Tyler lainhart - 1994 Toyota Supra

The Supra has been my dream car from a very early age (13)

Tyler lainhart - 1994 Toyota Supra
Tyler lainhart - 1994 Toyota Supra
Tyler lainhart - 1994 Toyota Supra
Tyler lainhart - 1994 Toyota Supra
Tyler lainhart - 1994 Toyota Supra

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Hi all,

My name is Tyler lainhart, I do physical therapy however, purchased the car by saving and working valet at a country club for some time then a mix of both for a while for the build, my car was a sponsored shop car for ‘Boost Division’.

Instagram: @94va_supra

I currently drive a 1994 USDM OEM 6 speed Supra Turbo. The Supra has been my dream car from a very early age (13), I am now 28 and have now purchased the car from a short term third owner at 23 with 114,500 miles!

What got me into the car scene? I would say that my bug developed in the early 2000s playing Forza and Need for Speed Racing with my brother when the neon SRT4 was new back then.

On a Mustang Dyno it makes 830/730 on e85 at 32 psi and has plenty more room for more if I decide to up the boost!


  • Built 2jz block bored .20 over and built head 
  • Diamond custom 10:1 compression pistons upgraded wrist pins
  • Manley H tuff + rods with arp 2000 rod bolts 
  • King bearings 
  • Real street billet main caps
  • Arp 625 head studs 
  • Gsc valve train beehive springs ,retainers , new oem valves 
  • Gsc billet s2 cams 272/272
  • Oil squirter delete 
  • Phr modified oil pump
  • New oem water pump 
  • Full Toyota gasket rebuild kit
  • Phr pulley kit "black edition" 
  • Phr adjustable cam gears
  • Phr water neck rotator 
  • Phr aluminium (black) coolant pipe
  • Fluidampnr harmonic balancer 
  • All new belts , tensioner 
  • Fuel injector clinic 1650cc injectors 
  • Radium fuel rail (black) 
  • Boostlab fuel pressure regulator 
  • All e85 comparable fuel lines 
  • Two walbro 450 fuel pumps 
  • Phr e85 flex fuel sensor 
  • Omni 4 bar map sensor 
  • Hall effect digital cam/crank sensors 
  • New tps
  • Mechman 170 amp alternator (black) 
  • Koyorad aluminium radiator 
  • Greddy 4 row intercooler 
  • Aem wideband/temp/fuel sensors /boost controller
  • Rev9 exhaust manifold open scroll
  • Precision 6870 gen 2 dbb .92 ar 
  • Tial 50mm bov
  • Tial 42mm waste gate, external dump pipe
  • Oem intake manifold with modified throttle body 
  • Custom 3 inch downpipe jdm r fabrications back to 3.5" catless exhaust to apexi n1 muffler 
  • Full dress up bolts gold titanium hardware 
  • Apr carbon fibre cooling plate 
  • Trd strut bar 
  • 1up fabrication catch can (flat black)
  • Titanium works titanium  "supra" throttle body badge 
  • Engine parts powder coated with prismatic powders candy gold with heavy silver and clear , ink black with clear and flat black 
  • Tuned by Vlad at national speed on aem infinity 6 wired with a full custom tweaked harness.


  • oem v160
  • Mcleod rxt1200 tilton master cylinder and hydraulic throw out bearing 
  • Solid tripod shifter bushings 
  • Reinforced oem TT driveshaft 
  • Battle version solid diff ear mounts 
  • Os giken 220 3.13 differential 

Brakes/ suspension /wheels:

  • TT supra brakes powder coated and rebuilt with oem parts stoptech rotors , Supra brakes and rotors for weld 15" wheel 
  • Work emotion cr2p F :+42/9.5/18 R: +38/10"/18 flat bronze with anodized polished lip Toyo r888r tires
  • Weld s71 with Mickey Thompson street ss 295/55/15
  • D2 coil overs 
  • Arp extended studs in the rear 

Exterior /interior:

  • Repainted oem black 202 front bumper license plate holes filled
  • Wings west front lip paint matched 
  • New 97/98 headlights/taillights , JDM front side markers , front indicators removed and shaved rewired to running lights 
  • Twinzdesigns side skirts and skirt extension 
  • Oem rear spats paint matched 
  • RMM TRD wing with carbon centre blade 
  • Interior seats refurbished approx. 2010 
  • Like new oem 97/98 steering wheel 
  • Refinished/refurbished professional repainted dash panels to 97/98 match 
  • Veilside/top secret shift knob polished 
  • Kenwood double din radio 
  • Aem failsafe afr/boost gauge with ac pod adapter 
  • New ebrake 
  • Stu hagen retrofitted LED gauge cluster with optional red adjustable shift light 
  • Two stage paint correction and kenzo ceramic coat 
  • 20% tint 

All these specs did not come with the car. The car was in fact purchased in stock appearance with lowering springs with an old single turbo setup; car was built by Boost Division now merged with Cicio Performance North by William Harth.

The Supra was not my first car! My first car was in fact a stock 1997 Nissan Altima and was tan with hubcaps. It was ugly but it was free and got me around until it went out and was not worth fixing at 186k miles. The only money I blew into that was a nice JL audio system, I kept true to not wasting my money on modifying or buying a car to mod unless it was a Supra, kept the Altima until it went out in 2017 and then purchased a 2014 Honda Accord Sport for work and a daily!

At the time being, I consider the Supra now finished, since I recently done the clutch/diff/engine harness/wheels and are new from the past 7 months. Something may change at a later date however, I am happy with it now!

In terms of car shows and competitions, I participate in ‘Springfest’ in Virigina Beach every year! After my second entry I won 3rd best for Toyota, losing to some nicely modified wide body MR2’s.

I grew up dreaming of this car, playing every racing game and purchasing a Supra as soon as I could , taking pictures of Supra’s when I happened to see them, scrolling through Supra forums in middle school/high school looking at pictures and builds , searching impound lots or cheap deals on them, going to car meets that happened once a year of other Supra owners just to see nice ones in person , I worked various waiter jobs at different restaurants until I got the valet. Job opportunity at aged 21 I worked there by myself every day almost aside from Monday while in school to be a physical therapist assistant I lived in a house with cheap rent and I rented a room in next to my school and saved every bit I could marking it on a calendar until I was ready to buy, never expected to get an opportunity like that but you just got to work hard!

Thank you for your time reading my article, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.@94va_supra


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