What Are The Best Mods for More Horsepower

What Are The Best Mods for More Horsepower, Discover the top modifications to unleash incredible horsepower in your car. Our guide covers the best mods for achieving remarkable performance gains. Get expert insights in Stance Auto Magazine.

What Are The Best Mods for More Horsepower
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What Are The Best Mods for More Horsepower

Whether you're looking to boost your street racer or get more grunt out of your off-road rig, adding horsepower can transform your ride. With so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to start. Here's our guide to the best mods for more horsepower to wake up your engine and put some extra pep in your step.

Performance exhaust on a Nissan 240sx shot by stance auto magazine photographers

Cold Air Intakes

One of the easiest and most effective ways to release some extra horses is to upgrade your air intake. The factory airbox and intake tube are restrictive, designed for efficiency and noise reduction more than maximum power. Swapping in a cold air intake kit will remove that restrictive stock setup and allow your engine to breathe deeper.

The benefits are two-fold. First, the smoother, less restrictive tubing allows more airflow into the engine. More air means more oxygen for better combustion and power output. Second, cold air intakes pull in cooler, denser outside air rather than hot engine bay air, giving you even more oxygen per volume for max gains.

For most vehicles, a quality cold air intake can add 10-20 horsepower to your ride. The installation is also straightforward for most kits, making it one of the simplest ways to add noticeable horsepower.

Performance Exhausts

Just like restricted airflow into the engine hampers power, restrictive exhaust flow out of the engine also curbs horsepower output. Factory exhaust manifolds and pipes are designed to keep noise down and emissions clean.

Putting on a full aftermarket exhaust system with smooth mandrel-bent tubing, high-flow catalytic converters, and free-flowing mufflers will reduce that restrictive backpressure. That allows spent combustion gases to escape easily, optimizing the engine's exhaust cycle for better cylinder filling and more power.

A tune-up with a performance exhaust can deliver 20-30 extra horses to the hooves. And nothing beats the glorious rumble of an unleashed high-performance exhaust, your reward for the newfound power.

Engine Control Module (ECM) Tuning

Here's one of the best mods to maximize the gains from other bolt-on parts. The engine control module (ECM) is the brains of your vehicle, controlling the air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, and other parameters. It leaves a lot of power on the table from the factory.

Getting an ECM tune optimized for performance is like switching your engine from a mild-mannered stock tune to an aggressive racing tune. An ECM flash will enhance timing, allow more boost pressure, richen up the fuel mixture, and more fully utilize intake and exhaust upgrades. With a supporting mods, a tune can potentially unleash 50+ horsepower or more.

Nitrous Oxide Injection

Nitrous oxide (NOS) injection remains one of the most powerful power adders when you need to deliver a sudden surge. The system injects a mixture of nitrous oxide and fuel into the engine under heavy load. This provides a big boost in oxygen, allowing for much more fuel, massive explosions, and huge power gains.

A basic "wet" nitrous system with proper tuning can supply 100-300 extra horsepower when engaged. The downsides are the need to refill nitrous tanks and potential risk of damage if not adequately fueling the extra oxygen. But for sudden, overwhelming power off the line or passing power, little compares to nitrous at the push of a button.


With the right modifications and professional tuning, you can unlock the full potential of your engine for tire-shredding, adrenaline-pumping power. Start with the basics like cold air intakes and exhaust work, then move to advanced ECM tuning and nitrous kits for jaw-dropping output. Just be sure to upgrade supporting mods like fuel systems accordingly. Which horsepower mods are you most excited to bolt onto your ride?

Turbo and Engine bay set up on a Bissan shot by stance auto magazine photographers

What Mods Increase Horsepower?

Many enthusiast drivers are constantly seeking more power from their vehicles. While forced induction and internal engine work are the most substantial ways to add horsepower, there are also plenty of basic bolt-on modifications that can provide notable gains:

Cold Air Intakes

Swapping the stock restrictive airbox and intake piping for an aftermarket cold air intake is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to add horsepower. By pulling in cooler outside air through smoother, less restrictive piping, cold air kits allow the engine to breathe deeper and combust more fuel and air. Expect gains of 10-20 hp or more.

Performance Exhausts

Restrictive exhaust manifold and piping hampers power by creating excessive backpressure. Replacing the OEM exhaust with aftermarket headers, high-flow cats, and free-flowing mufflers reduces that backpressure for better post-combustion flow. Combined with an intake, cat-back exhausts can add 15-30 hp or more.

Engine Control Module (ECM) Tuning

The ECM controls factors like air/fuel ratios, ignition timing, rev limits, and boost control based on restrictive factory settings. Pro custom tuning optimized for power gains removes the restrictions for better combustion efficiency. Tuning combined with intake/exhaust can potentially unleash 50+ extra horsepower.

Nitrous Oxide Injection

Nitrous oxide provides a sudden power surge when injected, allowing much more fuel to be combusted. A basic wet nitrous system can supply an extra 100-300 horsepower when activated. It's one of the most powerful bolt-on mods, but needs proper fuel delivery and tuning.


With the right basic bolt-on modifications, you can unlock substantially more power from your engine without internal work. Focus on intake, exhaust, tuning, and nitrous mods to take your ride's performance to the next level.

What Increases Horsepower the Most?

When it comes to adding substantial horsepower, especially to high-performance engines, here are some of the most impactful modifications:

Forced Induction

Nothing provides a bigger horsepower bump for street engines than forced induction via turbochargers or superchargers. By compressing the inlet air charge, forced induction systems allow for much more fuel and air to be forced into the cylinders. Setup properly, turbos and superchargers can reliably double factory horsepower output or more.

Internal Engine Builds

For racing applications where rules allow it, fully building the internals of the engine yields huge power gains. This includes boring/stroking for increased displacement, adding forged internals like pistons/rods for strength, porting cylinder heads, and radical camshaft profiles. An all-out engine build can potentially increase power by 50-100% or more.

Nitrous Oxide & Water/Meth Injection

Chemical power adders like nitrous or water/methanol injection produce sudden and massive increases when activated by flooding the cylinders with extra oxygen. At the push of a button, nitrous systems can deliver an extra 150-300+ horsepower for limited durations. They enable incredible power potential beyond bolt-ons.

Race Fuel & Aggressive Timing

Pushing the engine's ignition timing aggressively towards the limit while running higher-octane race fuel also offers substantial power gains. The increased cylinder pressures before spark allows more power, while race fuel's knock resistance enables timing that would destroy a pump gas engine. Combined they can potentially add 50+ horsepower.


While basic bolt-ons make solid incremental gains, huge horsepower requires more advanced modifications. Forced induction systems, fully built engines, chemical injection, and ignition timing tuning take output to the next level.

What Mods Increase HP and Torque?

Horsepower and torque are the key performance metrics for engine output. Here are some of the most effective modifications for increasing both:

Cold Air Intakes

By removing restrictive factory intake piping and allowing cooler dense air into the engine, cold air intakes can add 10-20 horsepower and 15-25 lb-ft of torque relatively cheaply.

Cat-Back Exhausts

Reducing backpressure by replacing factory exhaust piping with smooth aftermarket tubing increases scavenging for more power. Cat-back exhausts combined with intake tuning can yield 20-30 extra hp and torque.

Shorty Headers

Upgrading factory exhaust manifolds to tubular shorty headers also reduces exhaust restriction right off the cylinder head. Together with a cat-back exhaust, shorty headers can add 15-25 hp/tq for optimized flow.

Engine Control Module (ECM) Tuning

Dialing in the ECM via custom tuning, especially to enrich fueling and advance timing, maximizes intake/exhaust gains. With supporting mods, a proper tune can deliver 50+ additional hp/tq by optimizing combustion.

Nitrous Oxide Injection

Injecting nitrous oxide into the intake charge provides a huge supplemental oxygen source, allowing much more fuel for bigger combined explosions. Nitrous systems can supply 100-300+ extra horsepower and torque on demand.


Focus on intake and exhaust mods to reduce restrictions, then optimize the results with ECM tuning. For sudden massive gains, nitrous oxide enables tremendous extra hp and torque when activated.

The engine bay of a Chevy camaro shot by stance auto magazine photographers

How to Get 50 Extra Horsepower?

Wondering how to get an extra 50 horsepower from your vehicle without breaking the bank? Here are some of the most straightforward mods to add substantial power:

Cold Air Intake - 10-20 HP

An aftermarket cold air intake removes restrictive factory intake piping and allows cooler outside air into the engine, yielding solid extra horsepower from increased airflow and oxygen.

Cat-Back Exhaust - 15-20 HP

Reducing exhaust backpressure with a cat-back exhaust system also enables better cylinder scavenging for improved power output. Combined with an intake, 20+ extra hp is achievable.

ECM Tuning - 15-30 HP

Dialing in the engine computer's fuel, timing, and other parameters via custom tuning optimizes intake and exhaust gains. With supporting mods, ECM tuning can potentially deliver up to 30 extra horsepower.

Nitrous Oxide Injection - 50+ HP

For huge power gains when you need them, nitrous oxide injection supplies supplemental oxygen to allow much more fuel burn for 50, 100, or even 200+ extra horsepower. Great for sudden acceleration bursts.


With carefully chosen bolt-on modifications and professional tuning, getting an extra 50 horsepower or more is achievable without internal engine work. Focus on intake, exhaust, ECM, and nitrous mods to hit your power goals.


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