Tom Stubbs - 2015 Audi A3

When looking for my car I was certain to get an Audi there was no other option for me as that’s what I wanted. When buying I was over the moon and was really excited to start modifying it the way I wanted.

Tom Stubbs - 2015 Audi A3
Tom Stubbs - 2015 Audi A3
Tom Stubbs - 2015 Audi A3
Tom Stubbs - 2015 Audi A3
Tom Stubbs - 2015 Audi A3
Tom Stubbs - 2015 Audi A3

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First, I am going to introduce myself, my name is Tom Stubbs. I have a passion for cars and have recently started taking photos of my car which I have owned for the last year and a bit. I am 19 years old and live in a small seaside town called Tenby in Wales, UK.

Instagram: @TS11UBS

When I first started driving I was a beach lifeguard for a whole summer in 2018, what’s better than sitting on a beach for 10hrs a day in the sun! has got to be the best job I’ve ever done and highly recommend it. Currently as of 2020 I am doing an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering which I work in various power stations around the UK which all generate electricity for the country. It’s a very challenging job and was very lucky to get as only 7 apprentices are selected each year to join the scheme.

My car Instagram tag is @TS11UBS which is my private reg for my car and related to my name ( Tom Stubbs )

I am a proud second owner of a 2015 Audi A3 1.4 turbo. When looking for my car I was certain to get an Audi there was no other option for me as that’s what I wanted. When buying I was over the moon and was really excited to start modifying it the way I wanted. I had many goals and plans on what I wanted my car to look like which has rapidly progressed the past few months due to coronavirus boredom. I couldn’t be any happier with how the car has turned out that’s the reason for creating a car page on Instagram to show my followers the steps I have gone through to get my car to the way it looks now.

The main push that got me into the car scene was the people around me, cars are such a big standpoint and you can really create them to represent who you are. All my mates have cars and its something we pretty much all have in common and can talk about it with anyone whether they are into cars or not. No one in my family are into cars or have really done anything that could class as a ‘modified car’ in my eyes.

My car is different from others as it is not the ‘standard’ Audi A3 and I do feel like there aren’t many cars that look like mine! That’s another reason for getting my own private reg is to make my car that bit more unique and stand out from another 2015 black A3.

The only real challenge I faced when modifying my car is my K&N cold air filter intake. For a 1.4L I didn’t like the sound of a £250 intake just for that engine so I custom made my own intake out of a K&N cone filter and a aluminium pipe with a 45 degree bend in it so it would fit my car where the panel filter would normally go. The cone filter is very big and gives the car a low growl! When I first connected all the pipes and done a few test drives the aluminium pipe kept coming loose and actually falling off this happened about 5 times of tightening it down and actually trying to secure it. In the end I got 2 hose clamps and cable ties to keep it in place! So just make sure its secure and do test drives before doing and actual journey.

I would recommend my Audi to anyone its such a nice car to drive and feels solid ! I know a few people that have got the pre facelift 1.4 A3 and they say the same as me, they love it. It’s perfect for young drivers that cannot afford the insurance on say an S3 or just don’t want to pay £4,000+ just for insurance! I have got the 1.4 turbo with 150bhp standard. My car has been mapped and it is now running 190bhp+ with a printout at 185bhp just unsure on actual values now due to adding mods after the map.

The mods I have done to the car from totally standard include: 5% window tints on the rear 3 windows, black badges all round, gloss black honeycomb grill, dechrome all round, custom remap, K&N cold air intake, Painted callipers with Audi detailed stickers (yellow), gloss black team dynamic 1.2 18” alloys, rear Rieger diffuser with yellow pinstripe, Triple R Composites (TRC) side skirt extensions with yellow pinstripe, Triple R Composites (TRC) front lowering splitter with yellow pinstripe. So I have done a fair bit to the car but really happy with how it looks! All the mods have been carried out by myself as I wanted to buy a car totally standard and build it the way I like.

Before my Audi I owned a 2007 polo 9N GTI rep, this car was a 70bhp 1.2L beast. It had a full GTI kit to it with BBS style alloys and a full cat back exhaust system which was stupidly loud for that car. After selling the polo I did regret it however, I wanted something with a bit more go and that was more economic on fuel.

As of July 2020 I am extremely happy with how my car looks I have got a few mods in mind to do but nothing planned and happy with my car. The only mods that I would possibly do in the future is to lower my car on springs as the arch gap isn’t pretty and a cat back exhaust system as I do miss the noise from my polo, however it wouldn’t be practical at this moment in time due to  travelling over 800miles a week for work when needed to work away.

I have got a few clubs which I tag in my Instagram posts which they have all been really supportive of my car page they will be listed below :

I have entered a few competitions of like car battles and cover photo competitions which I have won prizes form but most are just for fun. Each month for my followers I host a car battle for either 32,64 or 128 cars. Each car goes head to head and the car with the most votes goes through to the next round. This gains a lot of support and has reached over 125k views in a few days! Each battle is supported by sponsors which all supply prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd place.

I am hoping to start going to car meets etc in the future as I have not been to one yet but they look like a lot of fun and would be good to put a face to a car and meet the owners as well.

As a dream car I have always liked the R35 Nissan GTR with a liberty walk body kit on. My idol for this car is @nicco_yannimize (on Instagram) his car is insane and would love to own it!

Thank you for reading my article.

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