James - 2001 Lexus is200

My first car was a 2004 Peugeot 206 it was nothing fancy nor special but after riding bikes, for so long you appreciate the little things in life like heating.

James - 2001 Lexus is200
James - 2001 Lexus is200
James - 2001 Lexus is200
James - 2001 Lexus is200
James - 2001 Lexus is200
James - 2001 Lexus is200
James - 2001 Lexus is200
James - 2001 Lexus is200
James - 2001 Lexus is200

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Instagram: @Loud_lexarse

2001 Lexus is200

I currently work as an HGV/Trailer technician been working in the trade for about 3 years now love my job and everything I have to do besides paperwork because well let's be honest no one likes paperwork,

a short story about me I'm 23 years young father to two children one little boy and one little girl both of which absolutely love cars and everything to do with them my daughter often spends hours helping me fix "the race car" my son well he's a typical lad just wants to make a mess and throws the tools across the garage (like most people) 

my fiance was never really big into cars or the car scene but soon realized that it's the better side of life admittedly I do have the typical arguments on why I need to buy a shiny item usually has no purpose to me or the car but let's face it most of us are a sucker for buying pointless items just because they're shiny. 

my Instagram tag is @Loud_lexarse as you might have guessed I drive a loud Lexus. I first got into the car scene when I was a little nipper my family used to run a local American car club called Bomber county cruisers based in Manby Lincolnshire where I grew up surrounded by cars and car enthusiasts, I always remember the long weekend car shows surrounded by everything from kit cars to US military truck. 

I got my first project car at 14 years old which was a 1942 Austin a30 that I and my dad began to modify chopping the roof by 4 inches and shortening it by 6 inches to give it a more lowered perspective original plan was for it to be gassed fitting a 3.5ltr rover v8 with escort front and rear axles but it soon fell through due to other commitments at that age. my first car was a 1942 Austin a30 but the first legal car at 18 was a Peugeot 206 since then I've had countless cars from the boring too unreliable to just weird as most people would say my track record with cars is I've had more cars than hot dinners but all have to lead me up to the car I currently own and love my 2001 Lexus is200. 

My first car was a 2004 Peugeot 206 it was nothing fancy nor special but after riding bikes, for so long you appreciate the little things in life like heating haha, I first passed my driving test in 2015 due to having a motorbike accident a year previously. The current love of my life and has been for the past year is my 2001 Lexus is200, I first bought this car as a bone stock is200 ran it around for few months before beginning to mod I fell in love with the car on the aspect of how fun they were to drive yes there under-powered and yes they have a severe drinking problem but at the time of its release it was a great speckled car that you could go out slide a few corners then pick the kids up and go to the shop with. 

since owning the car I have fitted 

coil-overs all around and dropped the overall ride height by 90mm to get rid of the nasty arch gap, 

the car has a Toyosport decat manifold then 2.75 inches straight through exhaust with 4.5-inch power flow back box sounds epic,

body work-wise since owning the car I have fitted a full RB wide arch kit, 

35mm spacers, 

custom vented bonnet 

carbon fibre spoiler 

custom headlights

the car will be going to paint soon to have the arches and lip kit all blended in to give it a clean look then painted arctic white 

The car sits on a set of 18inch dished multi-spoke alloys soon to be powder coated candy apple red which should set the paint off nicely. The engine wise car hasn't had any power upgrades it will be getting boosted in the next couple of weeks then later this year or next to the plan is to take it off the road and attempt to build a 700+bhp turbo v8 Lexus to give it the power that matches its looks. 

I think the basic power of the is200 was about 153bhp which isn't a lot but it's still enough to play. I've timed the 0-60 in at just over 6seconds top speed so I'm not too sure tbh. 

The thing I loved the most about my car is the fact I and friends have carried out all the work ourselves which makes for great memories to look back on I feel like you get a more sense of pride when you can sit back and look at a car knowing you've built it from what it was to what it is today don't get me wrong the car is nowhere near finished yet and still has a long way to go before it is finished but when it is done it will be worth it and certainly a one of car. 

Next mods on the list include engine swap to either a 1uz or 3uz v8 then turbo and a few other fancy bits to try create a 700bhp car followed by a full strip out of the interior and roll cage and bucket seats to be fitted, as well as paint and possibly new wheels. all the people involved were all close friends all local to me in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire and a lot just so happened to be part of the same car club a few of us run called NACC Not Another Car Club. 

Another group I've sought advice from is the Lexus is200 owners club full of some very knowledgeable people who usually can provide an answer for your problems. I and my club usually try to attend as many shows as we can each year but big events usually are modified live/modified nats as well as USC at Santa pod we usually attend these as they're the best in my opinion loads of great memories made amongst friends and family. 

I sometimes enter competitions but never really get much luck in winning tbh but always worth a punt that's for sure. amongst my love for my Lexus, I've always dreamed to build up to eventually owning a 1969 copo yenko Chevrolet Camaro, my love for this car is great and all started when I first attended car shows and saw one I just fell in love with the body lines the interior and the sound of a thumping v8 and it's just always stuck with me. 

Well, that's me and a story about my car not to everyone's taste but build a car to what you love and like not to what is trending at the time.


'The future is bright as long as we can still Smell the Fumes'

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