Karl - Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT

I'd not even picked up the car and already started buying stuff for it, simple things like reg plates and wind deflectors, but it quickly got out of hand, not to the wifes liking!

Karl - Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT
Karl - Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT
Karl - Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT
Karl - Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT
Karl - Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT
Karl - Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT

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Hi everyone,

My name is Karl.

I'm 29 and I live in Bolton in the North West of England., I work for a housing association as a Joiner.

Instagram: @maximus.power.9047 (don't ask)

Member of Honda Gang Manchester.

I've always been into cars from a very young age, ever since my Grandpa taught me to say different car makes and models. Porsche got me hooked and to this day is still my dream car (apart from my own) in particular the GT3 RS. I suppose the start of getting into modifying began before  I even had a license just from playing the original Need for Speed games, Underground 2 being the best!

I drive a 2010 Honda Civic FN2 Type R GT. I'd previously owned a 2008 1.8 R18 Civic which unfortunately got written off, before that, I had a MK2 Clio, Corsa B, Ford KA and a Pug 307 with a Mazda 6 wedged in between the Civics. I've always liked Civics. It was one of the cars I looked at when looking to buy my first car (MK2 Clio) because none of my friends had owned a Honda and I wanted to be different, which I think is what having a passion for cars is all about.

Right, the car. As above its a 2010 FN2 Type R GT. I always wanted to own a Type R, admittedly an EP3, but after having my 1.8 just fell in love with this shape Civic, which I must admit I didn't like before owning one but took the leap. After the 1.8 the natural progression was obviously a Type R and I couldn't see myself in anything other than one. 

I'm not even picked up the car and already started buying stuff for it, simple things like reg plates and wind deflectors, but it quickly got out of hand, not to the wife's liking! Within a year of ownership, I'd like to think I've transformed it into my own. I try to do the majority of work myself or with the help of mates, James and Nodraj, the latter who has a bigger working space than I do so lends that most weeks, also thanks to Scott (civic friend) for sitting and watching work I carry out! Ha! It went to Tdi North Power Tuning in Warrington for a remap and some added bits fitted (listed below). It now has 237.5bhp (can't forget the .5) which for a n/a 2l is a good figure I think. The lads at Tdi are awesome and really know their onions. Mapped by Paul West now the owner of TPW Engineering, again a top bloke, easy to speak to and very helpful.

Spec list,


-Pioneer double din head unit.

-Skunk2 weighted gear knob

-Red footwell lights


-Maxton Designs front splitter

-Fog light covers

-Team Heko wind deflectors with red pinstripe

-Rising sun decals on rear quarter windows

-Rear tints and sunstrip by Luna Window Tinting

-Alutec 18inch satin black alloys

-4d laser cut reg plates

-Rallyflapz mud flaps

-Rear red towing eye


-RRC inlet manifold

-TSS cold air intake

-Japspeed exhaust manifold

-Tegiwa 70mm exhaust system

-Ecutek remap with 4 switchable maps inc, flat foot shifting, pops and bangs, rev-match on downshifts, Adjustable launch control, Tdi traction control and added anti-theft feature.

Engine bay

-Smoothed black manifold cover

-MJC Automotive red dress-up kit

-MJC Automotive red hose kit

-Pokemon decals on the underside of the bonnet

Future plans for the car, hmm, it never ends does it!  I want a set of drop-in cams next and then the BIG plan is to supercharge it (again not to the wife's liking) but I need to do a bit of research and question asking on the topics, which I think is key when undertaking jobs you're not 100% confident in doing yourself. I would urge anybody not to be afraid to ask, the great majority of people you meet through a passion for cars will always be happy to help and answer questions.

We are frequent visitors of Santa Pod raceway where the car has done a 15.2 1/4 mile, doesn't seem too quick but the cars themselves are really overweight so aren't great in a straight line (justifying my slow time haha). As for local meets, we attend a few at Barton Airport but really only attend Honda Gang Meets, really chilled groups, lots of like-minded enthusiasts and just an all-around great group of people.

Before anything else, though I'm just going to enjoy the car as it is for a bit, hopefully, get back to more shows/meets soon.

Cheers for reading!!

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