2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  - Maher Alexander Abdelatif

The 2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT is a high-performance sports sedan that combines luxury and power. It is equipped with a powerful V10 engine, a manual transmission, and various enhancements from DINAN, a renowned aftermarket tuning company. The car offers thrilling driving dynamics, impressive acceleration, and precise handling. With its sleek design and advanced features, the E60 DINAN M5 6MT delivers an exhilarating driving experience for enthusiasts.

2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif
2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  -  Maher Alexander Abdelatif

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2008 BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT 

Maher Alexander Abdelatif

Instagram: @carbon_panther_M5 - personal / build page 

Instagram: @autodesignpro - Business Page 

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Author -  Donnie Rochin

Photographer - Donnie Rochin / Eddie Rochin

Instagram - @r0cean11

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“Stay true to yourself and trust the process. There will be ups and downs, just don’t give up. Eventually, everything will fall into place!” ~ Maher Abdelatif

My name is Maher Alexander Abdelatif born & raised in New Jersey as a first-generation American with humble beginnings to Palestinian Parents. Lived my early life on the east coast. 

A BMW wrapped in some crazy colors

I’m a husband, father, and entrepreneur that has established and built multiple businesses over the years. I moved to the Bay Area in 2018 and founded and built my current company Auto Design Pro from the ground up. 

We specialize in Custom Designer Wraps. Commercial Graphics and logos, also our own digital printing facility. We also offer Paint Protection Film “PPF”, Window Tint, Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Custom lighting, Wide Body and Carbon Fiber parts installations. We can do all auto, commercial, and marine services. 

It’s a blessing to wake up every day and do what I love as my occupation. Being able to bring dreams to reality for each individual that enters my shop. Also, I’m leaving behind a legacy to pass down to my children all while being a positive influencer in my community. 

the front end shot of a BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT 

Ever since I could remember. I’ve always had a passion for cars. Growing up on movies like Fast and Furious and video games like Midnight Club and Need for Speed.  I’ve worked in towing companies, and car audio shops, and even was part of Ruff Ryders Bike Club. I was vice president of the club for six years in Charleston South Carolina, which is known as PORT CITY RUFF RYDERS.

Now I own a reputable Wrap and PPF business in Pittsburg, California. AUTO DESIGN PRO has now been open for over 9 years since I moved to California. The main reason why I opened it was for my love and passion for cars and customization … I am always living my life as a trendsetter in the car community. Growing up in the era of the 90s and early 2000’s. Seeing the wave of the import scene and car culture firsthand. Since then the rest is history. 

The E60 M5 is a rare car in itself. It's a v10 disguised as a family sedan. Mine specifically is a 6MT which is less than 1000 per year produced for the US market only in 2007 and 2008. It’s a rare car that’s known as the “Highway Monster”. When I first saw it released in 2004 I knew I had to have it one day. Fast forward years later and here I am fortunate enough to have my dream car. 

The rear end shot of a wrapped BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT 

I have built a few others previous to this one however this car is specifically my pride and joy. The vehicle that really started it for me after a few Honda civics and engine swaps in the JDM world. Was a Acura TL 3.2 Vtek. It was truly the build that made my car career jump off. After that was a Chevy 2500HD truck lifted and customized completely for Off-Road action. My other vehicles are my BMW F10 550i 6MT, Acura DC5 RSX Widebody, and 18 Camaro SS 1LE. They all have a list of tasteful mods. I learned to drive and passed my driver's test in a BMW E30 Vert paired with a manual transmission. 

Owning and driving this car is honestly a surreal experience, truly blessed and thankful to be living my childhood dreams. When people notice the car either they know the rarity of it or have no idea it existed. Always a great experience to have a genuine conversation with like-minded enthusiasts. It brings me inner peace to see my car and live my dream. Life can be uncertain at times but when I get in my car and go on a drive it’s as if at that moment nothing else matters, it's just me and the roaring v10 motor. Put my heart and soul into this build. It’s a reflection of myself in a vehicle. 

If I was asked what makes my car unique, I’d have to say there are a few factors that make my specific car unique. It’s a true stamped and badged  DINAN stage 1 model. One of the only sedans ever produced with a v10 also paired to a 6MT. The vehicle is on air ride equipment suspension with a full custom trunk build which I’ve yet to see on any other e60 m5.

BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  side shot showing of its wheels

I have a silver carbon digital steering wheel matching, and a silver Carbon e-brake candle to match the brushed, polished aluminum interior. I’ve also customized It with a set of 20-inch carbon fiber wheels from ÀG Wheels. Collaborated with Corsa Auto Design on a great art design. My vehicle has a unique artwork design made specifically for my M5 to express my feelings on the road. The design is called mysterious wings. It’s how I feel when I’m driving my V10. I’m always flying because it’s not a show queen. I drive my car Daily and enjoy it. 

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The engine bay of a BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT 



  • @dinancars stage 1 build
  • Dinan stage 1 Tune
  • Dinan CF Ram Intake 
  • Dinan Exhaust System 
  • Dinan CF sway bar 
  • Dinan CF Rear Strut Bar 
  • Dinan Crank Pully 
  • Custom open Headers by @RMSFABRYAN 

The air tanks in a BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT 





  • Dinan Big Brake Kit by @brembobrake 
  • Bagged  
  • D2 Air Struts, Air Lift 3p, Viair 485s and 4 - 18" Seamless Aluminum’s Tanks

BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  after market alloy wheels


@agwheels @tunergoods

  • ÀG 3pc Wheels sr10 Carbon 
  • 20x10 SR-10 CARBON LIP 
  • 20x11  SR-10 CARBON LIP



  • Rear Diffuser 
  • Rear Bumper Extension 

BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT wheels shot showing its been lowered with air suspension

The Work

All of the preventative maintenance and bolts ons I handled myself. Along with interior, customization, and vinyl wrap at Auto Design Pro. The custom air suspension and trunk build-out was built and installed by Air Ride Equipment from SoCal @airrideequipment.The graphic design for my wrap was created by @corsaautodesign.The wrap itself was installed by @autodesignpro 

Advice /Tips

The best advice I can give to anyone looking to get this same car would be to do all the preventative maintenance before you start modding the car. These cars are very tedious and require lots of maintenance and attention. Thankfully I found a decent well-kept canvas to start from and built from there. Anyone looking to purchase the same car I’d say pay a little more for one that’s been well-maintained. 

The interior of a BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT 

Future Plans

Next would be the ESS supercharger set-up, clutch upgrade, and short shifter. I don’t plan to sell this car. Will be staying in my collection for years to come. I’d like to own a MK4 Toyota Supra in the future and do a full-street car build. Big single turbo 2jz with all the works. 

Shout Outs

  • @autodesignpro
  • @Golden_Boyz_Wraps 
  • @Corsaautodesign 
  • @AGwheels 
  • @Airrideequipment 
  • @Finish logic powder coating 

Thankful for my team and everyone supporting me without them none of this would be possible! 

The BMW E60 DINAN M5 6MT  all lit up in red lights

The Scene

The scene has done a variety of things for me. I’ve connected with new friends. Helped grow my business @autodesignpro. Being around great individuals and sharing a passion for cars. It’s brought a great sense of happiness to have the opportunity to turn a hobby into my career.  

Dream Car

My current dream car if I could have any car would probably be a Mclaren F1. 


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