Ryan Mata - 2013 VW Golf Gti 

It feels good seeing the reactions I get from people but the one thing I will have to say I love the most about this car is the people I've met along the way.

Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
2013 VW golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 
Ryan Mata  - 2013 VW Golf Gti 

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Ryan Mata

2013 VW Golf Gti 

Instagram: @mk6_mata

Photographer: @villainous_media

My name is Ryan but my close friends call me MATA.  I am 32 years old. My hometown is Austin, TX but currently live in Kyle, TX. I work as a Wholesale parts manager for Volkswagen. In my spare time, I'm usually tinkering in the garage with misc. stuff for the cars, spending time with the family or talking/helping my car family. 

What or who got you into Cars?

I'd have to say my Dad is the biggest reason. Just remember being little and riding around in his mini trucks, always being surrounded by custom vehicles. Which led me to build models growing up, and car games (NFS underground), and of course going to car shows with my dad. 

Why this Car?

Honestly, I thought I would never own a VW. I worked at Toyota when I purchased this car. It was a very low mileage car. So being curious, I checked it out and went for a test drive. The test drive and interior are what sold me on the car. The drivability was nice and very responsive, along with the interior being really clean, sleek and simple. Never did I imagine in 100 years I'd be in a VW but here we are.  

Why did you build this Car?

I built this car due to the high support it has. Was originally not trying to build a show car but more of a nice daily driver. But of course, as we all know, when the mod bug gets you, it gets you pretty bad and of course, as any car person, the parts started getting ordered and piling up. Which ended up now making this a show car which is still being daily driven to this day. 

What does it feel like owning and driving this car?

It feels good seeing the reactions I get from people but the one thing I will have to say I love the most about this car is the people I've met along the way. I've met so many awesome people and quite a few of them are really close friends now, I would say even family. For that, I am forever grateful.  

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What makes your Car Unique?

To be honest, I've always been a huge fan of the OEM+ look and feel of a car. With that being said, I like to incorporate any mod to look and feel as if it came with the car from the factory that way. I think what would make my car stand out from other VW, in my platform, is the Hand-laid carbon fibre trim pieces I made for the interior. For the exterior, would be the shave/filled front and rear bumpers.

Spec List


  • CTS Turbo 3 inch catless turbo back
  • CTS Turbo intake
  • CTS turbocharge pipes
  • ARM motorsports fmic 
  • 034 motorsports pendulum mount
  • Audi R8 coil packs
  • Cobb with protune by Stratified 
  • Stage 3 Southbend clutch 


  • Car is wrapped in Teckwrap Ocean Wave
  • Shaved hood
  • Shaved front bumper 
  • Badgeless grille 
  • Flow Designs Front splitter
  • Front grilles painted in Gloss Black 
  • OEM euro bumper splitter 
  • Retrofitsource Morimoto projector fog light assemblies 
  • Supernova sequential mirror turn signals 
  • OEM Golf R mirror caps
  • OEM Golf R side skirts
  • Flow Designs Golf R side skirt splitters 
  • OSIR carbon rear spoiler painted Gloss Black
  • Supernova Led clear lense sequential tail lights  
  • Supernova sequential mirror turn signals 
  • Rear bumper shaved 
  • Flow Designs rear diffuser 
  • OEM diffuser paint Gloss Black
  • Roof wrapped in Teckwrap HD Gloss Black 
  • Roof Antenna deleted 


  • OEM carbon fibre steering wheel 
  • Hand laid Silver reflections carbon fibre dash and door trims 
  • Black Suede Headline with diamond stitch 
  • Black Suede A, B, & C pillars 
  • Black Suede E-brake handle with diamond stitch
  • Black Suede centre console lid with diamond stitch 
  • Black diamond stick floor mats
  • 1 of 1 custom SportsShifter shifter assembly 
  • RTA Airlift 3P centre console controller mount 
  • 9-inch Eonon Carplay head unit 
  • Custom trunk setup 
  • Unibrace hatch brace painted Candy White 

Wheels & Tires:-

  • SV2 Forged SV-RIN 
  • F: 18X9 ET25
  • R: 18X9.5 ET35
  • Brushed face
  • Chrome hardware
  • Black barrels
  • Wrapped in Yokohama Advan 701 fleva
  • F:215/35r18
  • R:225/35r18

Suspension and Brakes:-

  • Raceland bag struts and Adjustable shocks
  • 034 motorsports adjustable sway bar end links 
  • 034 rear toe arms
  • Innfab rear camber arms 
  • Adams slotted rotors
  • Brake Calipers painted white 

Who did the work?

The bodywork on the car was done by Network Body and Paint 

Car was wrapped by Bespoke Paint and Protection

Most parts were installed by me or with  help from friends 

Carbon fibre interior parts were made by me 

The current Trunk setup was done by @BDtuning 

New trunk setup will be done by @ClassyHouseProductions 

Future Plans

Future plans are to have the car repainted a Pearl white, Fully shave the engine bay with wire tuck, EWG Sidewinder turbo setup and to have Metal work done to widen the car to fit the wheels without having to run any major camber. 


Build it for you and no one else. Take your time, do your research, and don't be afraid to do something different or out of the box. At the end of the day, there will always be someone out there that has something to say but takes that as constructive criticism. People can sometimes open your eyes and mind to new ideas. If you're looking to purchase a car like this or any VW, Just make sure to stay on top of maintenance and the car will take care of you. 

Dream Car

The dream car will always be a 1990 Ferrari F40 LM GT spec

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