Exclusive interview with Daniel Messmer

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Exclusive interview with Daniel Messmer
Exclusive interview with Daniel Messmer
Exclusive interview with Daniel Messmer
Exclusive interview with Daniel Messmer
Exclusive interview with Daniel Messmer
Exclusive interview with Daniel Messmer

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Exclusive interview with Daniel Messmer, By Living the Drift Life

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  1. Tell us all about you?

Hey I’m Daniel Messmer, 24 years old from Australia, Currently living and drifting in japan. I Drive a sr20det s13 competition car that has just been shipped over to japan.

  1. How did you get involved in drifting?

I started drifting about 4 years ago. I had a few friends that were doing it. I got a reasonable stock s13 and trailered it to our closest track which was 8hrs away and was hooked from there

  1. Why is it exciting for you?

It’s very exciting for me due to we are driving a car that’s out of control but we are completely in control..... sometimes

  1. Memorable drifting experiences?

So many Memorable moments I can’t name one. Winning my first drift competition on a national stage, Same year winning the Hi-Tec drift Australia pro am series, Getting my first major sponsor which is The Sideways experience and having my car shipped over to japan.

  1. Have you ever sneezed in the car while drifting?

Probably but I can’t remember

  1. What is the car you have had the most fun while driving and why?

My ebisu JZX100

  1. What is the worst car you ever drove and why?

Toyota hilux that I used to try drift

  1. What is your dream drift car and why?

 Big power sr20vet S15 with a 6 speed sequential

  1. What mod would you do first to your drift car? 

I shimmed the diff

  1. Who is your favourite drifter?

Gocha Chivchyan

  1. Are you in it to win it – or do you drift just for fun?

Always in it to win it

  1. Where do you usually drift and is it your favourite, why?

Back in Aus I didn’t have a usual track due to the closest one now being 20hrs away from where my house is. But now I’m japan would be ebisu circuit as I live 200m down the road

  1. When running at a new track how many laps does it take before you master it?

I would never master a track otherwise I would be scoring perfect qualification scores. But I would say 10-15 laps till I feel good

  1. If you were going to start this over again, what three things would you do differently?

Tried to Start at an earlier age.

  1. What was your worst crash?

I was passenger in a road rally and we wrote the car off into a bank

  1. What is Your best day in drifting and why?

First time driving ebisu

  1. And you're worse?

When I nearly lost my car to a fire at Calder park 2019 Hi Tec Australia round 1

  1. What would you say to other people who want to become drift drivers?

Don’t over build best thing is seat time

  1. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

See myself further in my drift career maybe doing well in Fd japan and travelling further to compete in Europe or America

  1. Do you have a routine or ritual that sets your mind before drifting?

Not really just make sure the car is good and not gonna fail me.

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