Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri

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Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri
Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri
Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri
Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri
Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri
Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri
Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri

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Exclusive interview with Scott Schembri By Living the Drift Life

Facebook @hitec blaze unit

Instagram @scottschembri1

  1. Tell us about you

Scott Schembri aka The Masterchef one half of the Hitech Blaze Unit, Driver of the Hitec Oils 350z, Living in Sydney Australia mate, Digging holes for cash 

  1. How did you get involved in drifting?

I went to do burnouts at Oran Park many moons ago in my 81 sigma with a couple of mates, when we were there was this thing drifting thing going on, there was a few of the OG’s out there ripping it up, I was intrigued gave it a go in the sigma was rubbish couldn’t drive for the life of me.

sold the sigma bought a s14, the rest is history

  1. Why is it exciting for you?

Pretty much there is no better feeling in the world (other than being a dad that’s number 1)

I love everything about it from the car builds, the late nights, the highs the lows hanging out in the pits with a bunch of good people, then getting behind that wheel going as fast as u can sideways, absolutely cooking tyres, every lap still excites me as much as my first,

  1. Memorable drifting experiences ?

Wow, there are way too many, travelling the country with my blaze unit family for the last 10 years I wouldn’t even know where to start.

you will all just have to wait for my book 

  1. Have you ever sneezed while drifting?

Yea heaps

  1. What is the car you have had the most fun while driving?

Every car is fun when u get out smiling whether it be a nissan pulsar after doing handbrake at 120 Or the Twin Turbo Ls 350z Weapon I drive now

But really you can’t go past my Nissan 180sx SR20 aka Trento, guy was an absolute freak, he was by my side competing for over 10 years, so many memories

  1. Worst car you ever drove?

Little Brother had a na SR20 Nissan 180sx thing was absolute rubbish 

  1. Dream drift car?

Tuff one, I have a long list a couple would be 700hp Sr gt86 with all the fruit 800hp 2j 180sx with all the fruit, But The 800hp ls twin turbo 350z I am driving atm is up there, winters rear end, g force, motec, wisefab, mca suspension. Couldn't ask for anything more really 

  1. What mod would you do first to your drift car?

Air con 

  1. Who is your favourite drifter?

Masato Kawabata from day one

  1. Are you in it to win it – or do you drift just for fun?


You have heaps more fun when you're winning 

  1. Where do you usually drift?

All around tracks in Australia,

  1. When running at a new track how many laps does it take before you master it?

I think mastering a track takes a while obviously The more laps you do the more you get comfortable,But dialing it in to ready for battles would take a couple of sets

  1. If you were going to start this over again, what three things would you do differently

Buy a house before starting to drift Is probably the only one hahaha

  1. What was your worst crash?

Winton raceway, I put Trento in the wall hard, but the best crew and got him turned around for the following weekends event

  1. Your best day in drifting?

Every day u get to drift is honestly the best, I really am loving driving the Hitec Oils 350z I think the best is yet to come

  1. And you're worse?

Probably Winton raceway can’t remember the year, probably 8 years ago now.

after dropping heaps of cash on freshly built engine, e85 setup, gtx turbo setup, haltech, ppg dog box, the lot, Get to the track Full pumped that excited like your going to take people's lives.

You head out onto the track

lap 1, pluck a few gears, 30psi cracks through the wastegate and your like wow this is was all worth it.

lap 2, smiling from cheek to cheek go off the line, pluck some more gears straight to 8850rpm, that sound, yes definitely worth it,

Lap 3, break 2 rods and snap the block in half instant devastation, sitting on that tow truck heading back into the pits questioning life...

then consume as much beer as possible helps take the pain away  (Later found out after getting rods checked that they failed and was manufactured problem getting compensation for new engine helps too)

  1. What would you say to other people who want to become drift drivers?

Go Rob a bank then start it will be heaps easier, But honestly If you want it enough just never stop

  1. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully not as fat, but still doing the thing I love Throw in a few overseas trips

Dream would be to do full season of Driftmasters

I’m still learning every time I get behind the wheel I just want to keep driving and pushing myself

  1. Do you have a routine or ritual that sets your mind before drifting?

smash a Bacon egg roll (tomato sauce) and coffee, then usually pretty ready to cook heaps of tyres

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