Exclusive interview with John Dreyer

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Exclusive interview with John Dreyer
Exclusive interview with John Dreyer
Exclusive interview with John Dreyer
Exclusive interview with John Dreyer
Exclusive interview with John Dreyer

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Exclusive interview with John Dreyer By Living the Drift Life

Instagram  @dreyermotorsport

  1. Tell us about you

John Dreyer, Frankston Vic, Refrigeration Mechanic

  1. How did you get involved in drifting? 

After seeing DVDs of drifting I went to a vicdrift practice day at Winton and was hooked

  1. Why is it exciting for you? 

Driving your car to the limit on door is huge fun

  1. Memorable drifting experiences ?

Doing Lap after lap of minami in the police missile r32 pushing the cars limits.

Driving Pheasant wood with mates

  1. Have you ever sneezed while drifting?

No actually

  1. What is the car you have had the most fun while driving?

The Bluebird it’s loud, fast and can do some crazy stuff

  1. Worst car you ever drove?

Hmmm so many shitboxes.... for drifting a v6 vn with no castor

  1. Dream drift car? 

Mad Mikes MadCab

  1. What mod would you do first to your drift car? 

Weld the diff

  1. Who is your favourite drifter? 

Naoki Nakamura

  1. Are you in it to win it – or do you drift just for fun? 

My outlook has changed throughout my time in drifting. But at the moment fun with mates is king

  1. Where do you usually drift? 


  1. When running at a new track how many laps does it take before you master it?

All of them

  1. If you were going to start this over again, what three things would you do differently?

Start with a “Normal car” (not an XF Ute)

  1. What was your worst crash?

Backing the blue into the wall in the dome 6 days before I had to drive it at Motor Ex

  1. Your best day in drifting?

So many??? Comp - Getting Proz to a rerun in the Hi-tec Pro Class top 8 at Wakefield

But running trains at Nishi Short with mates is better

  1. And you're worst?

The day I wrote off the bluey

  1. What would you say to other people who want to become drift drivers?

A positive attitude is everything

  1. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Driving fun days and the odd comp & helping / teaching new drifters

  1. Do you have a routine or ritual that sets your mind before drifting?

Focus on the fun & don’t over think thingst

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