Drew Jackson - 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost

I've always loved Mustangs. This came from growing up in  "Ford Family'', My first car was a 1993 Ford Mustang,

Drew Jackson -  2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
Drew Jackson -  2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
Drew Jackson -  2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
Drew Jackson -  2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
Drew Jackson -  2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
Drew Jackson -  2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost
Drew Jackson -  2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost

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Drew Jackson, 

2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost

Instagram: @slammed_ecostang

Photographer: @eueymedia

I’ve worked for Verizon wireless for the past 15 years as a small business account specialist and store manager.  I grew up in a small town right outside of Charlotte NC called Kings Mountain and still live in the area today with my wife Ashley, daughter Savannah and son Camden. 

This is how my car looked before I decided to have it wrapped and a few more bits.

I've always been into cars. It started at a young age helping my dad and grandfather work on their classic cars and taking late-night trips to the dealership with my dad to walk around and look at cars on the lot. To me, the car scene is all about friendship and experiences. Some of my best friends and best memories are from car shows and friends met through the car scene, I've always loved Mustangs. This came from growing up in  "Ford Family'', My first car was a 1993 Ford Mustang, I've had a few JDM and DSM cars which I loved but always had a soft spot for Mustangs, so when the s550 platform was introduced I knew I had to have one. 

If you buy a car like this or any car that you plan on modding. Get the base model and build it from there.  Most of the factory parts you will end up changing out anyway. Also, do what makes you happy. It's your car. Build it for your happiness and no one else', this car is awesome. It gets attention everywhere I go and it's just fun to drive, Turbo noises are cool and nothing better than airing out every chance I get.

I've been a Ford guy since a young age, my entire family-owned ford trucks and classic ford cars.  My father and grandfather taught me a lot of what I know about cars by having me help them work on their 1972 Gran Torino and 1977 LTD, so from a young age, I caught the gear head bug. When I was 16 I was able to buy my first vehicle. A 1993 Ford Mustang LX 5.0.  I did a few basic mods to it and enjoyed every minute of driving it before I was t-boned on the way to school and totalled the car. I always said that one day I would have another Mustang, so in  2016 when  I had the opportunity to buy this car I pulled the trigger and have loved it ever since.   

When I purchased the car I opted for the EcoBoost version because I initially had no intentions of modding the car.  I wanted a cool looking daily driver, that was fun to drive and still gave me good fuel mileage for my daily commute. After test driving the EcoBoost I loved the low-end torque from the turbo motor and I felt like the looks of the s550 chassis was the best-looking design Ford had ever done with the Mustang. After purchasing the car I did a few small mods to it and went to a local car meet with some long time friends in the car scene, at which point I caught the bug and started making plans for a full build. 

After doing research I was shocked at the amount of power the small 2.3l motor was capable of so I decided to do all the "full bolt-on'' performance mods along with a turbo upgrade from the precision turbo and a water/methanol injection kit from AEM.  After driving the car for about 6 months with just performance mods and a set of wheels from SVE I decided to concentrate more on cosmetic mods and build a show car.  I previously did a show car build in the early 2000s with a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse but I wanted to take this car to another level, so I made plans for new wheels to give me a better stance, airlift suspension, some aero mods from the gt350 and several others add ons.  I drove this version of the car for about a year, attended lots of shows and won several awards with it but decided to take it up a notch again.  

This is when I did the current wrap from inozetek USA in neon mint pearl, the gt500 front fascia from 777 performance and the new duckbill style wing. Despite getting lots of attention with the car and winning many more awards, I still don't have the car exactly where I want it to be. I have new wheels from Heritage being built and plans of doing a full interior build as soon as the current show season is over. I'm sure I will change the looks of the car several more times as I have no plans of getting rid of this build and I want to pass it down to my kids one day.

I would have never imagined getting the attention from this car that I have. I built it for my own pleasure but the reaction it gets from people is pretty cool. I always have a crowd around my car at shows and meets and constantly get compliments.  At times it can get a little overwhelming with the number of questions, compliments and pictures but I truly appreciate all the love and it makes me feel like I've done a great job with building this car. The part I enjoy most though is the reaction it gets from kids, to me that's what it's all about and I make it a point to let any kid that wants to get an up-close look have as many pictures as they want with the car. I even had some stickers of the car printed that I can hand out at shows. If I can turn one kid into a car guy or girl in the future it makes it all worth it.

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I guess a bagged mustang isn't that unique nowadays. But one of the reasons I chose the EcoBoost platform was to be a little different than most of the 5.0 cars out there  ( can't beat the sound of a coyote)  I've done some performance mods like water/methanol injection and turbo upgrades, The wheels had to be custom powder coated to get a polished lip with the style of wheel. But the most unique part of the car is the custom hydro dipped engine bay. It draws a crowd at every show.

I have a few Mods on it but plan for more, It has airlift performance suspension,  a mix of gt350 and Gt500 aero mods, Esr 19x9,5 and 19x10.5 wheels,  euro style tail lights,  custom racing stripe and roof wrap, custom hydro dipped engine bay. Its FBO car with precision turbo upgrade and water/methanol injection.  


  • Custom hydro dipping 
  • FBO 
  • Precision Nx2 turbo
  • Water/meth injection


  • Kenwood Wireless Android Auto,
  • Custom hydro dipping
  • MGW short-throw shifter


  • Inozetek neon mint pearl wrap with custom stripes, 
  • GT 500 front fascia, 
  • Oracle led headlights, 
  • Diode dynamics corner lens, 
  • Vicrez front splitter, 
  • Vicerz side-splitter, 
  • MMD Duckbill wing, 
  • GT 350 side aero


  • ESR CS15 wheels custom coloured gloss black with polished lip 19x9.5 front 
  • 19x10.5 back 
  • Heritage Ebisu 3 piece wheels ordered, 19x10.5 squared set up. 


  • Indy Firehawks


  • Airlift performance 3h, 
  • Steeda camber arms and stop the hop kit.

Audio, Video, and Technology:

  • Kenwood android auto wireless

Since I’ve had my car in the Mag I’ve added some more to my Performance Modifications:

  • Mbrp race exhaust, 
  • Mbrp catless downpipe, 
  • Air raid intake, 
  • k&n filter, 
  • Precision nx2 turbo, 
  • Turbonetics wastegate, 
  • Turbonetics bov, 
  • Speed factory race intercooler, 
  • AEM water/meth injection, 
  • Pro tuned by Tune +, 
  • NGK plugs, 
  • JLT dual catch can

I've had several local shops and friends help me do the work on this build.  I'm pretty good with basic stuff but I like to get some more experienced help with some of the more complicated stuff.  My car club Chozen has been the biggest help to me on the build, always there for inspiration and any help with absolutely anything I need. Greg Smith owns Cosmic Creations out of Lake Wylie SC, he did a great job with all the hydro dipping under the hood look him up on Instagram at " Greg smith cosmic creations ". In-Depth restyling out of Charlotte NC did the wrap on the car and I will never let another shop do that for me again.

They absolutely killed it with the quality of work and customer service and I recommend them to everyone I talk to. You can find them on Instagram at " in-depth restyling" or call them at 704-941-5619. Frank Defeo who owns Defeo detailing does all of my graphene coatings and is the only person in the world I allow to detail my car other than myself.  His experience and skill are unlike anyone else I've ever met.  Call him at 704-241-6561 or look him up on Instagram at " defeo detail ". I want to give some Credit to Freemans car stereo, Randy's auto care and CS motorsports for helping out along the way too.

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Chozen!  My car family is Chozen. We are based out of North and South Carolina and have been around the car scene for a long time. We started off around 2001 as Team Chozen. The club has stuck around in a small capacity since, but we recently did a reboot and shortened the name to Chozen. We are growing fast and becoming the best car club in the area. You can find us at most shows and meets or at a local food truck or restaurant because we all love to eat. Shout out to Rich Campbell, Rob Cooling, Christian Blount, Frank Radford, U'ryan Byers, Tim Reaves, Rob Bollinger and everyone else in the club for always being the best group of friends a person could ask for.  

Over the years the car scene has brought me countless lifelong memories.  The shows, meets and awards are kind of a blur. But the times hanging out with family and friends is what I will always remember.   Chozen has become more of a family to me than a car club.  And look forward to making more memories in the future.

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