wasn't an easy task for anyone as typically an event like this takes months to plan. However, when the day hit; October 24th Slammed Bayou went off without a hitch over 800 + attendees and over 100 + registered show cars all belonging to the Stance Community from places like Destin, Florida to Houston, Texas! It was a miracle that the show was successful. 

While LAME AF got their revenge on the coast by throwing one of the largest and most well-reviewed shows on the Gulf Coast, the vision was only starting. Only a month after the show in November the brand began to expand, with now more than 500 + followers on all its platforms, it's begun a movement. A new exclusive car club has emerged from the depths of Covid Season. With over 20 members and growing every month, this iconic group is sure enough to soon be on the same playing field as Violent and Battle Gang if they continue to grow at this rate. However, what sets this club apart from all other clubs is that this club doesn't follow the same attitudes as the other clubs; LAME AF is here to be the new standard of how clubs should be in these communities the members are in. Nothing but positive vibes and no clout chasing, they don't build their cars for the internet; they build them for themselves. Who cares what others think? All that matters is community and encouragement. If you feel like you know what club mentality is; LAME AF is here to flip those values upside down and ready to break barriers. 

Along with an impressive member list, LAME AF is also associated in the racing industry with a strong and upcoming presence in the grassroots drifting scene down in New Orleans. The brand has made strong ties with the NOLA Motorspeedway as well as the NODRFT drift team organization. As the presence grows on the track, it should then grow in the online store which will, in turn, allow more funding back into the race team. While the brand is still new it has already made an impressive track record starting with the success of its own grassroots show to its online store that is expanding on the daily. LAME AF is sure to continue with its boothing operations that started with a punch at Slammedenuff? 's Season Opener in Memphis Tennessee: Stoopicold 2021.

If you haven't heard of them yet, this might just be the best opportunity to jump on now before you lose the chance to say you found them before they blew up! If you haven't seen their photography game either, you might just be looking at the next Halcyon or Krispy. 

Links to important videos regarding the brand: - Cutting Edge Garage Podcast - Slammed Bayou Promo - Slammed Bayou After Video - Car Club Member Video (We Filmed this) - FB page - Our Website / Blog / Store - IG account


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