Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Truely AMAZING!!, the photos do this car justice, all the way from sunny California USA, the journey to get to this Dream car was long but worth it, Fantastic Marcelus you should feel very proud and thanks for sharing it with us.

Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Marcelus Davis - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

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Marcelus Davis 

2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Instagram: @blackapino_evox

I am a Southern California native, currently residing in Washington State. I have been in the Army for 10 years now and planning to complete 20 years of service! I am proud of what I do. I have had it for roughly a year now and have made some modifications. Fun fact, I used to be on the STi bandwagon during high school and have to admit I HATED Evos! Well, let's say, that all changed back in 2012 when a friend and I went to go and test drive an Evo X. My life flipped upside down as if I was the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'. Feeling the torque and the aggressive sound of the exhaust was what made me fall in love and from that point onward, I had to own an Evolution! My first experience with an Evo was back when I was 23 years old, I purchased an '03 Evo VIII GSR out of impulse and learned a valuable lesson; research before you purchase! There were so many faults with the car to the extent I had to get rid of it.

Let's fast forward a bit, five years down the line and much research later, I finally purchased my 2011 Lancer Evolution X and I have never been happier!
What got me into the car scene? Well, let's just say the same reason as to why anyone born in the 90's also got into the car scene, 'The Fast and the Furious. The famous MKIV Supra is my forever dream, GTR's are nice but, as a personal choice, I would choose a Supra over a GTR any day! I have to confess, I didn't get into the car scene right away as I didn't really have anyone I was close to who could introduce me to the 'Car Scene Ways'. 
My Evo is currently making 366bhp on 92 and 389bhp on e85. All thanks to my one and only, best tuner @chagtuned!! My Evo has never been on a drag course before therefore, I am unable to confirm how fast I can make it from 0-60, I am pretty sure I can get there rapidly! 


Full specs:- 
  • Clinic 1100cc Fuel Injectors; 
  • Grimmspeed Electronic Boost Controller;
  • GSC Power-Division Billet Evolution X S2 Camshafts; 
  • Turbosmart Compact Blow Off Valve;
  • Turbosmart 24lbs Wastegate Actuator;
  • ETS Air Intake; 
  • Ma Performance Upper Inter-cooler Pipe; 
  • Walbro 450lph Fuel Pump; 
  • ACT Heavy Duty Clutch with ACT Streetlite Flywheel;
  • ETS Open Dump Downpipe;
  • Unbranded Cattles Test Pipe;
  • Ultimate Racing Exhaust;
  • Suspension: Fortune Auto 500s with Swift Springs; 
  • Enkei RPF1s SBC (18x10.5 with +15 offset; and
  • Yokohama Advanced Sport+ Tyres. 

I have done most of the work myself with the assistance of my friends. Will Hernandez from AW Automotive installed the fuel injectors, fuel pump, ACT clutch, Flywheel and the first downpipe for me. Yes, that's exactly what you read, my FIRST downpipe! Funny story, I originally fitted my Evo with an AMS downpipe prior to fitting the open dump however, my friends and I were trying to replace the stock downpipe with the AMS but we just could not do it.
The bolts were so seized up that we just couldn't make them budge! This is when I made my first appointment with Will and two of the five bolts snapped, yay!!! Thankfully Will was able to help me out and got the downpipe off and the new one installed in two days. It still wasn't right, I wanted the Evo to be louder so I purchased the open dump from ETS and man I was paranoid! Thankfully with the help of my buddy Gustavo we were able to change out the downpipe with no issues and damages. 

I could honestly tell you, this was the first car that I have built from stock. I've previously owned turbocharged cars in the past but, they were already modified so that for me does not count! I didn't want this to be like my first Evo so I took time researching forums, websites, and asked my more mechanically inclined friends about each and every part prior to purchasing or installing them. Oh yeah, tons of YouTube! Shout out to Devin Niemela for his well detailed DIY Evo X videos! Definitely helped tremendously!

My very first car was an Automatic '98 Ford Escort. The first car I purchased was an '08 Dodge Caliber manual. I hated that car so much! I originally wanted a Honda Prelude but I couldn't find one while I was stationed in Oklahoma. It also didn't help that I rushed to buy a car since I was trying to head home for the first time after enlisting. Oh well, I'm in my Evo now so it's all good!

My car is far from finished! My goal for the Evo is to make 575-600bhp! I'm currently waiting on my MaPerformance cast iron exhaust manifold to come in. Who knows when I'll get that with this whole pandemic happening. Next on my list is a TPC GT Spec turbo made by Turbo Parts Canada, bigger injectors maybe 1300cc or 1700cc, 3.5-inch intake adapter, four-inch ETS Intercooler, lower intercooler pipe, and a flex-fuel kit from Driven Fab. After all, those are taken care of, I will get a full send flex fuel tune from my tuner @changtuned.
Check out his IG and website, to see his work and how to get work done by him. Trust me, he will not disappoint you one bit! I should be good performance-wise. As far as looks, nothing special really, just the normal wide body front bumper, and fenders, and to one day have some beautiful Work Meisters s1 3 piece wheels. Function over form! No point in looking good if you can't drive it.

At the time being, I am not really a part of any famous groups, I pay my attention to the small meaningful groups like Shifts and Giggles and Hype Lyfe. Shift and Giggles is a  small family-type group consisting of twelve members. It all started back in 2019 with myself, my buddy Chris, and his wife Marisa. They both bought WRX's which led to them creating an IG page (@his_hers_wrx) and I bought an Evo X. It was our common love for cars and modifying them that soon led to more members being introduced to the group. We all had stock cars back then and went to our first car meet called Springfest with our buddies James, (ig: @dark_knight2jz) Mitch (ig:mr._focus_rs) and his wife Jess.
During that event, the idea to create a group started to brew. Soon after other members started to join due to me being an odd sod. See, I tend to have a knack for walking up to strangers and talking to them like I've known them all my life. I met Melvo and his wife Esme (ig: @melvooo/@pinchipeachy) at my apartment when they had just moved next door. I invited them to a car meet we were going to and that is when they met everyone else. We met Gustavo and his wife Alondra (ig: @gsr.mr_threat) at the gym parking lot. Orlando (ig: @landyld3) was a funny find because I didn't talk to him directly. I saw a grey Evo IX at the gas station on post-it notes, wrote my Instagram name with a brief message on a business card, and put it on his windshield. Luckily he saw it and messaged me. Our last member was Salvador, He worked with Chris and I and had bought a 2016 STI.
The name for our group was founded by Kristen, James' wife. She said why not Shifts & Giggles since we all loved cars and the majority of the members had kids. From that point on it was set! We all started cruising, going to car meets, barbecued at each others houses, and even spent some holidays together. We are pretty much, a family. Every week we all go on our group chat and ask, "What are we doing this weekend?" Our family is amazing, with a solid bond that we hope will last forever.
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Hype Lyfe is an Instagram group founded by my buddy Chad (IG: marykays_evo) and co-founded by me. Neither of us was big on Instagram at first, the reasoning was because I didn't really have a car to show since it was stock. He saw cool cars, liked and commented on a few but it lacked connection. So that's when he created Hype Lyfe. His vision was to create a group where fellow car enthusiasts can support each other builds, communicate, and create connections with one another.
First, it started out with us helping each other by posting our newest post to the group, so that way we can like and comment on our pictures or videos. It was great at first. We hit the max we can have in a group chat and had to create a new chat called Hype Lyfe 2. I think that's where I helped the other part of his vision come to life. In group two, we started talking about our builds and events going on in our lives instead of just informing each other of a new post. I added a friend I knew from back home like my high school friend Billy (ig: and my boy Orlando (ig: @landyld3). We started talking about builds, similar car parts which members were also running in their cars.
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Chad and I liked what our group was turning into so we added more groups. We currently have 130 members in our Hype Lyfe family! I like to tell new members to think of us as a forum and virtual car meet put together! With regards to members, we look for those who are active, have a really nice build (mainly imports), and who tend to have less than 1,000 followers. Hype Lyfe has members all across the states and some parts all over the world, our main goal is to not only support our members but to assist in building up their pages as well. So if anyone out there wants to be a part of our Hype Lyfe family, direct message Chad or myself!

I've never been to a show nor entered my car into one before. Just not my style to enter into competitions or shows. Plus, my Evo isn't quite there yet. Maybe one day I'll enter a show as for now I like to just chill however, I do go to a lot of cars meets along with my Shifts & Giggles family of course. At first, it was fun going to see built cars and thinking about how I wanted my Evo to look. Now, that my car isn't stock and looks amazing, I go to meets to show off my art and talk to enthusiasts about the process. A lot of people ask about my Evo and it feels good knowing that I was once in their shoes. I had the same questions about recommended parts, wheels, fitment, you name it. Now I get to use my experience to help answer those same questions, network, follow other people's builds and watch their processes. That's why I love going to car meets. Meeting new people, creating bonds, and sharing our passions for the car scene.

My dream car? Blacked out Toyota Supra MKIV with carbon fibre hood, rolling with some beautiful black Work Meisters s1 3 piece wheels. Like I said in the beginning, it is the car that got me hooked up on imports and the car scene! *Sigh* One day.

Would like to make a shout out to everyone in my Shifts & Giggles family, and my Hype Lyfe family for their love and support. A special thank you to Chagtuned for all his help and for answering all my questions without any issues. The most professional man I have ever encountered when it comes to tuning. Definitely helped me out in a big-time with my modifications. Shout out to Will Hernandez from AW Automotive for helping me with the difficult installs. Great guy with great knowledge and customer service. Thank you Brian Millican for the clutch with my wheels and coilovers! Thank you to MaPerformance, Extreme Turbo Systems, Fortune Auto, GSC, Ultimate Racing, ACT, and more for the great quality parts. And thank you Stance Auto Magazine for this great opportunity! I am extremely thankful and blessed that you guys want to feature my Evo and story! 

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