Seppo - Seaside Garage

I knew nothing about car mechanics and had no tools, so the learning curve was of course quite steep

Seppo - Seaside Garage
Seppo - Seaside Garage
Seppo - Seaside Garage
Seppo - Seaside Garage
Seppo - Seaside Garage
Seppo - Seaside Garage
Seppo - Seaside Garage

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Seaside Garage

I am Seppo

 A 32 year old wrench turner. 

I got into the car scene quite late when I got my drivers licence. I felt the limitless freedom (feeling) it gives to have a car, and quickly merged that feeling mentally with the car itself.

Pretty soon, of course, my first car broke down. It was a Mazda 323 from 1981. It had a bad front brake caliper and if I used the brake it would seize up completely and I could not drive the car before it cooled down. After a while I got tired of having to deal with a ”one brake pr. Trip” car and I had to do something about it.

I knew nothing about car mechanics and had no tools, so the learning curve was of course quite steep- But as a young guy with no money, it was the only way to go to keep my ”freedom”.

I think most wrenching car people know the feeling of overcoming a car related issue, the fault finding, the fix and the result, and for many I think it becomes a high in a way.

For me fiddling with old cars became the place I recharge and contemplate on everything, the place where I get the stress relief from everyday life (and also get a lot of stress added!)

Pretty quickly I found out that the most important car journey for me is getting the car ready for the road. I do enjoy a road trip a lot, but my hobby is primarily focused on the dream of getting something back on the road with my own hands.. When it's through the MOT and driving well, I will most likely sell it again. 

I would love to have a big collection of all the cars I fixed up of course, but I need to sell some to afford the next project.

This year I started something different - I have always watched other car related channels like Hubnut, Ronald Finger, Mustie1 or Aging Wheels and I soon realised that what I enjoy watching the most is the actual videos of fixing stuff. Why, i do not know, because i could do it myself... But maybe it's like watching sport... sometimes it's nice to just pretend.

But anyway, I decided to try to make a small channel myself! I chose to do it in english because it would reach a bigger crowd, and I always enjoyed speaking to others around the world. The Channel is not very big at the moment, but I have already experienced a lot of helpful people and even experienced a nice chap who sent  me some parts for my Renault. And the most important bit; it's fun to try to document my projects.

Many small projects pop up along the way. In April I changed an engine on a Citroen Dyane.

But at the moment I work on the following projects on Seaside Garage: Please subscibe to my channel and if you need some advice on a project your doing and need some advice don't be affraid to ask, if i can help with some knowledge im more than happy, hoe you enjoy me video's i had great fun doing them.

A Renault 5 GT Turbo PH2.

This is my big project. At the beginning of this year, after selling my Citroen Mehari and a Saab Sonett that I got back on the road, I could afford to buy this cool car.

It is in pretty good shape overall. It's solid and the work to it revolves around a complete engine rebuild and overhaul of the interior. This is a long term and very expensive project... (to my standards.)

A Peugeot 106 1,3 Rallye PH1. 

This is joint project with a good friend. This is an awesome classic Hot Hatch, in my opinion. It's been overlooked for many years but is slowly rising to the fame of 205 GTI and others. 

This car needed a new rear axle and a lot of other work to the brakes and so on. It will soon get back on the road

A Rover Mini Cooper 1275. 

A car I found in a barn a short time back. The project, for me, was an engine that didn't run well, some rust and no MOT.

It's now back on the road! What happens from here, I do not know.

A 2CV is my daily driver. 

I renovated the engine a while back with bigger pistons and barrels and now it's a powerhouse with 652ccm and maybe over 32 horses! I love this car.

A Volvo 240 Estate

This car serves as my wife and I's adventure car. It's a classic car that we only use for trips into the wild and as a Kayak howler.

It's a wonderful car with over 500.000 km on the clock, and it rarely breaks down.. But when it does, it's on the channel.

An Austin Metro 1.1 SURF MK1 

Which is a terribly rusty car that I rarely work on. It's a big long term project that serves as good welding practice. This car I own with a good friend, and it is a car that has a sentimental story to us and will therefore be kept... really it's only worth renovating because of that.

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